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The Meaning of Topaz


Topaz is a naturally occurring mineral. It’s known for its solidity and is regularly used to create stunning jewelry. Natural topaz is mined from the cavities of igneous rocks such as rhyolite and pegmatite, and can be found in countries such as Brazil, America, Japan, and Pakistan to name but a handful of places.

Popular Topaz Colors

In its natural state, topaz is golden brown or yellow in color. However, the stone can be treated with heat and radiation to produce a variety of shades and hues. It’s not uncommon to find sizzling orange, fiery red, leafy green, pretty pink, and icy blue topaz stones. The gem is  pleochroic > which means that the colors can look different, depending on the angle you hold and observe the stone.

Moreover, if the topaz is light blue or sky blue even, but jewelers want it to be richer in saturation and/or hue, heat treatment would be utilized. At With Clarity, all of our gemstones are heat-treated for inclusions and rich color. 

Spiritual Meaning

Topaz has been around for a very long time and is renowned not just for its good looks but also for what it symbolizes.

Let’s explore mystic topaz meaning further: The Egyptians called topaz the “gem of the sun.” They believed that Ra, the Egyptian sun god provided the stone with its golden glimmer. The gemstone is believed to have many qualities and is desired not just for its beauty but also for what it can reportedly do. The Egyptians weren’t alone in their admiration for the precious stone. The Greeks also considered topaz to be mystical and thought it would help to improve stamina.

Whereas the Romans had their own views about the gemstone, believing it to be linked to Jupiter (the Sun God) and that it could help to resolve problems related to poor eyesight.

In the Bible, Topaz is described as a “stone of fire,” and is highlighted as one of the gems laid in the foundations of the walls of the holy city Jerusalem.

Birthstone Meaning

Nowadays, topaz is considered to have impressive healing properties, and some believe it can shield the wearer from harm. The stone is also deemed to be able to ignite creativity and fire up unused talents. Topaz is the birthstone for November and is thought to symbolize love and warmth, the wearer will apparently also benefit from increased strength and intellect.

Introducing London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz is a popular choice for discerning consumers. Whether you are in the market for a London Blue Topaz ring or London London Blue Topaz necklace, the intensity of the deep blue stone can’t fail to impress.

How Is London Blue Topaz Created?

The pretty blue gemstone is created by exposing colorless topaz to radiation in a nuclear reactor. The stone is subjected to neutrons, which transforms the color of the gem. If the topaz looks too dark and inky, heat treatment can then be applied to lighten the tone. The gem can then be set into gold, silver, etc to produce an eye-catching London Blue Topaz bracelet, London Blue Topaz earrings, or even a London Blue Topaz engagement ring (a stunning and affordable alternative to diamonds).

If you’re considering purchasing a piece of jewelry featuring a London Blue Topaz you can not only enjoy the beauty of the item but also benefit from the benefits of wearing it. London Blue topaz is believed to have a calming effect and can be used to ease a restless mind.


What color is topaz naturally?

In its natural state, topaz is usually golden brown or yellow in color. It is normal for this gem to undergo heat treatment in order to achieve a variety of shades like orange, red, green, pink, and blue.

Is citrine the same as topaz?

No, citrine is not the same as topaz, as both have different physical, chemical, and optical properties. Citrine is a type of quartz with a glassy luster, while topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine. Citrine comes only in yellow, while topaz comes in many appealing shades ranging from yellow and pink to blue. Both stones are valued very differently, with topaz being more valuable and durable than citrine.

Is London blue topaz valuable?

London blue is the most sought-after color of topaz. This is indeed a valuable variant costing approximately $10-$30 per carat.

Is topaz a precious stone?

No, topaz is a semi-precious stone. More specifically, it is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine.

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