Engagement Ring Collection

Picking the right engagement ring style is as important as picking the right center gemstone or diamond. It can define the full look of the engagement ring and should match the personality of the wearer. All With Clarity styles are available in gold and platinum. Many styles can be made with 9 different center diamonds, however some are available with less shapes. Factor in things like look, budget, and her style when choosing a ring.

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Ring Styles

Rings are available as part of collections that showcase a certain aesthetic. Collection range from simple to glamorous and everything in between. With the right combination of metals, styles and shapes, the perfect ring can be customized for any woman.

single diamond solitaire ring in white gold

Solitaire Rings

Defining simple elegance, solitaire rings make the center diamond a focal point. Vintage and popular, solitaire is best suited for a classic, simple, and laid-back partner. These styles look elegant on any hand and look beautiful with a variety of metals. A solitaire style is perfect to showcase the centerstone. A solitaire style does not have any diamonds on the band. It has a center stone. The variation in a solitaire style are created due to various shapes that the band can take as well as various setting styles of the center stone. Common band styles within a solitaire are classic comfort fit bands that have a smooth and rounded finish. Knife edge solitaire bands have a slightly more modern edged finish. Other styles can included braided and twisted bands that add a romantic and vintage element to the design. Finally, solitaires can also vary in metal thickness, so it is important to consider millimeter thickness when choosing a style. As the band design is less complicated than in other collections it is easy to pair nearly any solitaire style with any shape of gemstone or diamond.

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halo diamond engagement ring

Halo Rings

Halo rings increase perceived stone size, sparkle, and overall visual appeal of the center diamond. Rooted in tradition, halo engagement rings are fashionable, elegant, and glamorous. Popular with nearly all women, these rings look appealing on every hand type. Halo rings can range from simple to elaborate depending on the number of accent stones and their size. Halo styles are defined by a halo of accent stone, usually diamonds that encircle the full diameter of the center stone. This creates the effect of a larger more brilliantly sparkling center stone, be it a ruby, emerald, sapphire or diamond. Halos can vary in size due to different sizes of accent stone being used. Additionally, variations within the halo style can be double halos to create an even more glamorous look or underhalos that add a layer of diamonds underneath the central stone to create height, depth and sparkle from all angles. Within the halo ring style, there are many variation in the band style. Bands can be plain or adorned with additional accent diamonds. Bands can also be braided, winding, or split for added design elements. As in all other ring styles, the millimeter width of the band and the sizes of the accents stones can vary. So it is important to take that into consideration when choosing a halo style. Halo ring styles are available most commonly in round, cushion and oval shapes. However, With Clarity does carry halo styles that hold all other common gemstone shapes as well.Learn more about halo engagement rings.

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classic diamond ring with pave set side stones

Classic Rings

Classic side stone rings represent a broader category of more traditional and sometimes more simple designs. Classic styles offer remarkable accents and a uniqueness to fit any personality and style. They are traditional yet stand out because of their striking and unique designs. Classic ring styles are defined by the usage of accent diamonds on the band to add some flair to the designs and set it apart from the solitaire. These rings are traditional and have been popular for decades. They are sure to please and suit the style of nearly any woman. Classic ring styles can have various different millimeter widths as well as different styles of placing the accent stone within the band. Rings can be braided, smooth, or have split shanks. Different combinations of accent stones and band styles make up the variations in this category. Because of their versatility, classic rings can be paired with all different shapes of gemstones and diamonds. The most common pairings are round, cushion, princess and pear.

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contempotary ring style with a twisting, modern white gold band and side diamonds

Contemporary Rings

Contemporary styles represent broader fashion trends and unique designs. Our contemporary side stone rings offer a twist to the existing classic styles, while still creating an accent to the ring that is sure to be eye-catching. Contemporary styles are less common and speak to the style preferences of the wearer. Style elements can include asymmetrical accent stone placement, geometrically woven metal for the band, floating diamond accents and twisting band styles. These category is perfect for those looking for a ring that is truly unique. Because of the great variety in styles, With Clarity has contemporary styles that match all diamond and gemstone shapes. Those purchasing contemporary rings may opt to get traditional shapes like round or princess but may also want to be bold and opt for shapes like marquise, emerald or pear.

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round three stone diamond ring representing past, present and future

Three Stone Rings

A commitment to the past, present, and future, three stone rings symbolize the strength of your love and its ability to withstand the test of time. Three stone settings are vintage and bold and truly attention catching. They can be simple or for more of a statement be accented with smaller diamonds. Three stone rings are defined by a single center gemstones flanked by a pair of matching smaller stones on either side. The band can be accented with diamonds or can be plain. Three stone rings most commonly hold a round diamond at the center, flanked by side diamonds that can be round, baguette or pear. Three stone rings can be worn as engagement rings, cocktail rings and anniversary rings or simply as statement pieces. They gave the maximum sparkle out of any ring design. Because of the variations in size, the cost for a three stone ring can vary a lot. Be sure to consider the look you are trying to achieve as well as your budget when considering this style of ring. Learn more about three stone engagement rings.

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