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Black Diamond Meaning

Black Diamond Meaning

When you’re thinking about buying a black diamond for yourself or someone you love, it’s easy to wonder how the message will be received. Maybe people will think your choice is strange and ask you why you’d spend money on a black stone. Or, people will question the choice of a black diamond engagement ring for your partner. Unless, of course, your partner loves the color.

To help you decide if a princess cut black diamond ring, or even one with a differently-shaped stone is right for you, we’ve prepared this report on the meanings assigned to black diamonds.

A Bit of Black Diamond History

Diamonds, in general, have long been considered to be a symbol of wealth and power. Some cultures also consider them to have divine origins. For instance, in ancient Egypt diamonds were representative of the sun, representing courage and truth. The Egyptians believed in a Sun god, Ra, making diamonds a divine symbol even if uncut.

Similarly, the Greeks considered diamonds to be the tears of the gods, and owning them was considered a blessing. Even in Medieval Europe, diamonds were considered a miracle cure for illness.

Whereas, when we think of diamonds in literature, most people immediately think of colorless diamonds. However, black diamonds, known as carbonados by the Portuguese, are the same mineral as all other colors of diamond. Natural black diamonds are formed in locations separate from other varieties, most notably in central Africa and Brazil.

About Black Diamonds

These precious gems have natural inclusions of graphite and similar minerals. Because they interact with light differently than other diamonds, they appear black. That goes on to say,lab created black diamonds are also considered real diamonds.

Lab-treated Black Diamonds

Generally, they are colorless diamonds that have a low clarity grading. However, when heat-treated or irradiated, they take on that dark, and alluring color. Because black diamonds are considered real diamonds, we can attribute many of the same qualities to them.

Spiritual Meaning

Unlike other fancy diamond colors, the meaning of black diamonds can be somewhat mixed. First, the good news: Ancient Indians saw diamonds as such a perfect form of protection from evil, that they shouldn’t even be cut out of fear that they’d lose their power.

In Medieval Europe, diamonds were considered protection from evil as well. In modernity, people involved in metaphysical activity use carbonados to “cleanse” their tools and communicate with the spirit world. These dark gems are seen as a link between the physical and spirit world, unlike other varieties.

Cursed Black Diamonds

On the other hand, there are legends of “cursed” black diamonds. Carbonados that do not protect from evil. For example, the Eye of Brahma, also called the Black Orlov. Legend has it that the rough stone was given to a statue of Brahma in India.

At some point, a monk saw the stone was valuable and stole it. The Eye of Brahma was one of the three stones cut from that exceptional black diamond, and three owners have met untimely deaths.

Eventually, it was recut and nobody’s died since then. Of course, the belief is that Brahma was angry, so he cursed the stone. In accordance with the Indian tradition, once the stone was cut again the curse was broken.

black diamond necklace

Emotional Meaning

Most people agree that diamonds, in general, have a strong emotional meaning. In particular, they are traditionally gifted by a man when proposing marriage to his girlfriend. Modern understandings of marriage and relationships have altered this somewhat: for example, two women might give black diamond engagement rings to each other. But the emotional connection between diamonds and commitment between partners remains essentially the same.

Black diamonds represent inner strength and justice. They are great for a woman who wants to stand apart and stand strong in her conviction. When you’re having relationship problems, a black diamond engagement ring can help, too. Diamonds help to soothe jealous feelings between lovers, so adding a black diamond wedding band for him is a good idea. If nothing else, it’s a beautiful reminder of your relationship and the value you assign to each other.

Wellness Meaning

Diamonds have been tied to wellness for a long time. In particular, they help to make the wearer invincible to evil forces. Used in crystal healing, black diamonds also help to amplify the effects of other stones. However, the most important effect on wellness that diamonds have is their enduring ability to be a symbol of love. Knowing that you are loved is one of the most important factors in human wellness out there, even more than money.

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What does a black diamond mean?

A black diamond represents inner strength and power, making it ideal for a woman who wants to stand apart.

Are black diamond engagement rings common?

No, Black diamond engagement rings are not common. Black diamonds are considered rare and beautiful and make an excellent choice for a couple looking for something different.

Is a black diamond durable?

Yes, black diamonds are exceptionally durable. They have a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

How is a black diamond formed?

Naturally occurring black diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s surface. However, they are extremely rare. Most of the black diamonds available in the market today are usually treated diamonds that were originally grey in color.

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