Black Diamond History

Black Diamond History

Where was the first natural black diamond found?

The origin of natural black diamonds is still widely debated which adds to their mystery. The first raw form of these stones is thought to have been discovered in Brazil and called “carbonados” by Portuguese settlers. The term was chosen because of the burnt appearance of the raw black diamonds. These gems were estimated to have formed 3.8 billion years ago.

How are black diamonds formed?

There are three main theories as to how carbonados are formed. They include:

1. Meteoric impact

2. Radiation and spontaneous fission of uranium and thorium.

3. The newest theory is that they were formed in outer space in a hydrogen-rich environment and came to Earth via asteroid 2-4 million years ago.

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Black Diamond Chemical Make-up

These dark gemstones are a carbon isotope. This means that it possesses the same chemical elements as white diamonds, but has a different atomic weight and physical properties. It is speculated this is the reason carbonados are more difficult to cut than other colors. Keep in mind, the only difference between natural black diamonds and lab created black diamonds is the rarity and where they are made. Regarding their chemical make-up, it is the same.

Has it had significance during significant periods in history?

These dark gems have created quite a reputation throughout history. They have made an impact in various parts of the world. The most famous black gemstone of all time is the Black Orlov.

The Black Orlov is a 67.50 carat, cushion-cut diamond brooch surrounded by 108 white diamonds and suspended from a 124-carat diamond necklace. It is also known as the “Eye of Brahma” which was an uncut black diamond of 195 carats taken from the eye of the statue of the sacred Hindu God Brahma in Southern India.

What are some famous black diamonds?

Other famous carbonados include the Gruosi Diamond discovered in India in 1998, the Table of Islam, the Korloff Noir, the Black Star of Africa last seen in Tokyo in 1971, and the Spirit of de Grisogono mined from the Central African Republic. The Spirit of de Grisogono--at 312.24 carats!

Popularity of black diamonds

Although they used to be considered as industry-grade materials, these dark stones are now one of the most trendy gems. Admiration for this stone can come from celebrity and media endorsements.

An example of when black diamond engagement rings found their way into the spotlight: when Big proposed to Carrie with a 5-carat carbonado engagement ring in the 2010 Sex in the City 2 movie. Big specifically chose a black diamond because Carrie is “not like anyone else.”

Some more examples following that film are when celebrities Carmen Electra and Kat Von D received black diamond engagement rings. From this point on, carbonados began to represent non-conformity and fearlessness. Since then, the trend in Hollywood has gained momentum and has gained worldwide recognition.

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What type of ring styles look best with black diamonds?

The ring style of your carbonado ring is dependent on the personality of the individual. Although this is true, there are certain styles that are always beautiful and interchangeable for any gemstone.

A great choice is a sleek solitaire ring with a thinner band and smooth edges that puts focus on the carbonado. To add more flair, choose a fancy shape like princess, or have accent white diamonds on the band. Another way to add more uniqueness to a ring is by choosing a style with intricate and twisting metalwork on the band like the Twisting Solitaire Ring, or Vine Ring.

Rarity of black diamonds

Natural carbonados are rarer than the common colorless diamond, but not the rarest color in nature. You can only find carbonados in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Moreover, lab created black gemstones are not as rare too. Due to the fact you can request how and when you would like it to be made.

What does black diamond mean?

Spiritual, emotional, wellness meaning? Black diamonds have spiritual, emotional and physical health characteristics that may mean a great deal to the individuals who wear them. It is said that these dark gemstones can increase knowledge and purity. Moreover, spiritually and emotionally, these dark gemstones are said to give the urge for spiritual freedom, invincibility, beauty, and power.


Where was the first natural black diamond found?

The first natural black diamond is said to be discovered in Brazil in the year 1840.

Why are black diamonds called "carbonados"?

"Carbonado" was a term coined by the Portuguese settlers because of the burnt appearance of raw black diamonds.

How are black diamonds formed?

Like natural colorless diamonds, black diamonds are formed by high pressure and high temperature under the Earth's surface. However, there are other theories about the formation of "carbonados," ranging from meteoric impacts to radiation and fission of uranium and thorium. Some also believe that black diamonds were formed in outer space and came to Earth via an asteroid millions of years ago.

Which is the most famous black gemstone?

The most famous black gemstone is the Black Orlov, a cushion-cut diamond weighing about 67.50 carats. It is surrounded by 108 white diamonds and is suspended from a 124-carat diamond necklace. Other famous black diamonds include the Gruosi Diamond, the Korloff Noir, and the Spirit of de Grisogono.

What type of ring style matches well with black diamonds?

A black diamond solitaire ring with a thin band would look great on someone who prefers a simple look. Princess or oval-cut black diamond would be great options, along with white diamond accents for a more edgy look.

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