Choosing a Jeweler

Choosing like jeweler is like building a lifelong relationship (pun intended). Whether or not you're shopping for multiple pieces of jewelry over the course of your life or just buying a few pieces for lifelong wear, choosing which jeweler to purchase with is an important decision. Our step by step guide helps you understand how to vet and choose a jeweler whether they are in store or online.

How To Choose A Trusted Jeweler

Step 1: Trust

The first and most important step is to vet the credibility and reputation of the jeweler. Before you spend the time researching, browsing their styles or going to their locations, research online to ensure that they are worth your time. Customer reviews are a great way to understand what other people's experiences have been like with the company and their sales team. Also be sure to vet the customer policies that the company has in place. Is it important for you to have a lifetime warranty, hassle-free returns or a cleaning service included? Understand what retailers offer and ensure that you are choosing the one that will give you long-term value for the money that you spend in the short-term.

Step 2: Style Collection

Understand the styles and the general aesthetic of the brand. Find a company who has styles that you connect with. Whether you're looking for something completely vintage, classic or modern, there is a brand that will have the right styles for you. Take a little bit of time to browse and research. In choosing a jeweler that understands your tastes, it will also be easier to communicate what you like and what customizations you want. You will also be able to see past examples of similar jewelry they have crafted. Learn what is meant by ring collections

Step 3: Pricing

Another crucial step is to be comfortable with the pricing that the jeweler offers. They should be offering prices that are a happy medium in terms of what you are looking to spend. If there are steep discounts like 80% off that are perpetually available, they retailer may have some tricks up their sleeve. If pricing looks too low or too good to be true, there may be something the jeweler is not disclosing. Finally, if it appears that the jewelery is overpriced don't purchase it. There is no point in paying a heavy premium for a brand name, if you're not getting any additional tangible value out of it. For more information about budgeting and pricing, see our guide.

Step 4: Service

Talk to your jeweler to get a feel for their customer service, and to understand how much personalized attention they devote to each customer. Whether they are a big chain jeweler or a small business, the care taken with your jewelry should go above and beyond. Giving clear and informative answers to your questions and not trying to upsell are the start of a good jeweler and customer relationship. Find a company that you feel comfortable working with and one that is willing to work with you as a partner.

Once you've followed through on your preliminary research about the jeweler, you're ready to begin the process of crafting your jewelry or your engagement ring.

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What does a lifetime warranty for jewelry usually cover?

A lifetime warranty for jewelry usually covers regular wear and tear, such as maintenance of the metal, including cleaning and polishing. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, along with accent diamonds that are repaired or replaced free of cost. However, the lifetime warranty does not include damage to the main center stone.

What is insured shipping for jewelry?

Insured shipping means that the jewelry at its full value is insured by the sender, which is the jewelry retailer. During the delivery process, if the jewelry is lost or damaged, the recipient is not responsible for covering that loss. With Clarity uses insured FedEx delivery for all engagement rings, jewelry, and loose diamond shipments.

What is a good return policy for jewelry?

Most reputed jewelry brands offer a free 30-day return policy which is a good enough time frame to decide. However, the jewelry should be unworn and undamaged up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

Are sapphires more expensive than other gemstones?

Once you have invested in a beautiful ring to seal the deal, engagement ring insurance is an important decision. You can get it insured via homeowner’s rent or renter’s insurance, and you could also get it insured through independent companies that specialize in jewelry insurance.

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