How Much is Tsavorite Worth?

How Much is Tsavorite Worth?

Tsavorite is one of the most sought-after varieties of garnets. Their popularity contributes to their price, they are one of the more expensive types of garnets you can get.

If you’re thinking of buying a piece of Tsavorite for yourself or someone you love, perhaps a piece of Tsavorite jewelry, you might be wondering how much this green gemstone costs.

Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about Tsavorite’s value and worth.

Tsavorite Popularity

Tsavorite is the rarest garnet on the planet, making it very popular. It’s a stunning green color. Many people consider it to be the most beautiful green gemstone that exists.

Even though Tsavorite was formed around 2 billion years ago, before dinosaurs existed, it’s relatively new to the gemstone market.

This gemstone surged in popularity when Tiffany & Co launched a marketing campaign for it in the 1970s.

Tsavorite in the Past

Tsavorite was first discovered in 1967. A British geologist found it in Kenya, at the Tsavo Game Reserve. Once the geologist, Campbell Bridges found it, a member of Tiffany & Co gave it the name Tsavorite. They knew this gemstone had major potential.

Tsavorite can be found in both Kenya and Tanzania, however, the finest Tsavorite can only be found in the original place of discovery - Tsavo, Kenya. This is what the gemstone was named after. The wilderness area is remote, full of lions around the border between Kenya and Tanzania. This area has a history of intense volcanic activity, which is how Tsavorite was first formed.

This green gem is found mostly in smaller sizes. If a stone is more than 2.5 carats, it’s considered to be very rare and much more valuable.

Tsavorite Today

Tsavorite has only grown in popularity, especially in the past 20 years. The value of this gemstone continues to increase as the years go on, especially when it’s a higher grade of Tsavorite.

What is Tsavorite?

Tsavorite is a green variety of the grossular garnet. This beautiful green hue comes from traces of mostly vanadium and sometimes chromium. Tsavorite is a Calcium Aluminum Silicate. They are the most expensive and popular variety of garnets. Tsavorites are suitable for all types of jewelry.

Tsavorite Pricing


Tsavorites can come in different shades of green. The ones with an emerald-green color are considered to be the finest. The more intense the green is, the better. However, a high-quality Tsavorite won’t be too dark or have a yellow tint.

Tsavorite is graded by the GIA color grading system. It takes into consideration everything from tone to saturation. The best Tsavorites will be in the tone range of 5-6. If you notice the gemstone has those grades, you can be confident it’s a fine piece of Tsavorite.


Clarity is an important factor when it comes to Tsavorite price. It determines the level of inclusions inside the gemstone. According to the GIA system, Tsavorite is considered to be a Type 2 gemstone. This means that the gemstone is “usually included.” This is due to the geology of the stone. High-quality pieces of Tsavorite should be relatively clean. However, they don’t have to be perfectly clean to be considered top-grade.


Most pieces of Tsavorite are under 2 carats. Even 1-carat Tsavorites are rare. Any pieces above 3 carats are considered to be very rare. It’s even rarer to find them in sizes of 7-8 carats. If a piece of Tsavorite is found that’s more than 20 carats, it’s considered to be a world-class piece.

The higher the carat, the more expensive the gemstone will be.

The higher the carat, the more expensive the gemstone will be.


This cut continues to increase in popularity–it’s similar to a round but has an elongated oval shape. It’s a sleek, modern look and the oval is a newer cut because of modern-day technology.


Tsavorites can be found in all sorts of shapes and cuts. The most common cuts are oval and cushion cuts. The cut should be as proportional as possible for a good-quality cut.

Popular Tsavorite Shapes

The most popular Tsavorite shapes are ovals and cushions. Some other popular shapes include rounds, emerald cuts, trillions, pear cuts, and marquise.

How much does Tsavorite cost?

Tsavorite is one of the more expensive varieties of garnets. The higher quality of the gemstone, the more expensive it will be. Low-quality pieces of Tsavorite can be bought for just a few dollars per carat weight. These stones usually have bad clarity though. The cost varies depending on the 4 C’s we discussed above. On the very expensive end, with Tsavorites in perfect condition, they can cost up to $8,000 per carat.

Tsavorite Treatments?

Tsavorite is one of the few gemstones that typically isn’t subjected to any type of treatment or enhancement. It’s a big reason why people love this gemstone so much.


    Is tsavorite and emerald the same?
      No, tsavorite and emerald are different gemstones. Tsavorite is a type of garnet.
        Are tsavorites valuable?
          Yes, tsavorites are a very valuable gemstone.
            Is tsavorite easily available?
              Tsavorites are rare gemstones, so they aren’t as easily available as other gemstones. Especially when it comes to larger sizes. It can be rare to even find a 1-carat tsavorite.
                Are garnet engagement rings popular?
                  Yes, garnet engagement rings are a very popular choice for gemstone engagement rings. This is due to how garnets symbolize love. They’re also durable enough to be used in engagement rings.
                    Are tsavorites durable?
                      Yes, Tsavorite is a durable gemstone. They are rated a 7.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. This makes it a good gemstone to use in engagement rings.
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