Tsavorite Meaning

Tsavorite Meaning

Tsavorite is a beautiful, lush green stone. Its verdant color is often associated with prosperity and vitality. As the world’s rarest garnet, Tsavorite has held value for cultures worldwide both for its beauty and meaning. However, as one of the more recent gemstones discovered, its symbolism is still evolving.

Spiritual Meaning

Tsavorite garnet was only discovered in 1967 but had been forming for billions of years in the Mr. Kilimanjaro region of Africa. Since its discovery, its lush green color has been highly sought after for various reasons. Green has long been associated with life and growth, and the Tsavorite hue is no exception.

The gem is believed to bring the wearer enhanced fertility, perfect for those looking to start a family. Additionally, its green color is thought to fortify the kidneys and support the body’s membranes. Especially the skin, as many believe Tsavorite can support cellular regeneration and growth. Tsavorite vitality may also apply to many forms of growth, helping a person to discover their inner beauty, increase their prosperity by decreasing financial worries, and assist in an individual’s recovery from emotional trauma.

Wearers of Tsavorite may value the stone for its believed ability to heal the heart chakra, boosting vitality, zeal for life, and feelings of charity and benevolence. Meditating with Tsavorite may also benefit the wearer’s intuition and psychic awareness.

Emotional Meaning

The Tsavorite stone is thought to increase the wearer’s strength, zest, and confidence. As a stone of vitality, it may help the wearer to seize opportunities that can increase their prosperity.

The green gem is believed to promote compassion, benevolence, services, and cooperation. Like other garnets, it can be beneficial for a person’s love life. Tsavorite is thought to support the relationship of a couple, increasing their awareness of their partner while promoting understanding. Couples may wear Tsavorite as it is thought to increase trust in partners. As a garnet, Tsavorite has become a gift option for celebrating a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary.

Wellness Properties

Tsavorite is thought to have heart-based energy, meaning in meditation, it should be held at the heart chakra. It may help to aid in emotional healing from past traumas while boosting zest and clarity. Tsavorite is thought to help the wearer release their feelings of inadequacy. Some tsavorite wearers feel that the stone may help them manifest prosperity and success.

The gem also enhances psychic gifts, such as intuition, telepathy, and visions. It is believed to promote awareness of other realms, facilitating communication with higher spirits.

Tsavorite Birthstone

Tsavorite carries many spiritual, physical, and wellness benefits. However, those born in both January and May might be particularly inclined to wear this gem.

January’s birthstone is garnet, and Tsavorite is a type of garnet. On the other hand, May’s birthstone is Emerald and Tsavorite possesses a similar hue. Tsavorite tends to have fewer inclusions than emeralds and more brilliance, making them a spectacular alternative to the traditional birthstone of the month of May.

As a recently discovered stone, Tsavorite is new to the world of gems. Meaning it did not have an original designation as a birthstone. But its beauty and symbolism led to its incorporation into the standard birthstone list.


Is Tsavorite a valuable gem?

Tsavorite is a valuable gem, thought of as the world’s rarest garnet.

Are Tsavorite and Emerald the same?

Tsavorite and emerald are not the same; Tsavorite is a gossamer garnet, while emerald is composed of the mineral beryl. Tsavorite is believed to be 200 times more rare than emerald.

What does Tsavorite symbolize?

Tsavorite symbolizes prosperity, benevolence, vitality, and compassion.

Which is rarer – Emerald or Tsavorite?

Tsavorite is 200 times more rare than emerald. However, Tsavorite generally costs less than emerald.

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