Pink Sapphire Gemstone Guide

Pink Sapphire Gemstone

Pink sapphire stones are a trendy choice nowadays because it offers an excellent brilliance, and aesthetically pleasing color. And in case you didn’t know, the demand for them is as high as blue sapphires. Besides looking pretty, they’re extremely tough.

The meaning of pink sapphires is as unique as its color. This stone symbolizes loyalty, trust, and sincerity. They also indicate intense love and good fortune. Due to its beautiful meaning, the market's demand for pink sapphires engagement rings has grown immensely. Its subtle elegance and vibrant pink color are among its valuable features.

It’s a great choice if you’re designing an elegant necklace that you can wear every day, or a beautiful ring that will bring together all your formal outfits. The pink sapphire diamond ring is quite popular among ring collectors.

Pink Sapphire Shapes

Cushion and oval pink sapphires are all the rage nowadays. They look brilliant and show off the color of your stone. Additionally, other popular shapes include princess, heart, and pear. These cuts look stunning in a variety of jewelry items. Since pink sapphires are hard and durable, there’s no risk of scratches and damage, regardless of the shape you choose.

Pink Sapphire Sizes

Like most popular sapphires, pink sapphires are highly preferred in small sizes. These gems are also widely available in the market in larger carat weights as well, but those are quite expensive.

Pink Sapphire Colors

If you’re looking for the prettiest pink sapphires, highly saturated medium or medium dark pink tones are the best options. Pink sapphire is also available in medium tones, commonly known as bubblegum pink and hot pink.

Pink Sapphire Clarity

Inclusions are common in pink sapphires. A few inclusions on your stone won’t affect its beauty and value, but the inclusion mustn't be too prominent and visible to the naked eye. If it does, you need to look for another gem. Note that visible inclusions are more common in light pink colored sapphires, so make sure you check the stone before purchasing it.

Pink Sapphire Sourcing

Madagascar is one of the few places on earth that produces a large number of precious stones. It is also home to pink sapphires, where companies mine pink sapphires in large quantities. These stones are also found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. All these locations offer pure and pretty gems that jewelry brands use to design the stunning pink sapphire jewelry.

Pink Sapphire Certification

Many brands do sell pink sapphires certified by GIA, and in such case you’ll get a certification with the gemstone once you purchase it. This certificate ensures you about the quality of the gem. Many brands also provide an in-house certificate of authenticity. Whether you are purchasing a pink sapphire pendant or engagement ring, make sure you get the certification.

Pink Sapphire Treatments

Pink sapphires have a unique and classy look. But they need heat treatment to show off their authentic colors. Also, heat treatment is important to soften the purple shades in the sapphire. Completely natural, untreated pink sapphires with pure pink colors are rare. Even if you find one, they will have a higher price than the treated pink sapphires. If a brand claims to be selling you an untreated stone, you can check the certificate to make sure you’re paying for the real thing.

Pink Sapphire Buying Guide

So, now you know the basic aspects of the pink sapphire stone, it’s vital to understand these factors before making a purchase. Pink sapphires are versatile and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. When you make a purchase on impulse, you may end up with a low-quality gemstone. So, try to consider the following things before you start shopping.

Estimate Your Budget

Your budget is one of the first things that you should consider when purchasing precious, expensive stones. Decide how much you can afford to pay. Then, keep the figure in mind to look for the pink sapphire's design, shape, and colors.

Choose a Shape

Do you want a pink sapphire ring? Or are you looking for a pink sapphire pendant? Whatever jewelry pieces you want, make sure your chosen gem shape enhances the beauty of the jewelry. Round, oval, marquise, or heart shape - they all look great, but keep jewelry design in mind to make an informed decision.

Select a Size

Size is also an important factor to consider. It will also decide the final product price. So, choose a size/carat weight that you can afford and which will look best with your chosen jewelry piece. Accent and center stones come in different sizes as well – so keep this in mind.

Think About Quality

Of course, quality is the most important thing you need to check. The highest quality stones are more expensive, free from inclusions and damages, and have a more attractive look. On the other hand, poor-quality pink sapphires come at lower prices but lose value over time. For premium products, opt for luxury, credible jewelry stores that worry about their reputation and focus on satisfying their clients.

Decide Between Online or Physical Store

Both types of stores have their pros and cons. If you want to look at the product in person before purchasing it, go to a retail store. If you want a comfortable and convenient shopping experience, online stores are your best bet.


Are Pink Sapphires More Expensive than Blue?

They both have similar prices, as they are both valuable and precious stones.

Does Pink Sapphires get Cloudy?

Pink sapphires may grow cloudy over time, but you can clean them regularly to remove dust and debris.

What does Pink Sapphire Signify?

Pink sapphires have different meanings. They symbolize love, fortune, loyalty, and respect. Hence pink sapphire engagement rings are extremely popular.

Which is better Pink Sapphire or Ruby?

Both have a different appeal and look beautiful. They’re both equally durable, so it all comes down to personal preference.

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