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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Buying a gemstone engagement ring can be a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Far a variety of reasons, couples often choose to get engaged using a precious gem as the the center or accent stone on their ring. This creates a unique look and can have benefits like being more affordable. There are many precious gemstones that can be used to craft an engagement ring. The color and shape combinations are endless. However, there are a few precious gemstones that are the best picks for gemstone engagement rings.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Behind diamond, sapphire is the most common gemstone used in engagement rings. Sapphires come in a rainbow of beautiful colors ranging from white, pink, yellow to orange and blue. Among these colors, blue is the most popular for an engagement ring. Blue sapphire color can range from a deep royal blue to a lighter teal colored Montana blue sapphire. While a deeper blue color is typically considered more valuable, there are a variety of shades a sapphire can come in.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Meaning

Sapphires are the gemstones of truth, purity and faithfulness. The ring is a perfect representation of the commitment and sincerity that is a part of a marriage. The durability and the sturdiness of sapphire also represent the strength of your relationship and marriage.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Styles

Sapphires pair beautifully with all precious metals. Because the stone is precious, we recommend getting your sapphire set in 14kt or 18kt white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Avoid 10kt gold or lower of silver as those metals are not durable. They will not hold up to daily wear and would not be a sturdy choice to pair with a precious metal. With a sapphire ring, there are many styles that are chosen for engagement rings. The most common choices are a sapphire center surrounded by diamond accents in a halo. The band can be adorned with diamonds or left plain. A solitaire sapphire is also another popular choice for a ring as it showcases the center gem and allows one to spend more of their budget on the stone. Finally, many choose to purchase a three stone ring that has both sapphire and diamond. Most commonly a diamond center is flanked by two sapphire accents or a sapphire center is flanked by two diamond accents. This is a full and rich look that can also be considered for an anniversary ring. Typically the best combinations for a ring with sapphire are white gold or platinum, however all metal colors can look beautiful with this rich blue gem.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Shapes

Sapphires are available in all different shapes such as round, oval, marquise, princess, cushion, pear, asscher, radiant emerald and heart. The most common shapes used in a sapphire engagement rings are cushion, oval and round. Oval sapphires tend to look beautiful as they are elongated and look larger than a round of the same carat weight. Cushion shaped sapphires are also very much on trend. Round sapphires are the most popular, look the largest and create brilliance and sparkle in the sapphire, which allows for bluish purple glow.

Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald is a striking green color. Typically a deep green with vibrant and even color across the gemstone is the most valued variety of emerald. Emerald from different location around the world can be different hues of green. Additionally, emeralds can also have tinges of secondary colors like yellow and blue. Emeralds that are too dark or opaque are not desirable. Those that have a green that is transparent are the best types of gems.

Emerald Engagement Ring Meaning

Emeralds have been used for centuries by many cultures to adorn themselves and to craft jewelry with. Traditionally, the emerald has been symbolic of faithfulness, and love. For this reason, emerald was even an offering to the ancient roman goddess of love, Venus. Emerald is also considered to have soothing properties which encourages a steady relationship. Emerald is a precious and valuable gemstone which also denotes the precious bond of marriage.

Emerald Engagement Ring Styles

Emeralds can be fashioned into many different engagement ring styles. The most common style for an engagement ring is a solitaire. It is classic and traditional and can easily be set with a variety of shapes. Halos are another popular choice as they incorporate the sparkle of diamonds to accentuate the emerald’s size and color. Contemporary styles can include twisting bands, asymmetrical accents, split shanks or with pave and channel settings. Another glamorous choice for gemstone engagement rings is the three stone style. This style incorporates diamond and emerald to create a ring that represents the past, present and future of a couple. Emeralds are a gorgeous and unique choice that can set her engagement ring apart.

Emerald Engagement Ring Shapes

Emeralds are precious gems and therefore should be set in precious metals that are equally durable. Emerald are cut in all different shapes including round, oval, cushion and the namesake emerald cut. Emeralds can look beautiful in all these shapes as a center for an engagement ring. For solitaire designs, a round or oval looks traditional and beautiful. The oval shape looks elongated and slightly larger than a round shape. A cushion can be on-trend and fashionable. However, we would recommend the emerald shape for an emerald as it really brings out the vivid green color of the gemstone. Less popular shapes are marquise, pear and heart shapes, however they can be chosen to craft a ring that truly stands out.

