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Peridot Origin and Formation

Not to be confused with topaz or emerald, the Peridot is a gemstone of ancient origin, and it is both interesting and striking to look at. Used by jewelry makers the world over, the Peridot gemstone can be found embellishing earrings, gracing bracelets, and showcased beautifully in Peridot rings. 

The Gem of The Sun

A derivative of the Arabic word faridat (meaning gem), the Peridot stone has a rich history. Described by the ancient Egyptians as the "gem of the sun," and thought to protect the wearer from harm and evil, the crystal was coveted by many.

Folklore indicates the ancient Egyptians mined the precious green stone from a snake-infested island located in the Red Sea. The island was known as Topazios but is now more likely to be recognized as St John’s. It seems the Egyptians had a penchant for the yellow-green stones, and some historians believe the stash of emeralds held by Cleopatra weren’t emeralds at all--but Peridot stones.

Peridot Formation

Nowadays this olive-colored gem is found in a number of locations including the Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Hawaii, Australia, Norway, Pakistan and South Africa. The jewels are formed deep in the magna of the earth’s crust, and usually surface in igneous rock (volcanic activity encourages the emergence of Peridot). In rarer cases, raw Peridot has arrived on earth in a celestial style, hitching a lift with a passing meteorite.

Peridot Qualities

A Peridot stone is typically eye clean, although under close magnification you might notice a few very small black dots within the gem. Cut-wise, you can expect a wide range from brilliant-round cuts to step cuts: as seen in emerald shapes. Moreover, the stone is renowned for its high level of refraction too – look carefully and you will notice double facets (facets help the light and enter and reflect through the gem). 

Peridot Green Color

This gemstone is known for its olive-green color, but the particular hue, depth and tint can vary hugely from one stone to another. The stone is generally a yellowish-green, and the level of iron within the structure denotes the shade and tone. Pure olive-hued green gems are rarer, and therefore are considered very desirable. Below is the grade scale for Peridot ratings that we reccommend are ideal for jewelry setting. However, the full grade scale also includes AAAA at the high-end, and B at the low-end.

AAAA: This is the highest grade for Peridot, but these type of graded stones are very rare and not widely available. Only 1% of gemstones worldwide meet the criteria to receive this grade.

AAA: This grade represents a high-quality stone that gives amazing color and clarity. AAA graded stones represent the top 10% of the highest quality gemstones.

AA: This is a more affordable choice, but imperfections can sometimes be seen in this grade of the stone.

B: This grade of stone tends to be less coveted, has visible flaws, and makes up 50% gemstones.

Peridot grade scale: AAA peridot, AA peridot, B peridot

Peridot Birthstone Meaning

In the past, it was widely believed that all gems had celestial properties, and their association with the cosmos led to the conclusion that jewels possessed magical qualities. Precious stones were assigned to months and signs of the zodiac, and those wearing the birthstone linked to their star-sign were believed to benefit greatly.

August happens to be the Peridot birthstone month and the stone is associated with star sign Leo. If you’re seeking a gift for a friend or family member celebrating a birthday in this month, a Peridot birthstone ring would be an ideal present. The wearer can expect prosperity and happiness and the Peridot August birthstone is also thought to have healing properties, balancing the body and mind.

Open French Cut Pave Peridot Ring

Peridot Jewelry for all occasions

Green jewelry stands out from the crowd, whether you are in the market for a white gold Peridot ring, pendant or any other jewelry piece for that matter. Traditionally, couples favor diamond engagement rings and solid gold wedding bands, but times have changed and nowadays there are some wonderful alternatives.

Here’s a cute idea, why not opt for a Peridot engagement ring and a matching Peridot wedding ring? This gemstone’s price is generally affordable – so you should be able to pick up a stunning piece of jewelry that will please even the most incisive jewelry buyer.


Where does Peridot get its name from?

Peridot gets its name from the Arabic word ‘faridat’, which means gems.

Where is Peridot found today?

Peridot is found in several locations, including the Canary Islands, China, Brazil, Hawaii, Australia, Norway, Pakistan, and South Africa.

How is Peridot formed?

Peridot is formed deep in the magna of the earth's crust and usually surfaces in igneous rock. In some cases, it has also arrived on earth through a passing meteorite.

Which star sign is Peridot associated with?

Peridot is the birthstone for August and is associated with the Leo star sign. It makes an excellent gift for those born this month, whether as a pendant, earring, or pendant.

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