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Sapphire: 5th Anniversary Gemstone & Jewelry Gifts

Something Blue for your Fifth Anniversary

Sapphires, named from the Latin word “saphirus,” are beautiful, brilliant, and as clear as the summer sky. But the sapphire gemstone, made of various kinds of the Corundum mineral, is more than what we see on the surface. For centuries, these jewels have carried important religious and cultural meanings for diverse cultures all over the world. Ancient Greeks, for example, wore a sapphire pendant or ring when travelling to Apollo’s shrine to speak with the Oracle because it signified wisdom. In other cultures, the sapphire gemstone represented spiritual enlightenment, protection for those who wore or possessed them, strength, good luck, and hope, to name a few.

Significance of the Sapphire on your Anniversary

In today’s world, sapphires make especially meaningful anniversary gifts. They represent wealth and wisdom, two things that many married couples hope to have in their marriages. Some people also believe it keeps our partners, and ourselves, faithful in our relationships. Thus, many people give their spouses a sapphire jewelry gift for certain landmark wedding anniversaries.

Why Give Sapphires as a 5-Year Anniversary Gift?

Couples give one another a sapphire jewelry gift on their 5th anniversary as a reminder of the love they’ve shared, and as a symbol of strength and hope for the years of marriage to come. Sapphire jewelry often replaces gifts made of wood, which is one of the most common traditional 5th anniversary gift choices. Both symbolize a solid marriage; the sapphire gemstone is just an alternative that is as beautiful as we hope our marriages will continue to be.

Most Popular Sapphire Anniversary Gifts

Today, the ring symbolizes eternal feelings that move ever forward, just as the circular bands have no end. A sapphire ring expresses that undying love for your spouse and the commitment that shines as brightly as the ring’s beautiful stone. A sapphire necklace sparkles for the world to see, and can be worn every day, for every occasion and activity, so it makes a great anniversary gift. Sapphire earrings are delicate and precious, just like the person receiving them, and they make wonderful complements to other sapphire jewelry pieces.

Which Sapphire Jewelry Gift Suits Her Best?

Deciding which type of sapphire jewelry gift to buy your spouse can be difficult. There are so many metal types and gem styles and cuts from which to choose. First, consider your spouse’s personality. A woman with a tomboyish attitude and mentality would not appreciate a gaudy sapphire pendant. A simple round or princess cut (square shaped) sapphire solitaire pendant would better suit her disposition. Also factor in the lifestyle and hobbies of your spouse. Dangling sapphire earrings for a woman who works with, or has, small children, equals a major hazard. Choose stud earrings or a halo style for something that has excellent sparkle and design but is more wearable on a daily basis.

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