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Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry

Sapphires have been renowned for their beauty and charm since before the Middle Ages. However, not many individuals are aware of the sapphire’s origins. It was actually not until an assortment of poems were developed, each of which attributed a specific stone to every month within the Gregorian Calendar, that sapphires came to be known as the official birthstone of those with September birthdays. The sapphire gemstone has been used in cultures all around the world for various purposes for hundreds of thousands of years, or perhaps even longer. In the Middle Ages, priests wore sapphires as a talisman with the intention of protecting themselves from impure thoughts and temptation, while Greeks used sapphire gemstones as a means of connecting with Apollo, Greek God of clairvoyance and prophecy. The origin of sapphire gemstones as a birthstone, however, gave the gemstones an entirely new meaning, which could more easily be translated into everyday life. In our modern society, sapphire birthstones are attributed to individuals with September birthdays, and their meaning has been interpreted in a vast assortment of ways. The sapphire as a birthstone has typically been made to symbolize a form of protection from envy and harm unto the person wearing the sapphire gemstone. Another way in which the gemstone has been interpreted was a symbol of the purity of one’s soul, which can be traced back to the sapphire’s origins in the Middle Ages, when the precious stones would be given to individuals by their loved ones as a means of proving their loyalty to one another with the intention of witnessing the color of the stone darken if the individual’s soul was tainted. In addition to these meanings, sapphire gemstones have also come to be known as something that boosts the intuition of the wearer, stemming from Thirteenth-Century French notions that wearing sapphires transformed qualities such as stupidity and irritability into wisdom and good temperament.

Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry

Naturally, after learning about the multitude of wonderful qualities attributed to wearing a sapphire birthstone, jewelry centered on these stones have become quite popular. As a result of this increase in demand, sapphire birthday gifts have also become quite the trend. Some of the most popular types of jewelry styles for sapphire birthday gifts are rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets–each style serving as a means of carrying the power of the sapphire birthstone with the wearer as they overcome the obstacles presented to them within the span of their day-to-day lives. Sapphire rings as engagement rings, promise rings and even statement rings. It is easy to alter the look of a ring setting with a few adjustments, creating a striking and personalized piece. The classic sapphire necklace is also a wonderful option for someone with a September birthday due to the fact that this piece lasts for decades. Depending on the style of the intended wearer of the necklace, a classic solitaire piece can go with virtually any outfit and last them for decades without losing any of its original charm. Another piece that can work with anything are sapphire earrings. Not only are sapphire earrings easy to pair with other pieces of jewelry, but earrings also serve to provide a flash of color to any outfit, serving as a statement piece just as easily as it would an everyday accessory. Last but most certainly not least are sapphire bracelets. Sapphire birthstone jewelry has been a staple of a vast assortment of individuals’ lives since their origination during the Middle Ages and even now, this gemstone’s significance and prominence in our culture, does not look like it is fading away any time soon. Symbolizing redeeming qualities such as loyalty, truth, intuition and protection, sapphire gemstones are positive influences when worn. Just a quick glance at your sapphire as you go about your daily routine can serve as motivation to retain your grace in the face of adversity. Sapphire jewelry makes for the perfect gift for those born in September.

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