Rose gold first came on our radar as a trendy metal for engagement rings that most thought would fade out in a year or so.

Spoiler alert: It’s here to stay.

Yes, rose gold might not be as traditional of a metal as yellow gold or white gold for your diamond rings, but it’s rapidly gaining ground as a choice for brides-to-be who want their rings to stand out from the pack.

The metal pairs especially well with cushion cut diamonds, the femininity of the precious metal emphasizing the romantic curves of this beloved diamond shape. However, there are things you should know before you start evaluating the top rose gold cushion cut engagement rings.

Things to consider when getting a rose gold cushion cut engagement ring

There are a couple considerations when choosing this precious metal and diamond shape combo. Don’t worry, they’re all easy to navigate. We just want you to know about them in order to get the most brilliant finished ring possible. While shopping, keep these three things in mind. And don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts for help if it ever seems overwhelming or you have questions.


Here’s the thing about rose gold: It can make colorless diamonds look like a slightly lower color grade. So if you’re set on rose gold, save yourself some money by opting for a near colorless stone instead, like something that is in the G-J range. Although they have a very faint tint of yellow or brown, rose gold will actually mask this by reducing the contrast between your diamond and the setting, making them appear whiter. It doesn’t hurt that this trick saves you money on a stone at the same time.


Next, figure out if you out if you want a cushion brilliant or a crushed ice diamond — it changes the look of the sparkle of your ring. As long as they’re cut well, both stones will sparkle beautifully. But how you see the sparkle differs a bit between the two diamond options, so it’s best to get to know both of them. Crushed ice diamonds do show more color, though you’ll still get the whitening effect from the rose gold setting. Ultimately this one simply comes down to personal preference.


Also, keep in mind that 14k and 18k rose gold have slightly different hues. For example: 14k rose gold will look pinker because it has more copper alloy in the setting, while 18k will be closer to a champagne color since it’s a purer form of the gold. The downside? This also means 18k is slightly softer and more prone to scratches than 14k. So it’s worth taking her lifestyle into consideration. If she works a desk job and the ring won’t get banged around much then it’s all about her personal preference. But if her career is more active, you might want to factor that into the choice.

Shopping guide: Top rose gold cushion cut engagement rings

So, you have your heart set on a rose gold cushion cut engagement ring, but the rest of the ring is a big question mark. You’ll know what you want when you find it, but you’re not sure where to start searching. We totally get it. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite rose gold cushion diamond rings to help you get started.

rose gold cushion cut engagement rings petite solitaire

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking for something small, dainty and modern? The Petite solitaire diamond engagement ring is your perfect pick. The simple, smooth band puts all the emphasis on what’s really important: the cushion-cut diamond in the center.

rose gold cushion cut engagement rings pave halo

Cushion Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Think you can only get a halo style with a round cut diamond? Think again! The Cushion pave halo diamond engagement ring features a generous amount of pave diamonds around the center stone — and down the shank — to create a blinged-out style. The rose gold metal really helps the whole look pop, don’t you think?

Pave and Milgrain rose gold engagement ring

Pave and Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

The milgrain border that surrounds the .09 carats of accent diamonds in the Pave and milgrain diamond engagement ring really gives it a modern — yet sophisticated — look that’s both subtle and stylish without overdoing it.

rose gold cushion cut engagement rings milgrain diamond

Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Modern styles are great, but antique accents can really set your rose gold cushion cut engagement ring apart. Case in point: The Milgrain diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly modern, thanks to the rose gold, but the border details around the pave diamonds give it a bit of an old-world vibe that we really dig.

rose gold cushion cut engagement rings petite three stone

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The Petite three-stone diamond engagement ring is another beautiful classic-meet-modern diamond engagement ring that features a simple thin rose gold band. The larger center stone is then offset with two side diamonds that add an extra 0.20 carats of weight to the style.

Swaying Split Shank Halo Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Swaying Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The winding style of the Swaying split shank halo diamond engagement ring gives you the best of both worlds: One smooth side of the band that shows off the rose gold metal, along with another side that boasts plenty of pave diamonds.

The best part: the splits then meet to surround the center cushion cut diamond with a halo of even more accent diamonds. Beautiful!

Diamond Basket Pave Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Basket Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Want a diamond engagement ring that’s simple, but not too simple? The Diamond basket pave engagement ring is what you need. The simple rose gold band is adorned with pave diamonds that play up the center cushion cut diamond, creating a timeless look that’s still right with the trends.

Graduated Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Accent diamonds are great, and the Graduated pave diamond engagement ring features plenty of them — but we all know the center stone is the start of the show. That’s why the 0.23 carats of pave stones on this ring graduate (get bigger) in size as they get closer to the center stone: They want to make sure your attention is in the right place!

rose gold cushion cut engagement rings vine diamond

Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

The twisting of the split shank of the Vine diamond engagement ring gives the whole thing a vine-like look that’s as interesting to look at as it is beautiful. Even better: An additional 0.19 carats of accent diamonds add to the overall weight of the ring, making it bigger — and bolder — than other similar styles.

But we’re just scratching the surface here when it comes to rose gold cushion cut diamond rings. We have 5 different collections of engagement ring styles, all of which can be made in this gorgeous rosy-hued precious metal. And since cushion diamonds are a forever favorite, we make a wide selection of settings that air with this diamond shape. Browse them all using the button below.

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