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'Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone Guide'

Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone Guide

These days, blue accessories are popular. From blue headbands and gingham skirts all the way to blue curtains, people love blue. There’s a good reason for this: blue is a calming color that coordinates well with almost any pre-existing décor. And although many of us bring our baby boys home to a blue room, the color blue can be feminine too.

These days, one of the best ways to sport blue is with blue topaz jewelry. There are three varieties of this, including inky London blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz, and sky-blue topaz. Along with citrine, November babies can enjoy a blue topaz birthstone. Of course, with a Swiss blue topaz meaning calm, anyone can enjoy it.

Let’s look at this lovely stone, and how you can enjoy a Swiss blue topaz ring or a pair of Swiss blue topaz earrings any day.

What is Swiss Blue Topaz?

The mineral topaz, an aluminum silicate, grows in rock cavities that have trapped mineral solutions. It is available in a rainbow of colors, from pinks and yellows to blue and even colorless. While blue topaz crystal can be natural, it's very rare and expensive in nature. For this reason, most Swiss Blue Topaz, and blue Topaz generally, are color enhanced. Specifically, a combination of radiation and heat transforms unattractive brown material and clear material into the blue topaz that you love. Because natural blue Topaz is so expensive, it is safe to assume you are blue Topaz was heat treated except in the most expensive of jewelry.

To describe Swiss blue Topaz properly, we must also contrast it with the other blue shades. First, let's talk about the differences between Swiss blue Topaz versus London Blue Topaz. As a rule, London Blue Topaz is very dark, with a bit of grey in it. Some people will confuse it with a lighter shade of sapphire. On the other hand, Swiss blue Topaz has a very vivid, pure light to medium blue color. Next, let's talk about Swiss blue topaz vs sky blue topaz. In this case, Swiss blue Topaz is the darker one. In fact, sky blue Topaz is a very descriptive term. Often, it is hard to even tell that the Topaz is blue. You will often see this with aquamarines.

Swiss Blue Topaz sizes and shapes

Topaz can, and often does, come in very large crystals. For this reason, it is very easy to get a reasonably large stone. In addition, Topaz is very inexpensive. Even eye-clean Stones are very inexpensive. This reason, if you love big and bold jewelry, Swiss blue Topaz rings or a Swiss blue Topaz necklace may be for you. Especially true if you are a bride born in November. Then, you should check out our selection of Swiss blue Topaz engagement rings.

Shape-wise, you can get almost anything you want. However, as with most other stones these days, there are a lot of Oval shaped stones being set in jewelry. These are accompanied primarily by round stones and teardrop stones. You'll also find plenty of Princess cuts and these days cushions are making a comeback. of course, if you want a highly symmetrical piece of jewelry, like a Swiss blue Topaz wedding band, or a Swiss blue Topaz bracelet, you typically want several small Topaz stones rather than a large statement piece. This makes for more wearable jewelry.

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Swiss Blue Topaz sourcing and certification

As we mentioned above, almost all blue Topaz is treated this can be a combination of heat, radiation, or both. The method of treatment determines the shade of blue. For this reason, blue Topaz does not receive lab reports. If you want a fine-quality Swiss Blue Topaz, then pick something with a high level of clarity. Preferably, you should see few to no conclusions. Part of this is the stone itself, and part of it is the fact that heat treating can often remove inclusions.

With that said, you can get rough to make blue Topaz anywhere that other colors are found. Includes the United States, Brazil, Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and a few countries in southern Africa. This is one reason why clear Topaz is so inexpensive, although Swiss blue is a little cheaper than London blue.

How to buy Swiss Blue Topaz jewelry

Whether you want something big and bold, or a little more understated, choosing the right Swiss blue Topaz jewelry can be tricky. After all, you can get this lovely stone set in almost any style under the sun. So, how do we narrow down our options? Let's look at a few tips.

• Always have a budget in mind. Well it's often tempting to buy the most beautiful thing you love regardless of price, which is never in your best interest. Not only can you rack up a lot of debt, but you may not feel comfortable wearing something that you know has put you in financial difficulty. In addition, a budget helps you narrow down the options. Your budget may be higher or lower depending upon the occasion, either for buying it or for wearing it.

• Next, choose your shape and size. While you may not want to make an exact selection before viewing the options available, you should at least know what you are looking for. This means you should know how big of a stone you want, such as a small ring stone or a large statement bracelet. Either way, you can quickly eliminate Swiss blue Topaz jewelry that does not meet your criteria. Also, for gift giving you should be certain of the recipient’s style. This would include the size and shape of her ideal stone.

• Never forget the quality of the peace. Whether you want a simple sterling silver ring or an elaborate Swiss Blue Topaz with diamond ring, you should always ensure that your selection is well made. After all, you don't want it falling apart after just a few times out of the jewelry box. At that point, you will have wasted your money.

• Finally, consider whether or not you want to buy online. With the decline of bricks and mortar retail, you may find that buying online is the best option for your area. On the other hand, for a major piece, it's often more comforting to buy in person. Either way, make sure the jeweler you choose has a good reputation. Online stores like With Clarity have very customer-friendly return policies, and you should never shop somewhere that does not.

As you can see, there are many options for beautiful Swiss blue topaz jewelry. Most of these options are affordable, beautiful, and durable. At the end of the day, you should be able to pick the perfect piece of jewelry that you or someone you love will be proud to wear.

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