Men’s Guide to Diamond Earrings

Whether you own a fine selection of earrings or are simply curious, you will quickly realize that earrings are a versatile jewelry choice that can accentuate anyone’s style. Adding a pair of earrings to your outfit, regardless of your particular style, can take your look to the next level adding flair and personalizing your look.

There is a bit of a glamorous history associated with men wearing earrings. Although you may be aware of the iconic pirate earring, archaeological evidence dates the masculine wearing of earrings back to around 7000BC. Granted, back in the day, not just any guy could be found sporting a pair of earrings. Historically, only men of wealth and those in positions of power were allowed to wear earrings.

Some of the most sought-after earrings for men are the classic round diamond solitaire stud, the simple metal cross, and the more attention-grabbing dangle earring. Stud earrings are the earring style most often worn by men. A diamond stud earring is the single most preferred earring option for men.

Popular Earring Styles for Men:

• Classic Round Diamond Solitaire Studs:

Whether you choose a large white lab-created round diamond solitaire stud or a smaller naturally mined stud, this classic style will stand the test of time. This classic style is ideal for the man who wants to add some style to his outfit without a lot of style limitations. In fact, many men make the classic round diamond solitaire stud their everyday go-to.

• Black Diamond Studs:

Generally, when we talk about diamond stud earrings, the image of a traditional white diamond stud earring will come to mind. However, the brilliance of a black diamond stud is a bold masculine statement. This is an exceptional choice for guys with bold personalities. Depending on your personal style you may choose to save this fashion statement for special occasions.

• Princess-Cut Diamond Studs:

Despite the feminine moniker, a simple princess-cut diamond stud is stunning on a man. This square-cut diamond option draws a bit more attention than the classic round diamond solitaire stud due to the more unexpected setting. This is an exceptional choice if you are looking for a bit more unique sparkle.

• Bezel-Set Diamond Cluster Studs:

While still classic enough for everyday wear, a bezel-set diamond cluster stud will add a bit more sparkle to your look. Not for the wallflower, this style of earring adds a flash to evening attire.

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Metal Options for Your Earrings:

• Yellow Gold: Always a good choice for those with a classic sense of style. Yellow gold is stunning with most complexions and adds a bit of contrast to a classic white diamond solitaire earring.

• Platinum: if you are concerned about skin sensitivity, this hypoallergenic metal will add sophistication without any need to worry about skin reactions.

• White Gold: This is a great alternative to platinum. It offers a radiant silvery-white shine at a more budget-friendly cost.

• Sterling Silver: The most affordable of your fine metal choices, sterling offers a high shine.

Tips for Buying the Right Earring:

Luckily, you can find diamond earrings for men in both lab-created and earth-mined options. This allows you to get the look you want while staying within your budget. Although the two most popular options in diamond stud earrings are round and princess-cut for men, you should feel free to follow your personal taste when selecting the right earring for you.

Black and white are the most popular diamond options. However, you should feel free to experiment with other diamond colors like blue and yellow. Pay attention to your earring’s setting. Prong and bezel settings are the most popular options. Prong settings will draw attention to the diamond. However, a bezel setting offers more protection. So, if you are concerned about losing a diamond due to your energetic lifestyle you may want to give a bezel setting serious consideration. As with any jewelry purchase, you will want to keep your budget in mind and pick the metal accordingly, as your choice in metal affects both the appearance and cost of your earrings. If you are purchasing earrings for a gift, keep the person’s personal style preferences in mind. And as always when making a jewelry purchase, you should be mindful to buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns/exchange in case you’re dissatisfied with your purchase.

• Sterling Silver: The most affordable of your fine metal choices, sterling offers a high shine.

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