Ruby Engagement Ring

Rubies are a deep and passionate red color. Naturally, this color is a perfect match for an engagement ring. Ruby is primarily red but can have tones of orange or purple. The most prized red color in a ruby is a deep and vibrant red that is even throughout the gemstone. It is a sparkling and vivid color with enough transparency to see through the stone and to reflect light.

Ruby Engagement Ring Meaning

Rubies are known to represent passion, love and commitment. Ruby is also a stone that represents the fire and blood of a strong emotions. The strong red of ruby is also known to revitalize life forces, energy and vigor. The red can breathe life into a relationship and keep it forever passionate and youthful.

Ruby Engagement Ring Styles

Ruby engagement rings are available in a variety of styles. Traditionally, solitaires are the perfect choice for an engagement ring. They draw all the focus and attention the center stone. Side stone rings can be in a classic or contemporary style. The use of diamonds accentuates the look of the ring and adds sparkle, depth and dimension. A three stone ring has the elegance of diamonds as well as the passion of a ruby and can be the perfect choice for a couple looking for a ring that has it all. Rubies look beautiful with all metal colors like white gold and platinum. However, the most beautiful pairing is yellow gold with ruby. For a trendy and unique look also consider rose gold. The pinkish hue of the gold complements the red of the ruby.

Ruby Engagement Ring Shapes

Rubies are available in a variety of shapes and cuts. The most common are round, oval, cushion and princess. Certain shapes look especially beautiful with certain ring styles. Round rubies that are cut in a brilliant or mixed cut look perfect with a solitaire ring style. For the halo style, a oval shape is recommended as it is naturally larger than a round and is accentuated well with diamonds around the circumference. For contemporary styles, consider unique shapes like the pear or the marquise. By selecting a split shank band or one with asymmetrical or channel set diamond accents and pairing it with a unique shape, her engagement ring can truly stand out.

Gemstone rings are truly a unique and stunning choice for an engagement ring. Their brilliance and color ensures that your love will be celebrated in a special way.

Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite rings are popular for all special occasions. That’s why you can find a wide variety of moissanite engagement rings and wedding rings.

Many popular colors of this gemstone are used to create beautiful and timeless moissanite rings. This gemstone is available in almost any color you can imagine. Some common shades of stones include pink, yellow, purple, brown, green, grey, and gold. Of them all, clear or colorless moissanite engagement rings are the most popular. Moissanite rings vs. diamond: which one is the best? It is a common debate because of their same refractive index. Hence, people who want something similar to diamond stones opt for moissanite diamond rings.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Meaning

The meaning of moissanite is luck, love, and support. This gemstone comes with exceptionally strong love energy. It supports you and your partner to build a strong and deep relationship together and live a prosperous life. Its incredible properties also help you get yourself out of sorrow and give the power to change despair into hope.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Styles

Oval moissanite engagement rings are available in all sizes. But it’s best to choose one carat or smaller stone for your ring to get a more diamond-like look. Besides that, 3-carat oval moissanite rings are more common than others that have noticeable properties of this gemstone. You can pair them with other stones like Amethysts, diamonds, and others. The most popular ones are moissanite stones in a halo surrounding diamonds. A single moissanite stone is also enough to boost the value of your engagement ring. At the same time, some people also choose a ring with several small moissanite stones to give it a chic and modern look.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Shapes

The classic round shape of moissanite is the most popular in this gemstone. This type of moissanite sparkles and shines more, whether you have a green, grey, or rose-gold moissanite ring. Forever one moissanite with round shape is also best as anniversary, engagement, or wedding rings. In addition to it, oval moissanite also offers you an attractive and luxurious look. This shape adds to the beauty of your ring even more. It also looks like a diamond, making it a common choice among brides and grooms. Other options one can have are cushions, princess or square, marquise, radiant, pear, and trillion.

London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

London blue topaz has a moderate dark tone. This gemstone has a specific inky shade of blue. Moreover, it’s lighter than sapphire but has a darker shade than regular topaz. The most vivid color for London blue topaz ring is Swiss blue. Other mesmerizing color tones are London blue, which is darker in tone, and sky blue, which is a paler baby blue color.

