What are 3D printed engagement rings?

3D printed engagement rings are rings that are printed with a 3D printer and modified after it is selected by the purchaser online. For anyone who are undecided on the size or style of a specific diamond, you can choose to use a 3D printed engagement ring service to narrow down your choices. When choosing a 3D printed ring, the person who is proposing, or the couple, selects the diamond shapes, styles and metals they prefer from the website of the store. They are encouraged to choose 3 rings, which match their choices.

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Benefits from Previewing 3D printed Rings

There are great benefits to be derived from choosing a 3D print engagement ring. To enhance the “online purchase experience,” couples get the opportunity of touching the rings, or trying them on for size. This helps the couple to make their own selection for a minimal cost. For a 3D printed diamond ring from With Clarity, they charge your card $1 and replace the money after you have chosen and resent the rings. If, however, you choose to keep the rings, then your card will be charged $50 each for the rings. It is a great idea to pre-try the rings prior to purchasing and can be a really great way to get the opinions of friends and family members. 3D printed engagement rings have taken internet ring shopping by storm and it has turned out to be successful for many brides and grooms all over.

Other benefits include the couple’s ability to choose their preferred metal, and see how it fits with their skin tone. They are allowed to try it on for size and decide what will or will not fit their personality, finger or occasion. They can be a part of the growing online shopping industry. After embarking on the process, they will realize that the cost is significantly less than it would be to make an in store, or online ring purchase. They are able to see the size of the carat and see how it looks on their fingers, or to see if they would prefer a larger, or smaller stone.

3D Printed Replicas Offered by With Clarity

With Clarity currently offer replica rings with only a 1 carat round center stone in alloy, which replicates white gold. The rings will let buyers see the style and craftsmanship that they offer with their rings. They offer the personalized experience with these rings and lets you see just how you can best work with their vast majority of rings. After the buyer has decided that they are going to get a ring from With Clarity, they can get 3 replicas each time. If they are unable to choose based on those three, then they can contact them and they will send as many as two sets within a 3 month period. The couple/buyer can take a few days to make up their minds and get the opinion of their loved ones, prior to ordering. If additional information is needed, then With Clarity will gladly accommodate the couple.

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More Benefits to 3D Printed Engagement Rings

There are several advantages of using 3D printing to choose a 3D printing engagement ring. For couples, it solves the issue of going in store and spending a vast amount of time looking at ring after ring. It gives them the liberty of choosing a custom made ring that they both decided on. Other benefits named above include getting the approval of family members who would not otherwise have been included in the process. Taking a few days, to make their decision and the cost is significantly less than getting a ring by other means. For the jeweler, there would be no need for design faux pas, or molds, which can be costly at times, they are able to match the replica exactly to what their customers want, they have the ability to offer in-store service from the customer’s home. While it takes several pieces of 3D printed jewelry to be pieced together to create more complex designs, with a 3D printer, it takes less time.

To sum it all up, many people prefer the traditional methods when choosing something as special as an engagement ring. They like the traditional way of getting their rings, but online shopping is progressing and so too is the removal of the need to do things the way we know how. The process by which 3D printing is done is a cost effective one, in which the couple can utilize the expertise of the jeweler to craft their wedding and engagement rings for less than they would pay otherwise. They can patiently decide on the size, metal color, diamond size, and other specifics when they choose to do so. The art of 3D printing for engagement rings is one that is fast catching on, and one that will continue to grow annually.

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