Tanzanite Gemstone Guide

Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite stone is a highly preferred gem among leading jewelry designers. This stone is admired because of its beauty and rarity. Tanzanite is also popular because of its vivid colors, its potential to use as large cuts, and high clarity.

These gemstones are considerably durable, making them ideal for incorporating into jewelry pieces. However, you need to protect them against hard blows or rough wearing. If you wear them carefully, they’re sure to stay brilliant for years to come. Since tanzanite is very rare, it’s quite valuable as well.

You can find the stone in different violet and blue colors, but the most popular is violet-blue. In addition, this beautiful, naturally occurring gemstone is the December birthstone, making it a great gift for someone special.

Tanzanite Shapes

Tanzanite is one of the few stones that look charming and luxurious in almost every cut. You can find them in emerald, cushion, oval, marquise, pear, trillion, and round shapes. Round-shaped tanzanites give jewelry items a timeless appeal that looks fantastic with countless outfits. The shape and design of the pendant, ring, and earrings will greatly decide the ideal cut for your jewelry piece.

Tanzanite Sizes

This stone occurs more abundantly in smaller sizes than larger ones. Therefore, they’re pretty light, don't make you uncomfortable, and don’t cause irritation when you wear them in jewels. Moreover, their superior brilliance means that even a small center stone will be super visible from far.

Tanzanite Colors

You can find this gem in violet and blue colors, but the tanzanite stone is most common in blue hues that have different shades of dark and light blue. The stone is part of the zoisite family of minerals that occur naturally underneath the earth's surface. Since this gem needs a specific environment, temperature, and presence of other minerals for its formation, they are super rare. Experts even believe that that stone will be completely mined out in the next few decades, making it harder to find naturally.

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Tanzanite Clarity

Your tanzanite stone shouldn’t have eye-visible inclusions, as they can drop the value. Fortunately, most stones come with high clarity and a vitreous luster. They typically don't have any inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

Tanzanite Sourcing

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone. They are only available in the Manyara Region of Northern Tanzania. In fact, they only naturally occur in a four-kilometer wide and two-kilometers round area. Being a scarce stone, they are one of the most valuable gemstones in the market today. Jewelry pieces like a tanzanite engagement ring, promise ring, pendant, and earrings come with high price tags.

Tanzanite Certification

Tanzanite gemstone is certified according to the regulations of Tanzanite International Grading Standard. This certification ensures the stone's clarity, color, authenticity, and cut is clearly communicated to satisfy the buyers. All the reliable stone distributors and jewelry brands offer certificates to guarantee the stone's authenticity.

Tanzanite Treatments

When tanzanite is mined, they usually have a brown color. Experts use different methods and cutting-edge technologies to reveal its colors. Generally, tanzanite gems undergo heat treatment to gain their strong, eye-pleasing violet and blue colors. Note that these treatments don't hurt the color, shape, size, or any property of the gemstone. Also, they don’t induce any artificial shades to improve the gemstone’s appeal.

Tanzanite Buying Guide

When you’re buying an expensive and valuable stone, don’t be impulsive. Carefully go over your options and make an informed decision before settling for tanzanite stones.

Think about Your Budget

How much can you afford? Understanding your budget is vital before you make any decision. The stone itself costs a tremendous amount of money. Also, the metals you choose for the jewelry don't come cheap. When you have an estimate, you can decide which cut of stone or jewelry piece and design falls within your budget.

Select a Shape

Consider your preferred jewelry design. Then, think about which cut of stone will look best with your desired tanzanite jewelry piece. Similarly, if it’s a gift, consider your loved one’s preferences so you can prepare a fantastic gift.

Choose a Size

Well, most of the tanzanite stones have small sizes. But you still have several options for center and accent gems. Also, the bigger the size, the higher its price will be. So, think about all the aspects of the size before asking the jewelry manufacturer to make your chosen piece. .

Look for Quality Stone

While many companies offer Tanzanite rings and pendants, not all of them provide you with quality. A stone's quality will determine its durability and longevity. If you want your favorite jewelry to last a long time, don’t settle for poor quality. The easiest way to ensure that stone jewelry is authentic and pure is to opt for reliable and popular brands that offer certificates to provide essential quality information about your product.

Decide Between Online or Physical Store

You can buy a precious gemstone from a physical or online store. If you choose a physical store, you can visit the location in person and look at the stone up close and even hold it in your hand. It’s the best option for buyers who enjoy the in-person retail experience. On the other hand, online stores offer comfort, convenience, and accessibility. You can sit back and relax in your living room and watch TV while purchasing the highest quality gemstones without the hassle of commuting to a store.

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