What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue stone (sometimes with a green hue) that is composed of the mineral beryl. Moreover, it is an extremely prized gem that can be used in a variety of jewelry such as Aquamarine rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Aquamarine has a clear blue color that is similar to the cool blue of a crystal clear ocean.

Aquamarine Birthstone Meaning

Aquamarine has several important meanings as the gem is the birthstone for the month of March as well as the traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary. The name of this precious gem comes from the Latin term for seawater, and legend has it that the stone was thought to calm rough seas and help protect sailors from turmoil and harm. The stone is also traditionally thought to represent quick intellect.

Where to Find Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known for its stunning color, which is usually a pastel bluish-green. Heat treatments are often used to enrich the gem's natural hue and to make its natural color even richer and more appealing. Natural deposits of this gem can be found in high elevations in Pakistan's Karakoram mountains. Brazil, Myanmar, Russia, and China are also important producers of the stone. Smaller deposits of Aquamarine can also be found in countries around the world, as well as created in labs.

Natural Aquamarine Beryl Crystal

Aquamarine Cuts and Shapes

Aquamarine can be cut in many different ways, with some cuts being more popular and better suited to highlight the gem's beauty. Round-cut is the most popular shape for this gem. Round-cut gemstones fall under the larger Brilliant cut family of cutting styles because they contain many facets that highlight the natural brilliance and radiance of Aquamarine. Round-cut stones are perfect and look great when set in rose, white, or yellow gold. Though round-cut is the most popular shape for Aquamarine jewelry, the stone can also be cut into Step Cut or Mixed Cut shapes.

Gemstone Grading

At With Clarity, we grade Aquamarine using a set of parameters that help ensure the highest quality stones. Gemstones are graded on an AAAA, AAA, AA, and B scale. AAAA represents the rarest and the most expensive stones. Much like many other valuable gems, Aquamarine is graded according to what is called the 4 C's which cover cut, color, clarity, and carat.

The color is extremely important in grading Aquamarine, and customers should look for stones that contain a pure, rich blue color with no visible inclusions. The most valuable and sought after Aquamarine is a dark blue to bluish-green in color with moderate intensity. A general guideline to keep in mind when comparing and shopping for gemstone jewelry is the more pure and intense the color, the better quality the stone.

aquamarine grading chart: AAA, AA, A, B

Heat-treated Aquamarine

As with many other gems, Aquamarine's color can be enhanced through natural heat treatments. Aquamarine that has been treated with heat is still considered 100% natural, and the process is permanent and achieves stunning results. Heat treatment improves saturation, as well as reduces the amount of quality-reducing inclusions visible in the stone. Heat treatment is a perfectly safe way to improve the look and color of the gemstone without affecting it's durability and natural composition.

Aquamarine Buyer's Guide

When you buy Aquamarine jewelry, you're making a timeless investment that will last for years to come. It's essential to understand how to make the best choice when shopping for Aquamarine jewelry, so you can be sure to get the ring, bracelet, or necklace that is best suited to your needs.

oval aquamarine three stone ring

Key Factor: Budgeting

Your budget is a key factor to consider when purchasing Aquamarine. At With Clarity, we offer AAA grade Aquamarine, which represents the absolute best value stone in terms of both price and quality. Our gems are natural and heat-treated, which helps them achieve higher ratings of both color and clarity. The majority of gems used in high-quality jewelry are heat-treated, and this permanent process gives customers access to gorgeous, natural, top quality stones that look great in a variety of pieces of jewelry.

Gemstone Cut and Carat

Stones with higher carat weights are more expensive, but can also provide a bolder look in certain pieces of jewelry. However, some Aquamarine stones are so large (some can weigh as much as 100 pounds) that they are difficult to use in jewelry, so there is actually a price decrease after 25 carats. The cut should also factor into your buying decision, and round-cut brilliant stones are an excellent choice to help show off the gem's natural beauty, though other cuts are good options as well, as long as they are achieved by jewelry professionals who know how to properly cut the stone.

With Clarity Aquamarine Gemstone Rings

At With Clarity, we offer many different styles and looks. We offer engagement rings of up to 3.05 carats, which can be set in high-quality 14k white, 14k rose, or 14k yellow gold. Our Aquamarine engagement rings range in price from $600 to $2400. We also offer customizable rings in the $300-$3,000 range in other gemstone settings, meaning you are sure to find the piece that is perfect for you! Our jewelry is high-quality, natural, and long-lasting, and will be a piece of jewelry you'll be proud to own and wear. Work with our gemologists to find the best option for your jewelry or engagement/wedding ring.


What birthstone is aquamarine?

Aquamarine is not only the birthstone for those born in the month of March, but is also given as a present on the 19th wedding anniversary.

What color is aquamarine?

Aquamarine is usually a beautiful blue in color but sometimes also has a green hue.

How much is aquamarine worth?

An aquamarine gemstone would cost approximately around $675 per carat depending on the color and clarity.

Where is aquamarine found?

Natural Aquamarine is found in Pakistan’s Karakoram mountains, Brazil, Myanmar, Russia, and China. Lab grown aquamarines can be found all over the world.
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