Blue Topaz History

Blue Topaz

Topaz is a precious gem that comes in a variety of colors. You can find these gems in a variety of colors like gold, amber, pink, red, or colorless. However, throughout history, blue topaz has long been loved for its beauty, elegance, and special meaning. The gem is a favorite birthstone, anniversary gift, and even a stone with spiritual meaning.

Blue Topaz Meaning

Blue topaz is considered to be a stone that represents calmness, stillness, spiritual connection, and inner peace. Perhaps the spiritual nature of the winter holidays combined with the icy blue color is why December has a blue topaz as its birthstone.

What is London Blue Topaz?

Blue topaz stones come in different shades ranging from pale blue with a light tone, to a deep blue with a moderate to dark tone. Sky and Swiss Blue Topaz are light to moderate, sky blue colored stones that has been fashionable for decades.

However, today London Blue Topaz has become a popular choice for jewelry--especially engagement rings. London Blue is a darker, slate-hued stone that resembles the color of denim. Because of its popularity, London Blue gemstones are only slightly more expensive than their lighter blue counterparts.

Blue Topaz Color Types

The History Behind London Blue Topaz

The word Topaz comes from the Greek word topazion, which comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for fire. For centuries these stones have been associated with an Egyptian island located in the Red Sea once known as Topazios. Today, Topazios is called St. John's Island.

The Old Testament of the Bible mentions topaz, meaning this stone has been precious for ages. Scientists believe that the topaz stone existed in the prehistoric world. The first topaz discovered was yellow, but the London blue gemstones are the darkest, richest color that has been found.

Famous Blue Topaz: the Ostro

In the United Kingdom's Natural History Museum's Minerals Gallery, there is a flawless blue topaz gemstone on display called the Ostro Stone. The origins of this gem were discovered and mined in 1960 by British explorer Max Ostro in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The UK Natural History Museum impressively has the largest cut topaz to ever go on display at their museum. The gem is 15 centimeters long and 10.5 centimeters wide, a total of 9,381 carats!

Natural vs. Lab-Created Gemstones

In today's market, consumers can buy both natural and lab-created blue topaz. Treated gems are actually made through a process that involves irradiation of the stone. Since the 70's gem experts have been using inexpensive colorless topaz to convert to blue topaz using this method.

While many people are concerned that the stones might be radioactive, manufacturers ensure that the stones are safely stored until their radiation levels come down to normal.

What Type of Blue Topaz Jewelry is Popular Today?

Topaz, especially the London Blue variety, is very popular in today's jewelry landscape. Shoppers can find topaz engagement rings and other types of stunning blue jewelry from fine jewelry retailers. Whether you want to use a London Blue stone for a dramatic engagement ring or give someone special a stunning London Blue necklace of earrings, you can't go wrong with this serene and sophisticated gemstone.

Can I Get Advice About Buying a London Blue Topaz?

Our certified gemologists at With Clarity are here to help you decide which type of stone is right for you. Every day we help our customers choose high-quality stones that reflect their personal style. Let us help you find the perfect blue topaz today.


How much is blue topaz worth?

The topaz's color, carat weight, and clarity usually impact its value, but the color is the most important in terms of worth. Typically, blue topaz costs around $20-$40 per carat.

Is blue topaz expensive?

No, Most blue topaz stones available in the market are much more affordable in comparison to sapphires and tanzanites.

What month is London Blue Topaz the birthstone?

London Blue Topaz, specifically, is not the birthstone of any particular month. Topaz, however, is the birthstone of December.

Is London Blue Topaz the same as aquamarine?

No, they’re not the same. Aquamarine is a form of beryl and is famed for its light greenish-blue hue. It is also the birthstone of March. London Blue Topaz, on the other hand, is a fluorinated aluminum silicate and has a dark blue color.
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