Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings

So you have decided that you have finally found the one you would like to spend the rest of your life with and are now in search of the perfect engagement ring that will showcase and symbolize the perfect relationship that you have going on. For a ring that will symbolize all the memories you have made in your past, the current moments you are constantly sharing and the future that is bright and full of happiness and love, then the three stone diamond engagement ring is the perfect ring for you.

Now while you might be tempted to pick out the tried and tested solitaire ring, be a sport and try out different options. The three stone engagement ring, in particular, has grown in popularity courtesy of its significance and symbolism. Here is some information on the three stone diamond ring.

These rings hold a different meaning in comparison to the traditional solitaire rings and they have been equipped with the ability to tell a tale of a couple. The three stones on a ring represent the past, present, and future. The center stone and the largest of all, represents the present, while the other smaller sides stones symbolize the past and future. For some, the stones could symbolize fidelity, love, and friendship. This ring is also referred to as trinity, trilogy or past, present and future ring.

What Are Three Stone Rings

Many jewelers have in the past combined several different diamonds into one ring. However, of all the designs created, the three stone ring was the simplest and only one that caught on like wildfire. Generally, the ring contains three diamond stones on one ring. These three stones consist of a large center diamond with two slightly smaller diamonds on the sides. All three stones used the same mounting and all have the same cut and shape. The band of the ring could be yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Origins and Historical Signficance

Gemstones have a tendency to fade in and out of the market spotlight with new and trendy creations debuting every now and then. Hollywood influences the jewelry styles of a certain era and millennia and some celebrities can even determine the accessory of a particular season. There is, however, one influence that consistently produces traditions in the jewelry industry and most notably rings. De Beers has for a long while been one of the largest controllers of the world diamond market and is known for inventing traditions of the diamond engagement rings. Back in 2001, they took the world by storm with their introduction of the three stone diamond ring.

At the time of their introduction, they were marketed as an anniversary gift. With time, however, they have become a popular choice for engagement rings. Today they are considered to be romantic ways to celebrate engagements and weddings alike.

Types & Styles

The three stone diamond rings can be set with various combinations of diamond cuts as well as designs that provide you with a vast array of options. As earlier stated, the middle stone is larger than the stones on the sides. Typically, the larger stone weighs what the two side stones weigh combined. The most commonly used diamond shapes in the three stone engagement rings include the princess and round as they tend to fit smoothly together. Other common shapes include emeraldmarquiseasscher and oval.

Ideally, these stones are designed to be of the same shape. However, it is possible to blend different shapes into the same piece. For instance, you could have an emerald shape combined with trilliants for side stones or have a princess with trilliants on the sides. But even while this is the case, it is highly unlikely to have a heart shaped stone in a three stone ring as it tends not to fit well with other cuts. Three heart shaped stones set horizontally do however, look beautiful.

Buying a Three Stone Ring

They are beautiful no doubt, but it is because of their beauty that you need to be careful not to be carried away in the moment. Here are some guidelines that will help you make an informed decision when making a purchase. In the event all the diamonds are white, then you should check to ensure that the color grade between the side stones and the center stone is not more than one. Some brilliantly cut side stones tend to appear brighter than the rest so you should keep this in mind.

For the side stones, knowing that they are meant to be smaller than the center stone will not cut it. You need to be precise. The golden rule of thumb is that the width of the side stones is between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the center stone.


What does a three-stone engagement ring symbolize?

A three-stone engagement ring symbolizes a relationship's past, present, and future. The center stone is the largest and represents the present, while the smaller side stones symbolize the past and future. For some, it symbolizes fidelity, friendship, and love.

What are some other names for a three-stone engagement ring?

The three-stone engagement ring is also called a trinity ring, a trilogy ring, and the past, present, and future ring.

What are the most commonly used diamond shapes in a three-stone engagement ring?

The most commonly used diamond shapes in a three-stone engagement ring include the princess and round brilliant, as they complement each other well.

The most commonly used diamond shapes in a three-stone engagement ring include the princess and round brilliant, as they complement each other well. .

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