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What are Ruby Studs? Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Studs are considered to be the most wearable types of earrings. Ruby stud earrings consist of a single stone on each earring. They can be in a variety of shapes and carat weights, however the one commonality is that there is one main ruby that adorns each ear. Stud earrings are versatile in that they can be worn by someone of any age. Depending on size and quality, stud earrings can be worn on a daily basis or for evening wear and special occasions. Larger ruby studs can be expensive and rare. Smaller to medium sized ruby studs are more common and can be worn on a more regular basis.

Round red natural AAA quality Ruby
Oval red natural AAA quality Ruby
Cushion red natural AAA quality Ruby
Emerald red natural AAA quality Ruby

Ruby Stud Earring Shapes

Round Ruby Stud Earrings

Round is the most classic and traditional shape for stud earrings. Round is a perfect complement to the soft rounded shape of the ear. It is flattering for anyone regardless of their face type or ear size. Keep in mind that round rubies can carry a bit of a premium as there is more wastage of the rough or raw ruby that is created when crafting rubies in this shape. One advantage is that the sparkle of the round gemstone is always dazzling. This is because round cut gemstones tend to have more facets than other shapes. Round is a classic choice and looks great in any carat size. It is the most commonly found shape in ruby stud earrings.

ruby stud earrings with oval gemstones

Oval Ruby Stud Earrings

Oval ruby stud earrings are another popular and elegant choice. These are similar to the round ruby stud shape in many ways. They are faceted in a similar way to the rounds to bring out the sparkle and show off the vivid red color of the ruby. One difference is that the ruby ovals are in an oblong shape. This means that more of the ruby is visible on the ear. So with a ruby that is the same carat weight in a round and in an oval, the oval ruby will appear slightly larger. This is a great style for ruby studs when looking to maximize for budget and value. Ovals are also unique looking and stand out from the traditional round shape.

ruby stud earrings with princess gemstones

Princess Ruby Stud Earrings

Princess ruby stud earrings are less common than round and oval shapes. However, they are still a popular choice as ruby studs in this shape exude elegance and sophistication. The princess ruby typically has many facets. For this reason, it is more commonly found in smaller shapes. It is characterized by its precise square shape and corners. This is a great modern shape and one that shifts away from the norm.

Ruby Stud Setting Styles

bezel setting around gemstone

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is a traditional and secure style for ruby stud earrings. In this style, rubies are held in place by metal encasing it from all sides. Regardless of shape, the metal encloses the gemstone from all sides. The thickness of the metal can vary depending on the craftsman and the type of style. Bezel settings are very secure and a great choice for everyday wear. The only drawback with a bezel setting is that it encloses the gemstone in metal, meaning that light does not hit it from all sides. This can make it sparkle a little less than prong set ruby stud earrings.

classic prongs holding gemstone

Prong Setting

Prong set ruby stud earrings are the most common and popular type of studs. Prongs are like metal claws that bend over the top of the ruby and hold it in place. Typically earrings are crafted with three or four prongs. Both three and four prongs are secure and great for everyday wear. Prongs earrings are great because they really show off the beauty of the ruby and allow light to reflect off of it from all angles. This truly showcases the color and the sparkle of the gemstone. Three prong settings are commonly used for round rubies and are known as martini studs. Prong earrings are very common and are available in all precious metals like gold and platinum.

Ruby Stud Metals

As ruby is a precious gemstone, it should be paired with a precious and durable metal. All With Clarity earrings are available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. All of these metals are known for their durability, shine and value. Traditionally, natural rubies have been paired with yellow gold as the red and yellow colors complement each other well. Rose gold has become widely popular more recently and is a great choice to bring out the fiery red of rubies. White gold is the more popular metal choice for jewelry and is a great versatile color that is perfect for everyday wear. These three shades of gold are all of the same value and have the same durability. It is simply a matter of color preference.

Platinum is the other precious metal that is most commonly paired with ruby stud earrings. Platinum is a heavier metal and is more scratch resistant than gold. Therefore, when crafting heirloom earrings or those that are meant to be worn very regularly, many people prefer platinum. Platinum can also be a good metal if purchasing ruby stud earrings that are made with larger gemstones. This is because the weight of the platinum will balance the weight of the ruby gemstones. However, be careful not to wear platinum earrings if your earlobes are thinner or you are not used to wearing earrings, as they may feel too heavy. Platinum is also more expensive than gold.

Ruby Stud Backings

friction earring backings

Friction Backing

These are secure backings that glide over the post of the earrings. They are easy to put on and are held in place by a friction crafting that prevents the backing from falling or moving around. Friction backings are quick and easy to wear, comfortable and great for stud earrings that are smaller and lightweight. The post used in friction backings is typically less thick than a screw backing. Therefore, if your ears are sensitive or not used to earrings, a friction backing is probably a great choice.

screw backs on earrings

Screw Backing

Screw Backings are a traditional and secure choice. With a screw backing the ruby stud earrings is held in place in the ear with a post that has a screw mechanism. The backing is twisted into place to create a secure and steady hold. Screw backings should comfortably fit into the post and glide in with minimal effort. Screw backings are also comfortable and a great choice for everyday wear.

How to Buy Ruby Stud Earrings

When buying ruby stud earrings, consider your budget and desired shape and setting style. The beauty of rubies is in showcasing their color and shape. Once you have decided on a shape, be sure to work with a jeweler that offers AAA quality rubies. (We go into the details on why this is the best choice in our guide to ruby grading and certification.) This way you can be sure that the ruby stud earrings are the perfect balance of color and clarity.

Remember to keep in mind the age and the preference of the wearer. If you're purchasing for everyday wear, staying below 2.5 total carats is a safe idea. Finally, consider the personality of the wearer when selecting a metal. White gold is versatile, yellow gold is traditional and rose gold is trendy and unique. All colors, shapes and styles look beautiful. Ruby stud earrings are a great classic staple to add to your wardrobe. Do your research before committing to purchase from any retailer. Be sure to work with one that can vouch for the quality of their gemstones and also provide a third party appraisal if desired. Finally, ensure that your new ruby stud earrings are covered by a lifetime warranty in case of repair, polishing or cleaning that may be needed.

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