Garnet Gemstone Guide

Garnet Gemstone Guide

Garnet stones are famous for their glossy color and brilliance. People also prefer them for their availability in a wide variety of hues. It naturally occurs in red color, but you can also find them in brown and green colors, among others. Garnet also happens to be the birthstone of January which has further increased its demand among gemstone enthusiast and collectors alike.

A gorgeous garnet ring will be a great choice for your partner. Although garnets have a bold and vibrant color, they look gorgeous in both fancy high-end jewelry and regular wear pieces.

Garnet Shapes

Looking for the best garnet cut? Opt for the round brilliant. This cut offers maximum brilliance while camouflaging inclusions. Other popular shapes are oval and marquise.

Garnet Sizes

Garnet stones are usually small and large sized garnets are not easily available. No matter what size you pick, always make it a point to choose gemstone quality and color grade over everything else.

Garnet Clarity

Naturally occurring garnets are eye-clean stones. They are clearly transparent and exhibit a glassy luster. But if the garnet crystal has visible flaws in inclusions, it will damage the appeal of the stone. As a result, the garnet will lose its value. Besides looking for an inclusion-free garnet, you should be careful to take proper care of your gem to avoid causing any scratches.

Garnet Color

The garnet is available in different colors in the market. You can find orange, black, green, pink, and honey brown hues. Red is one of the most popular colors. Some popular garnet variety are andradite, spessartine, and almandine.

Garnet Sourcing

Sri Lanka is a major supplier of the deep reddish purple garnets, known as rhodolites, while pure red garnets come from Orissa. Myanmar is popular for being the home of reddish orange stones, known as spessartine garnets. All these places offer the highest quality of precious stones that professional jewelers use in several designs.

Garnet Certification

Most reputed brands sell garnets backed by the certificate of authenticity. Some even sell GIA ceritifed garnets. No matter where you buy from, make sure to only buy garnets that come with a legitimate and valid certificate.

Garnet Treatments

Like many other colored gemstones, garnet stones also undergo heat treatment. This treatment is imperative to help the stone show off its natural colors. Without the treatment, your stone will not have a visible brilliance. Don't worry. These treatments don't impact the properties and quality of your stone. In fact, it helps you get an authentic and pure garnet gemstone that is ready to be used in high-end jewelry pieces.

Garnet Buying Guide

Planning to buy garnet jewelry? Well, it's a good idea. But before that, consider a few important factors that will help you make an informed decision.

Think About Your Budget

Remember, the stone won't be cheap. Add the cost of whatever precious metal you're choosing for the jewelry, and you can expect significant expense. Before you commit to buying a precious gemstone, you must make sure you have the money to purchase a high-quality garnet engagement ring. So, evaluate your budget accordingly.

Select a Shape

Think about which shape will look best in your jewelry? Also, consider your partner's preferences if you're purchasing a garnet bracelet or ring for them.

Consider the Size

When the stone is a bigger size, it will catch the eye easily. However, bigger stones are more expensive than smaller ones. So, think about which size you want and can afford.

Look for the Quality

If you’re looking for long-lasting garnet earring, ring or pendant, you need to purchase a high-quality stone. Don’t compromise on the color and quality grade in the search for a large garnet stone.

Choose Between Online or Physical Store

While shopping from physical stores for gemstones is a conventional approach, more and more people are opting for online jewelry stores. That's because online stores offer plenty of great options that you can look at from the comfort of your home.

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How do you pick a Good Garnet?

Hold the garnet gemstone under light. If you notice a pure red stone, then this is the perfect stone for you.

Which Type of Garnet is most valuable?

Red granite is quite valuable and looks amazing in jewelry.

Are Garnets Durable?

They’re durable enough to be used in fine jewelry, but need to be treated with love and care.

Which Metal Best Suits a Garnet?

Yellow gold and platinum work best for garnet gemstones.

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