London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Meaning

London blue topaz engagement ring meaning is love and loyalty. This beautiful and classy gemstone represents eternal friendship and romance. Traditionally, people used to give London blue topaz engagement rings to show their deep emotional attachment to someone. The spiritual meaning of blue topaz is honesty and clarity of feelings. Choosing it as an engagement ring is a way to show one’s engagement and promise to stay committed to the relationship forever.

London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Styles

This beautiful and eye-pleasing gemstone is available in a diverse range of styles. London blue topaz silver ring in a cushion ring style is the trendiest choice. You can also find halo ring style with the small emerald surrounding the big London blue topaz. Three stone rings with a big topaz and round diamonds on the sides in different shapes is another common London blue topaz engagement ring choice. London blue topaz gold rings also look exceptionally beautiful and come in all gold colors, like yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Shapes

London blue topaz engagement rings are available in all cuts and shapes. But the trendiest and most fashionable cut is the round cut. A big, round-shaped gemstone in the center of the ring is the most common design. On the other hand, oval shape rings are perfect for a contemporary and chic look. In this shape, the gemstone is easily visible, which attracts everyone’s attention. Some other distinctive and unique shapes are pear princess and heart that add more beauty and depth to your ring. Apart from these, the marquise shape is perfect for couples looking for a balanced touch of contemporary and traditional style.

Peridot Engagement Ring

Peridot is a gemstone in light green color. It is a unique birthstone, as it comes in a wide range of shades of green and no other color. The shades of peridot depend on the amount of iron content. More iron means deeper green colors and also adds more value to the peridot engagement ring. Hence, the color tone of the crystal structure can vary from yellowish-green to brownish-yellow and sometimes greenish-yellow. The most popular and valuable color is pure green.

Peridot Engagement Ring Meaning

Peridot is considered the stone of compassion. Besides, peridot meaning includes pace and good health. This gemstone also symbolizes strength. Ancient people believed that this stone was found in volcanic ashes and were the tears of Pele, the goddess of volcanoes. Peridot birthstone ring is for Virgos and is a perfect gift to protect them from nightmares and support them in trouble.

Peridot Engagement Ring Styles

Not only is the peridot engagement ring available in different colors, but also different styles and designs. A diamond halo ring featuring a pave band is the most stunning and elegant peridot ring. Besides that, this gemstone looks wonderful in chic bezel-set engagement rings. Another most common and popular style is three-stone peridot rings. This style features oval or round peridot in the center and round or pear-shaped diamonds on the sides. For a traditional touch, people also opt for a peridot cushion engagement ring.

Peridot Engagement Ring Shapes

This appealing and catchy dark green color gemstone looks tremendous in all shapes. Peridot engagement rings come in the oval, round, cushion, pear, marquise, and triangle shapes. But the most beautiful shapes are marquise and round that make the ring more precious and valuable. For aesthetic designs, people choose cabochon cuts. Peridot looks pleasant in all styles and shapes. This is why you can even find them in trillion, princess, and baguette cut.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

When it comes to the aquamarine gemstone ring color range, you will not find many options. For instance, you can find a few shades of blue, including pure blue, greenish-blue, very slightly greenish-blue, and very dark greenish-blue. If you are looking for the most valuable and expensive options, then dark blue to slightly greenish blue are common choices. Aquamarine ring has a moderately strong intensity that attracts most people. While evaluating this gemstone, one of the most crucial factors is color intensity. Although some people may prefer stones with a light green shimmer, the most valuable is the pure, clear blue aquamarine.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Meaning

Aquamarine associates with seawater, and the name means “waters of the sea.” In older times, aquamarine was considered a sailor’s gem that would protect them in stormy seas. The aquamarine wedding ring symbolizes courage, faithfulness, and friendship. This gemstone also has an association with serenity, clarity, and harmony. As the first spring birthstone, the Aquamarine birthstone ring represents rebirth and transformation. It embodies hope, vitality, loyalty, truth, and purity.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Styles

Aquamarine has an appealing look, but when you add other stones to the ring, they enhance its beauty. Aquamarine and diamond rings are trendy silver aquamarine ring choices. In this design, aquamarine is usually in the center, and diamonds are in a u-pave setting. The most traditional setting is channel setting, or bright cut that looks like two walls of metal are holding the diamond. White gold and rose gold aquamarine rings are also the best choices for weddings and engagements. You might get surprised to know that aquamarine cocktail ring and aquamarine stacking ring are the two most purchased styles among women. These designs are popular because they instantly attract the attention of viewers than other styles.

