Aquamarine Meaning

Most people know about the color "aquamarine." It’s a medium blue with a touch of green, and it reminds you of the sea. In fact, the name aquamarine means seawater. However, not everyone knows that the color gets its name from the beautiful Aquamarine gemstone. Which might make us ask what is Aquamarine meaning, other than the color?

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What is Aquamarine?

Chemical Make-up

Before we talk about the Aquamarine stone meaning, we should define what this gemstone is. Aquamarine is, in a nutshell, the blue to a blue-green form of the mineral beryl. Other members of the beryl family include emerald (green) and morganite (pink). Chemically, beryl is referred to as beryllium aluminum silicate. When iron is introduced into the beryl crystal during formation, it becomes blue.


Beryl Family: Emerald Cushion Shape


Beryl Family: Morganite Pear Shape

Aquamarine is found in a variety of rock types that contain beryllium. However, it is rare because beryllium only occurs in sufficient amounts in a few places. Beryl crystals are hexagonal, with either a flat or prism-shaped top. Aquamarine crystal hardness is 7.5-8, just below topaz and corundum.

Aquamarine History and Lore

Aquamarine has a long history. The ancient Romans believed that it would protect them from danger when they went on long voyages. In fact, they were the ones who used the term Aquamarine, and it was sacred to their god of the sea. Legend has it that the god Poseidon made Aquamarine out of seawater, and this was the most valuable gem of all. At that time, Aquamarine was purchased from India, which itself required a long voyage to reach.

Later, the medieval Europeans thought of Aquamarine as a compliment to loving relationships. It could restore the love between spouses, for instance. Aquamarine was also considered a healing gem, especially of the mouth. Medieval thinkers considered Aquamarine to be the key to winning either in battle or in the courtroom.

Modern Lore

In modernity, aquamarine retains its positive connections and popularity. For instance, people born in March have an Aquamarine birthstone. Its calming blue color seems so appropriate for the clear blue skies we see in March after a long winter.

For couples getting engaged, it’s worth considering an Aquamarine engagement ring, because Aquamarine symbolizes happiness in marriage. As a durable stone, Aquamarine is also able to withstand the daily wear expected of this type of jewelry.

What does Aquamarine mean?

Besides the historical meaning of Aquamarine, there are a number of modern-day beliefs about this beautiful gemstone. They can be broken down into three groups: spiritual, emotional, and wellness.

Aquamarine Step Cut Emerald Shape

Spiritual meaning

In Indian philosophy, Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra. For this reason, it is considered to be good for the voice, allowing the person to speak clearly. Another Aquamarine crystal meaning is its ties to the feminine. Some people believe that it releases feminine energy in women, resulting in empowerment. Compassion and intuition are said to follow from this, as well.

Emotional meaning

For anxious people, Aquamarine is said to be quite healing. That’s because it quiets the mind, easing meditation. At the same time, busy people should know that Aquamarine helps relieve stress and makes communication easier.

There are other emotional properties of Aquamarine that make it a lover’s gem. For instance, Aquamarine jewelry is traditionally the gift given for a couple’s 19th wedding anniversary. Before that, an Aquamarine ring is a great choice for couples in love, because it enhances their happiness.

Wellness meaning

As for Aquamarine metaphysical properties, it is a gem of healing. In particular, those with emotional problems will find Aquamarine very helpful in their journey to recovery. Crystal healers have found the blue color in aquamarine to be excellent for people with PTSD. As well as issues with anxiety and childhood trauma. When worn on the body, it is protective of gossip.

Another area in which Aquamarine is seen as healing is when the eyes are having trouble. This can include nearsightedness, but also other eye diseases in general. Problems in the glands can be addressed by Aquamarine healing, as well.

Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is a gemstone with a deep history and many meanings. Its beauty is enhanced when worn in combination with any other gemstone or set in any precious metal. Try wearing this gemstone as a part of a pair of earrings, a pendant, or as the centerpiece of your gemstone engagement ring.


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