Ruby Jewelry for your 40th Wedding Anniversary

Forty years of marriage is a major milestone! You’ve entered your golden years together, and you are now looking forward to spending the rest of your lives closer than you’ve ever been, doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do. This is a special time, and you should celebrate it in a unique way, and with extra special gifts for each other. Ruby is a perfect gift to represent the passion of your love and the depth of your love.

Significance of the Ruby as an Anniversary Gift

Roses have always symbolized love and romance. Giving your spouse a ruby jewelry gift for your 40th anniversary represents the fire the two of you keep burning in your marriage year after year. The ruby gemstone is a symbol of passion and strength, and the exchange of ruby jewelry means that you want to keep these things going strong in the anniversaries to come.

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Most Appealing Ruby Anniversary Gifts

Which ruby jewelry gift you choose for your spouse depends on who they are as a person and the kind of life they lead. A solitaire ruby necklace or drop earrings may be their style if they prefer a simply and wearable piece of jewelry. For someone that likes a bit of dazzle, perhaps a ruby ring embellished with diamonds might be a great choice. This can be worn on the right hand or can be an upgrade to the existing engagement ring or wedding band.

How to Choose an Anniversary Gift

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift can be a challenge, even after 40 years together. Your heart wants to get your beloved the biggest, most grandiose present you can find, but someone with simple taste or a busy lifestyle might not be able to enjoy a flashy gift as much as they deserve. Consider these things when shopping for the perfect 40th anniversary gift for your spouse:

  • Lifestyle: Does she have a lot of activities on her plate? Pick a piece of jewelry that she will be comfortable wearing regardless of what activity she is doing.

  • Jewelry Preferences: Does she prefers pendants, earrings or necklaces. Pick the piece of jewelry that you know she will get the most use out of.

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