Aquamatine Engagement Ring Shapes

Whether you are looking for an aquamarine engagement ring set or vintage aquamarine rings, you have several shapes and cuts options. Like all the other expensive gemstones, the round cut is the most popular shape of aquamarine. This shape has the ability to display the natural radiance and brilliance of aquamarine. You can use this shape to get a gorgeous white or yellow gold aquamarine ring. Besides that, oval and marquise are the two most preferred shapes after round.

Amethyst Engagement Ring

Amethyst naturally occurs in different hues, from pale violet or light lavender to a deep purple. This gemstone can exhibit one or both secondary shades, blue and red. For contemporary and lavish amethyst engagement rings, people usually choose its finest color, i.e., purple with no visible zoning or strong reddish-purple. The most valuable amethyst among the dealers is the one that comes in saturated reddish-purple or dark purple. The best part of these two color tones is that they look black under dim light. Of them all, the rarest amethyst has a Siberian color.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Meaning

Not only amethyst birthstone and amethyst engagement rings are popular for their colors but also because of their literal and spiritual meaning. The symbolic amethyst stone meaning is tranquility, calm, and goodness. The literal amethyst meaning is non–toxicity, which also supports people to build strong relationships. Few people know that besides being associated with spiritual wisdom, calmness, and healing, it also offers physical and psychological benefits. Amethyst benefits include reducing restlessness and anxiousness and boosting energy.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Styles

One of the impressive and demanding styles is an amethyst gold ring with a large cushion cut amethyst stone and pave setting. Another excellent style of wedding ring is an amethyst silver ring with a large emerald cut stone at the center and round diamonds in pave setting. If you are looking for a perfect amethyst diamond ring, then an oval-shaped amethyst in the center of the ring with small amethyst beautifully sitting on its borders will give you a cocktail ring style.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Shapes

The most gorgeous yet decent amethyst gemstone shape is crystal. It comes in a class quartz crystal shape, which is a six-sided columnar crystal shape. It’s important to remember that you need to choose a cut that can make amethyst look more vibrant. The amethyst can be cut or shaped in any style, such as round, oval, marquise, pear, and others. For engagement and wedding rings, oval, marquise, and round shapes are perfect for impressing your partner.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

As the name suggests, black diamond comes in black color. This type of diamond can range from nearly colorless to olive green or brown. Besides that, black diamonds are not crystal clear. Typically, these natural gemstones are completely opaque and come with a high luster that gives black diamonds a metallic-type appearance. Because of their attractive and distinctive color, black diamond engagement rings are getting popular. However, this gemstone can only give you one color intensity, i.e., fancy black.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Meaning

Like the white diamonds, the black diamond ring meaning is love, purity, eternity, and fidelity. But black diamond also has its own unique meaning. This gemstone symbolizes authority and power. Traditionally, this diamond is considered to have a mystic power. Black diamond engagement rings are charismatic and used as wedding rings because of having the strongest and hardest natural material. The purpose of incorporating black diamonds in rings is to show one’s promise to hold their relationship tightly and represent eternal and unchanging love.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Black diamond rings are one of the hottest trends in fine jewelry. Because of its immense popularity and uniqueness, it is available in a diverse range of modern ring designs, from cushion or halo style to solitaire or paves style. The most preferred ring option is the three-stone style that either contains a princess cut or a round cut. It includes a black diamond in the center and two white diamonds on both sides. A black princess cut ring with a pave is another perfect wedding ring for your partner. For a more traditional ring, people also choose the cushion design with small white diamonds.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

There is no second guess that the brilliant round cut is the most attractive and popular shape for diamond rings. For more than hundreds of years, diamond cutters are using different techniques to maximize the stone’s brilliance. The black diamond ring significance is that it looks exceptionally amazing in other shapes too, such as oval and pear. Hence, if you don’t want to choose a traditional round cut, opt for a fancy big pear or oval shape that can display all the uniqueness and individuality of this beautiful diamond.

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