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Opal Meaning

Opal Stone Meaning

Made from silica-rich waters, Opal is the birthstone for October and is the stone usually given in celebration of 14 years of marriage. This beautiful gemstone can give you a plethora of different colors with quality and intensity that can rival the fire of a diamond.

Back then, this stone was perceived to bring bad luck but has now been linked to desire, love, passion, and even eroticism. This seductive stone can intensify your emotions and encourage you to release your reservations while, at the same time, becoming your emotional stabilizer.

Wearing any form of jewelry with Opal can inspire faithfulness and steadfastness. This is why opting for an opal engagement ring or a set of opal wedding rings instead of a diamond ring is becoming more popular nowadays.

Opal Spiritual Meaning

Opal has been eminent throughout history due to its lovely colors and magical properties. It was poetically called "Pandora," "Light of the World," and "Queen of Gems."

In ancient times, this stone was believed to possess all the characteristics of all gemstones and is used because it represents hope, clarity, and truth. Queen Victoria is thought to have gifted her five daughters’ opal jewelry at their wedding because of the stone's meaning.

Opal Emotional Meaning

The emotional significance of opal is oriented toward establishing harmony and a sense of balance.

As a supportive stone, it channels encouragement and positive energy so you can look into yourself deeper and bring out your best qualities.

Opal is focused on amplification, so everything you feel intensifies when you wear an opal necklace or a set of opal rings. Opal also helps you let go of old connections and wounds that no longer serve you. Instead, it invites new positive change for you while helping you balance and sorts out your feelings.

This stone makes you emotionally stronger and accountable for your responsibilities and the consequences of these actions.

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Opal Wellness Meaning

Often referred to as an amplification mineral, Opal is both an absorbent and reflective stone that can gather your feelings and thoughts, intensify them, and then direct them back to you.

This stone promotes energy, clarity, and better vibrations that boost favorable attraction. In terms of physical healing, Opal helps treat infections, alleviate fever, and strengthen your immune system.

It also provides relief if you are experiencing constrictions and pressure in your chest and respiratory system. Even those with chronic medical conditions can find support from the Opal stone on their journey to improved health and wellness.

Opal Meanings Based on Colors

Understanding the different opal meanings behind each color and kind of Opal can help you choose the best stone for yourself or a loved one. It can make your Opal encrusted jewelry more personal and memorable.

• Common Opal

Common opal comes in diverse hues, but it doesn't have that brilliant flash of a precious opal. This is an excellent stone to attract abundance and wealth.

• Fire Opal

The fire opal meaning is self-trust and confidence. This particular opal stone, as the name suggests, is orange or red and can help manage stress.

• Black Opal

Black opal meaning is the purification of the body, mind, and soul. It invites cleansing and restoration. A black opal ring is often used to protect against negative vibes and another person's emotional toxicity.

• White Opal

The white opal meaning is tranquility and clarity when faced with difficult situations. This stone taps into your crown chakra, which is associated with spiritual enlightenment.

• Opal Crystals

The opal crystal meaning is art, creativity, and joy.

Opal Birthstone

Opal is October’s birthstone. The name of the stone comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala," which means precious stone. In Latin, it came from "opalus," which shares the same meaning.

Most of these precious stones are appreciated and valued because of their kaleidoscope of colors. When hit by light, a rainbow of colors manifests, and this spectacle is known as the "play of color." Because of that unique color dance, opals are often likened to galaxies, fireworks, lightning, and jellyfish.

With so many kinds of opals, each has its own colorful story to share. Precious opals are well-known for their flashy and animated iridescent colors, making them one of the top choices for jewelry. Opals are soft stones that can be easily altered using pressure and heat.

And the designer of these stones is Mother Nature herself, specifically the waters. The amount of water that every Opal has will impact its overall aesthetics.

Cultures from the Bedouins, the desert nomads of North Africa, believe this beautiful stone carries the power of lightning, given that it directly comes from the sky during a thunderstorm. On the other hand, the Greeks see Opal as the bearer of the gift of prophecy, which acts as a shield against diseases.

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