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Guide to Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets are actually one of the most popular items in the fine jewelry category. Most people think of women’s ankle bracelet styles when this kind of jewelry is mentioned, but there are also unique ankle bracelets out there for men too. There are many kinds of these jewelry items out there to choose from, and you can pick gold ankle bracelets, silver ankle bracelets, white gold ankle bracelets, or even rose gold ankle bracelets.

Bracelets, as a whole, are always a really popular item for both sexes, and you will find that this is one of the easiest items to customize. When looking at ankle bracelets for women and men, you will find that these items have been reinforced to be more durable than bracelets that will be worn on other parts of the body. No matter if you are looking at an ankle bracelet for women or for men, the design will generally be made with a sturdy clasp that holds up to lots of tugging and pulling. These jewelry items are also usually much more lightweight than some traditional bracelets.

What Does an Ankle Bracelet Mean?

When looking into ankle bracelet meaning, you will find a lot of history about this kind of personal item. Bracelets for the ankle were worn by Egyptian women of all social classes, and there is evidence of these items being worn in Europe and Asia as well around the same time. These were usually some form of gold ankle bracelet, but you might also see beaded ankle bracelet styles.

The original reason that women might wear a real fold ankle bracelet in ancient times was to advertise the wealth of their husband. While this is no longer the reason that people wear these items, this is still a really practical and enjoyable kind of jewelry to own.

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Materials of Ankle Bracelets

If you want to choose a classic material for your bracelet, you might choose gold which exudes a rich look. You can opt for silver as well, which is more affordable and offers more shine. Beads, bronze, and leather or nylon are also common bracelet materials.

Leather and nylon can handle a more active lifestyle really well but might get discolored over time. Metals will look better for longer but might not be safe to wear during some activities and sports.

Things to Think About When Buying Gold or Silver Bracelets

Make sure that you measure your ankle correctly, so your anklet fits properly and comfortably. You don’t want to have an anklet that is too loose or too tight. If giving this item as a gift, you need to be sure that you keep the other person’s taste and sense of style in mind. You should also always buy from a reputable brand to be sure that you can exchange the item if you are not happy with it.

Some basic dos and don’ts for bracelets


Measure your ankle before buying

Think about practicality when choosing materials

Consider activities that might not be safe wearing a bracelet around your ankle

Check the durability of the item before trusting it will hold up.


Buy the wrong size ankle bracelet

Wear a ankle bracelet with charms to play sports or be active

Choose an expensive but delicate ankle bracelet that will break readily

Wear metals that you are allergic to

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