Tanzanite Meaning

Tanzanite Meaning

Tanzanite, named after the country where it is found, features purplish blue to pastel lavender tanzanite color. It’s also one of the great gemstone discoveries of the 20th century. For many people, it is a great substitute for blue sapphire, though the latter remains more popular. But what does this lovely stone mean? Tune in for more details on tanzanite stone meaning.

Tanzanite Spiritual Meaning

For people who are involved in energy work, tanzanite can be a very important stone. Specifically, some people believe that tanzanite crystal can open and close the third eye. In other words, it allows you to access your innermost intuitions. Tanzanite also helps to enhance divination and similar practices.

Another spiritual aspect of tanzanite is that it helps clear the bad energy with its high-level positive vibrations. For many people, a tanzanite necklace is important for keeping away bad energies and malicious intentions, such as hatred or envy. That’s because necklaces place the stone near the wearer’s neck and chest, thereby protecting them. You can also place tanzanite stones in places that need protection from bad vibrations.

Emotional Meaning

For business people, the tanzanite crystal meaning is often keeping the workplace environment calm. This works well, because the stone can help absorb and counteract negative emotions. Tanzanite also helps improve communication between people and fosters good problem-solving.

Workplaces are full of tension, politics, and intrigue. People even bring their outside problems to work. Therefore, a business person and benefit from wearing a tanzanite ring or tanzanite earrings, especially if there’s a stressful meeting scheduled.

Similarly, the interpersonal benefits of tanzanite mean that couples can safely consider a tanzanite engagement ring. After all, this ring puts the stone in direct contact with its wearer at all times, and helps improve the relationship between two people. You might even consider tanzanite wedding rings for both partners to foster that extra closeness.

Wellness Meaning

The meaning of tanzanite is not limited to strictly metaphysical properties. For instance, the color blue can be very healing and calming. By wearing tanzanite jewelry, you can enjoy a calming presence with you throughout the day. This is especially beneficial if you have trouble with insomnia and nervousness.

Another wellness benefit of tanzanite relates to its luxurious status. Because tanzanite is incredibly rare, and because it resembles sapphires, people consider it to be extra special. Especially combined with pearls, diamonds, and gold, any form of tanzanite jewelry can make you feel special. At the same time, it helps clear the mind and forget your worries. That’s probably why tanzanite rings for women are so popular.

Tanzanite Birthstone

Of course, no discussion of tanzanite meaning would be complete without discussing its status as a birthstone. Since shortly after its discovery in the early 20th century, tanzanite has been the birthstone for December. Therefore, tanzanite rings and other jewelry are popular gifts for people born in December.

Tanzanite’s association with December seems especially appropriate when you consider tanzanite’s other properties. In most of the northern hemisphere, December is characterized by dark and dreary weather. People start getting depressed and anxious, emotions that tanzanite helps to counteract.

As you can see, for such a young stone tanzanite really packs a punch. What’s your favorite aspect of tanzanite meaning?

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    Is Tanzanite a rare gem?
      Tanzanite is a very rare gem. In fact, it’s only found in one location in the entire world. That location is also very small.
        Tanzanite is the birthstone for which month?
          It’s the birthstone for December. This seems quite appropriate, considering that many people struggle with negative emotions in December, and at the same time, there’s a lot of cheer during the winter holidays.
            Can you wear Tanzanite jewelry regularly?
              Yes, you can wear it regularly, but you should still protect it from scratches and chips. That’s because tanzanite isn’t as hard as some other gemstones, such as Topaz or Sapphire.
                Which color of Tanzanite is the best?
                  Generally speaking, dark blue tanzanite with a slight purple is one is considered the most valuable. However, lighter-colored stones are also beautiful and prized by many.
                    What does the Tanzanite symbolize?
                      Tanzanite symbolizes communication, calmness, and good vibes. It’s also a very romantic and luxurious stone that makes its wearers feel special.
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