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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage. It shows commitment between two people to join in a lifelong relationship. Here are some important diamond engagement ring trends to consider while making your purchase.

Average Engagement Ring Size

Choosing an engagement ring size can be an incredibly difficult task. Ultimately, it depends on your partner's preferences, but also your budget. The larger the size of the diamonds, the higher the price will be. According to The Wedding Report, the average carat weight of a diamond engagement ring is 1.18. Some people only buy 0.3 carat diamonds, while others can afford the higher price of 2 or even 3 carat rings. However, in the United States, 1.18 carat is the average engagement ring size. Overall, do not worry too much about averages in regards to the diamond size. Be sure to buy something that is comfortable in terms of your budget and her tastes. The thought that you put into getting a ring that matches her personality will be far more important than the size or the cost. If you are truly concerned about getting it right, involve a close friend or sibling to help you along the way. Be sure to only speak with someone whom you can trust to keep your secret and someone who will provide positive encouragement and sound advice.

Common Engagement Ring Styles

There are many different engagement ring styles. The three most popular ones purchased include solitaries, solitaries with side accents, and three stone rings. Solitaries are engagement rings that contain one single, sparkling diamond. This graceful and elegant ring is the most popular style, and it’s truly a classic. It compliments any woman’s hand, and it will never go out of fashion. Solitaries with side accents are the second most popular style. These luxurious engagement rings have an exquisite diamond in the middle as the focus, along with additional smaller accent diamonds on the side. Three stone rings are the third most popular style of engagement rings. The ring has three diamond stones, which represent your past, present, and future together. There can be lots of variation for these rings in terms of colors and size of the diamonds. Three stone rings are typically more expensive than the other two styles.

Categories of Engagement Rings

There are many different engagement ring styles, and they all fit into different categories. Here are a few popular categories along with the ring styles that fit into these groups.

solitaire diamond engagement ring

Traditional and Elegant

A classic solitaire engagement ring would fit into here, along with solitaries with side accents. Three stone engagement rings are also another traditional engagement ring that would fit into this category. These rings have a great balance of diamond shine and metal, which gives an elegant look that is perfect for any hand type.

halo diamond engagement ring

Stylish and Outgoing

Halo engagement rings are popular for this category. They add a circle of diamonds around the center diamond, which adds more sparkle and causes the center diamond to appear larger. Another great ring style for the woman that likes to be stylish is the infinity ring. With this ring a circle accent diamonds covers the ring from top to bottom. This means that there is barely any visible metal and all you see is diamond sparkle all around the shank of the ring.

diamond engagement ring with milgraining

Timeless and Romantic

This category is for all rings romantic and vintage. These ring styles could include ones that feature fine details, filigree patterns, or intricate galleries. There are many antique-inspired rings to choose from. These rings are traditional in their style but because of the detailing can also be unique from other classic styles. Many opt for rose gold as it pairs well with the vintage inspired look.

bezel solitaire diamond engagement ring


If your significant other loves nature, ring styles that include designs such as leaves, vines, and flowers might suit her. A bezel setting is great for keeping a diamond protected with these rings, especially if she is very active or likes to wear her ring outdoors. Within nature inspired rings, be sure to select one that is still classic looking, as it should still look like an engagement ring.

two tone bypass diamond engagement ring

Contemporary and Modern

Engagement rings in this category would include rings that are modern and in fashion. Sculptural rings (rings that experiment with non-traditional forms) would go well here. Rings with a twist or curved metal are great. Depending on personal preference, some women want to forgo the traditional diamond center and instead go with a wide band ring with details, and gemstone or diamond accents. Modern rings are varied in appearance and can add distinction to the wearer.

Price of Engagement Rings

Wedding Wire recently published a 2015 Newlywed Report where it analyzed 6,000 couples. They discovered that the average engagement ring cost $5,300. There are many different factors that go into the price of an engagement ring. People who have higher salaries will be able to spend more than people who make minimum wage. There’s also a general guideline that many people follow which states that the engagement ring purchase should be worth around one or two months of the buyer's salary. However, this saying is merely a saying. It is not necessary to abide by it in any way. The best way to determine your budget is to look at your own finances, expendable income and think about what would make more sense to spend money on for you.

Time Spent Researching & Buying

On average, it takes around 1-3 months for the entire process of researching and buying a ring. Hours upon hours are spent finding the perfect style, cut, color, and size of diamond engagement ring. Research also includes where to buy the perfect ring, and the materials used. It can take longer if the engagement ring is a complete surprise and the partner has to figure out everything on their own. For couples that decide on an engagement ring together, the research typically takes less time. For engagement rings that are made to order, and bought online, many people buy them at least 1-2 months in advance to allow for adequate time before the proposal.

The Average Age of Buyers in the United States

The average age of engagement ring buyers in the US is 28.7 years old. Around 2.2% of Americans get engaged when they are younger than 20. 74% of Americans get engaged in their 20s, and 15% get engaged in their mid-30s. Finally, 8% of Americans get engaged at the age of 35 or older. Therefore, nearly 3/4 of buyers in the United States are in their 20s, and on average most of them are in their late 20s.

Popular Diamond Shapes

There are many engagement ring cuts and styles to choose from. Many like a simple silhouette while others prefer something bolder and unique in design. The first step is to choose the right engagement ring diamond shape. This will be a great starting point from which you can build out and choose the setting style and then metal color.

Round Cut Diamonds

This is the number one most popular shape worldwide. It accounts for over 70% of all diamonds sold. Since its shape is so symmetrically balanced, the level of light performance displayed on round cut diamonds surpasses all other shapes.

Princess Cut Diamonds

These are the second most popular shape for engagement rings. They have a square cut with sharp edges, but still provide the same brilliance of a round cut.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

These rings are a contemporary revival. They come with lots of variation, and they can be classified as either modern or antique based on their faceting structure.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

These rings were originally developed for emeralds, but the shape is so successful that diamond cutters are picking it up. Emerald cuts take on a step-cutting process, and the result is a different scintillation pattern that can be compared to a hall-of-mirrors effect. Additionally, they have large table facets that show off their clarity and color.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

These are a newer shape, only being around for the past century. It's a transitional cut between the round and emerald cut diamond, and it can be considered a middle-aged development within the diamond industry.

After choosing the cut and shape, other important qualities to consider include the color and clarity of the diamond. Colorless and white diamonds are the most popular. Clarity is the characteristic that is determined after everything else is decided on. It has the least impact on a diamond's appearance, but clarity grades are still important. Overall, there is so much that goes into choosing the perfect engagement ring so it's important to do enough research to make an informed decision.


What does an engagement ring symbolize?

An engagement ring symbolizes a couple's love, dedication, and commitment to each other and celebrates their journey together.

What is the average carat weight of a diamond engagement ring?

The average weight of a diamond in an engagement ring is approximately 1.18 carats.

Which are the most popular engagement ring styles?

While there are many different engagement ring styles, the most popular ones are solitaires, solitaires with side accents, and three-stone rings.

What engagement ring should I get my fiancé, who has a timeless style?

For a woman with a timeless sense of style, opt for an engagement ring with fine details, filigree patterns, or intricate galleries. Rose gold as a metal choice also promises a timeless appeal that she’s sure to love.
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