Guide to Cross Necklaces

Cross Necklaces Guide

Cross necklaces are some of the most popular jewelry items, and they are popular with people from all walks of life. How many times have we seen our favorite celebrities sporting beautiful cross necklaces and thought that we would love to have a cross that looked just like theirs! Because these are some of the most popular pendant styles on the market, there are many kinds of gold cross necklaces for women and for men.

Cross necklaces can come in many different styles as well, from diamond cross necklace styles to gold cross necklace styles and even white gold cross necklace options. Other options include the sideways cross necklace, the dainty cross necklace, and even the Celtic cross necklace style. With so many style options out there, it might seem hard to decide which is the best for you.

This guide will help you to find the right cross necklaces for any taste preference!

What Are the Origins of Cross Necklaces?

Gold or silver cross necklace designs were first worn by Romans when Christianity became the official religion in Rome. These designs were used for men’s cross necklaces as well as women’s gold cross necklaces. This necklace style dates back to II A.D. and continues to be popular today.

With modern jewelry-making techniques, more versions of the cross pendant necklace are now possible. Changes to classic designs like the gold sideways cross necklace have crept into use over time, and the cross diamond necklace styles seen today would have impressed early Romans greatly.

Popular Styles of Cross Necklaces

  • Plain Metal Cross

This is the classic cross necklace for women and men. It is simple and to the point and offers a sturdy and noticeable design that is perfect for daily wear. This is the kind of cross necklace that everyone thinks of when this style is mentioned, and it is the most classic choice in this category.

  • Diamond Embellished Cross

The diamond cross can be embellished with as many or as few diamonds as you like. This is a more expensive investment and usually is given as a gift. This kind of cross can be a 14k gold cross necklace or a sterling silver cross necklace. This is the kind of necklace with a cross that looks really nice when layered with other jewelry.

  • Sideways Cross Necklace

Younger people commonly wear the sideways cross. More specifically, teenage girls are often seen sporting this pretty piece. This is usually a more delicate necklace design, and the attachments for the cross part of the necklace can be very delicate. This is a necklace that is worn with a shorter chain as well, making it more like a choker than a regular pendant necklace.

  • Vintage Cross Necklace

The vintage cross necklace is a design that uses medieval or heavy scrolling and embellishments to make the cross pendant thicker and more stylized. This is more commonly worn by men, but you might see women wearing this cross as well. This kind of cross style can be worn in many different ways and might even work well with a suit. This tends to be a silver necklace with a cross, but it can also be made from gold.

  • Infinity Cross Necklace

The infinity cross design is a more casual look and tends to be more delicate. This is a cross that women commonly wear, but that does not mean that men cannot sport this cross necklace. This is a more modern style as well, which might not appeal to purists.

Tips When Buying a Cross Necklace

You will want to consider your budget when shopping for a cross necklace. When you are looking at 14k gold or diamond crosses, the cost will be much greater than when you are shopping for silver or items that have been gold plated. You will also need to remember that if you plan to wear the cross necklace on a daily basis, it might need to be made of a durable material and not of a plated base metal.

The style of a cross that you give as a gift matters, and you will want to be sure that you are picking the right style for the recipient of the gift. This is a very personal kind of present, and the style of the cross needs to match the wearer’s own personal preferences.

As always, with any kind of jewelry purchase, make sure that you are working with a reputable dealer or vendor. You want to be able to return or exchange the product if something happens to it or if the person you are giving it to does not like it.


What does a necklace with a cross mean?

A necklace with a cross indicates a person’s faith. It can also show your personal style depending on the way that the necklace is made and what materials it is made from.

Is it okay to wear a cross sideways?

It is fine to wear a cross sideways, but it is not okay to wear a cross inverted. The sideways cross is an acceptable design option that does not cause issues with disrespect toward someone’s faith.

What metal looks best with a cross necklace?

Cross necklaces are beautiful when made from any material. You will find that the style preference of the person that you are buying for or your own style preference is what matters when shopping for a cross necklace.

Is it okay to wear a cross necklace every day?

You can wear your cross necklace every day if you wish. There is nothing wrong with wearing this piece of jewelry as often as you want.

What type of chain is best for a cross pendant?

Make sure that daily wear pendants are paired with a sturdy cross that will hold up to being caught on things or tugged on. Sideways crosses might have more delicate chains, so you must wear them carefully.
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