Unveil the artisanal arrangement of one of a kind earrings,
unleashing the epitome of exceptional craftsmanship,
paying tribute to the world’s greatest artists.

The Kandinsky Hoops

A grand tribute to classic hoops. These remarkable earrings feature a circular assembly of pear-cut diamonds. This pair symbolizes unity, and undoubtedly bestows luxury to your evening...

13 1/2 CTTW

The Raphael Earrings

A sophisticated maximalist's choice. The juxtaposition of these earrings is unmissable when worn. The pair features a circular silhouette traced by a combination of round, pear, oval,...

39  CTTW

The Gaugain Earrings

Indulge in a harmonious fusion of shapes seamlessly woven together in a mesmerizing ensemble. Each earring features a winding vertical row of pear, round, and marquise diamonds....

28 3/8 CTTW

The Luce Earrings

The artistry of these earrings strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and opulence. Each earring boasts a linear design that showcases a combination of round, oval, cushion,...

23 3/8 CTTW

The Sisley Earrings

Unveil preciously delicate details that capture the epitome of fine craftsmanship. The effortless look of these earrings features a heart-shaped diamond post with a linear drop of...

11 1/5 CTTW

The Seurat Earrings

Uncover statement-making sparkle with the depth of this design. Each dangle earring features a trio of pear diamonds on its post, followed by a vertical row of...

42  CTTW

The Delaroche Earrings

Turn heads with exquisite precision and the seamless interplay of depth. These drop earrings boast a captivating combination of emerald, pear, cushion, marquise, oval, and round diamonds....

46 1/4 CTTW

The Monticelli Earrings

Brilliant and bold, these earrings are meticulously crafted and invite the eyes to indulge in its visual play of shape, pattern, and light. They come with an...

29  CTTW

The Mauve Earrings

Discover the unmatched brilliance of these earrings. This luxurious pair features a drop-style design, with a vertical pattern of diamonds in diverse cuts. Each earring is accented...

30 1/10 CTTW

The Bosch Earrings

The luxurious asymmetrical shapes of these earrings embrace captivating beauty. Exquisitely fashioned in precious gold, these earrings carry an assortment of pear, round, and marquise diamonds that...

22 9/10 CTTW

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