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Halo Engagement Rings

A halo diamond ring is a setting that has a center diamond in a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. These pavé stones are beautiful because they flash with light and they also bring the focus attention to the center diamond. This creates interest and draws attention to the diamond engagement ring. The reason why it’s called a halo diamond ring is because halo rings have a central round diamond that is surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds. Some people prefer to have a halo of gemstones instead of diamonds, and the center stone doesn't always have to be a diamond. However, halo diamond engagement rings are the most popular type of halo rings. They are favorited by many stars, celebrities, and royalty all over the world. Halo engagement rings are similar to many heirloom rings in great-grandmother’s jewelry boxes. They are bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire engagement ring. They have a vintage style, and the halo diamond engagement rings are currently trending. They’re the perfect example of contemporary design.

Benefits of Halo Diamond Rings

One of the most appealing aspects of halo diamond engagement rings is how they can enhance the size of the diamond. Not literally, but figuratively. If you have a large diamond center, it will look enormous in a halo selling. This is especially great for diamonds under a carat as the halo can enhance the size and fill up the ring finger. Halo rings are great for people who have a budget for engagement rings because a halo diamond ring can give you a bigger bang for your buck. No matter what carat diamond you can afford, the halo setting will always make it look enlarged and enhanced.

History & Origin of Halo Rings

Within the past few years, the halo diamond engagement ring has exploded in popularity. The origin of the halo ring can be traced as far back as the early Georgian era in Europe, which occurred during the years 1714-1837. During this era, round diamonds were used and they were only slighter smaller than the center stone. Pearls were used occasionally as well. The Victorian era (1837-1901) was even more popular for halo engagement rings. During the Victorian era, colored gemstones were often used as center stones in order to imitate nature’s flowers. The classic diamond halo setting of today actually originates from the Art Deco Era in the 1920s. The Art Deco movement was known for its emphasis on symmetry and geometric patterns. Since the halo diamond ring includes diamond circles surrounding a diamond round center stone, that was perfect for Art Deco aesthetics.

Halo Rings Today

The most popular halo diamond engagement ring you will find today are halo rings that have smaller diamonds that surround one large center diamond. They still contain some of the same original designs from the Art Deco Era, but the halo rings now include a modern flair. Halo diamond engagement rings today have a modern twist on a popular vintage engagement ring style of the past. They are extremely popular and the first choice of many, only coming second to the classic solitaire ring.

Halo Engagement Rings By Shape

The center diamond of a halo engagement ring is what defines the mood and character of the ring. Round diamond engagement rings are definitely the most popular choice for halo rings. However, there are many other options available to choose from. Each shape holds a unique appeal and comes with its own characteristics. Here are some common diamond halo engagement ring shapes.

  • Round Diamond Halo Rings - This is the most popular shape by far. It’s truly timeless.
  • Princess Diamond Halo Rings - These rings have a blend of classic brilliance and contemporary angles. It’s second in popularity to the round diamond shape. This shape is found in many vintage halos.
  • Cushion Diamond Halo Rings - This is a beautiful hybrid of the round and princess diamond shapes. It has a romantic appearance and attracts a lot of people who are into vintage jewelry.
  • Emerald Diamond Halo Rings - This shape has a large table and distinctive step cut pavilion. The emerald shape is inspired by the emerald gemstone. It puts emphasis on the clarity of the diamond. The length of the emerald diamond ring flatters the finger.
  • Radiant Diamond Halo Rings - This is a unique blend of the round and emerald diamond shapes.
  • Oval Diamond Halo Rings - This oval shaped ring has a sparkle similar to the popular round diamond, but of course with a rarer silhouette. It has a soft and vintage charm to it.
  • Pear Diamond Halo Rings - This shape combines elegant curves with eye-catching angles. It’s a very old cut, but the shape has been modified slightly over the years. It’s an unusual and remarkable shape with wonderful versatility.
  • Asscher Diamond Halo Rings - These rings have a distinctive X shape and cropped corners. It’s basically the opposite of the classic round shape. Its large table focuses on clarity and symmetry.
  • Marquise Diamond Halo Rings - This ring shape was originally commissioned by King Louis XIC, he commissioned it for the Marquise de Pompadour, who was the woman he loved. It has curved lines and an elongated silhouette. Due to its history, this ring shape has romantic connotations.
  • Heart Diamond Rings - Choosing a heart shaped diamond halo engagement ring is a trendy way to celebrate your love.

Overall, halo diamond engagement rings are a popular choice for many people. They come second only to the classic solitaire ring. They are beautiful and bold, making any carat diamond appear larger than it actually is.

Side Diamonds on Halo Rings

It is now common to have accent or side diamonds paired with your halo ring. This not only adds a sparkle but also lends elegance to the entire design. But of course, the accent diamonds like the halo must complement the center stone. Whether a baguette, trillion cut, marquise, or small round diamonds, the choice is yours. You can match the center stone, halo, and accent diamonds, or you can simply mix and match for a unique look.

While a baguette is a great accent diamond for all center shapes, marquise accent diamonds look great with the sharpness of an emerald or princess cut center diamond. They offer a more versatile look than that of the classic baguette accent diamonds. Trillion-cut diamonds offer a great sparkle and can be paired with other brilliant center stones such as a round brilliant or oval shape. Similarly, round accent diamonds look stunning in all designs and settings and also complement each shape of the center stone perfectly well.

Accent Diamonds on Engagement Rings

While selecting accent diamonds, you must ensure that they are no bigger than 1/6th of the center stone. Otherwise, they may overshadow the main hero of the engagement ring, your center stone. In general, halo accent diamonds are around 0.01 carats and 0.20 carats, depending on the design that you have selected. Unless of course, you opt for a fancier look that demands a bigger halo.

Lab Created vs Natural Side Diamonds

As with all diamond options today, you can choose between a lab grown halo or a natural diamond halo. As you must already be aware, lab grown diamonds look and feel the same as a natural diamond but are environmentally friendly and come at great prices. The halo along with other accent diamonds can be natural or lab grown diamonds, as per your preference.

Vintage Style Halo Rings

Looking for a ring that's a bit more intricate? You can choose from one of over 40 vintage style rings that we carry that combine metal accents with accent halo diamonds for a rich and full look, Whether it's metal accents like milgrain or beading or scalloped edges, the additional metal detailing on our rings makes for a stunning piece of jewelry.

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What is a halo diamond ring?

A halo diamond ring is a type where a circle or ‘halo’ of small accent stones, usually pave set, surround the center stone. The halo setting is much-loved as it offers enhanced brilliance.

What is the benefit of a halo diamond ring?

A halo diamond ring has many benefits and is a popular design for engagement rings because it makes the center diamond look bigger than it actually is. It also infuses an unmatched sparkle and elegance into the design.

Which is the most timeless halo engagement ring shape?

A round diamond halo is extremely popular as it looks absolutely timeless. The round is closely followed by a princess cut halo that offers the best of both a classic charm and contemporary appeal.

Can I have side diamonds on my halo diamond ring?

Yes, you can have side diamonds on your halo diamond ring, but make sure that the accent diamonds complement the center stone and the halo. You can choose between a baguette, trillion cut, marquise, or even small round diamonds to add sparkle and elegance to your halo diamond ring.

Can lab diamonds be put on a halo diamond ring?

Yes, you can opt for lab diamonds on a halo diamond ring. Lab grown diamonds have the same physical, optical and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds but are environmentally friendly and more affordable.

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