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'Sapphire History | Sapphire Education'


Sapphire History Intro

Sapphires have been a prized gem for many millenia. They have been mined and worn by cultures around the world. Prized for their alluring blue, they complent all precious metals as well as diamonds and other gemstones.


Sapphire has been known through the ages to symbolize truth and faithfulness. It has also been a gemstone that is adored by royalty.

In ancient greek and roman societies, royal families wore sapphire to protect themselves from envy and harmful enemies. Sapphire was also worn when consulting oracles to awaken the “third eye.” In another part of the world, in the Persian empire, rulers believed that the sky was painted blue with the reflection of sapphires. Later on, in the middle ages, clergymen wore blue sapphires to symbolize the promise of heaven and divine blessings. Many ancient cultures also place great value in the rare star sapphire as protection against evil. Sapphires have been sought out and mined around the world. Among the most famous sapphires are the “Star of India” which is an astounding 563 carats.

Beyond use in adornment and jewelry, sapphire has also been used for medicinal purposes. Persians used ground up sapphire in an all curing medicine. Ivan the Terrible of Russia claimed that the sapphire was able to strengthen the heart and muscles and imbue one with courage. Other believed that the sapphire was also an antidote for poison.

Throughout history, blue has been associated with sapphires although they are available in other colors. The name sapphire is derived from the greek word “sappheiros” or the latin word “saphirus” which was probably used to describe blue gemstones.

Sapphire has remained constantly popular as a gemstone used for jewelry through the ages. Many famous people wear sapphire rings. Among the most famous was Princess Diana and after her, Kate Middleton. Sapphire continues to be an alluring and popular stone prized around the world for it’s beauty as well as curative and restorative properties.

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