Guide to Heart Necklaces

Guide to Heart Necklaces

A heart necklace is a perfect way to show your loved one how much you care. Whether you are looking for a gift for a special occasion or want to show your affection, a heart necklace is a beautiful and unique way to do so.

There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect heart necklace for your special someone.

What is a Heart Necklace?

When you put on a heart necklace, you're telling the world that your heart is precious, and you take pride in it. A heart necklace can look good on anyone.

Whether you're looking for a delicate piece to wear every day or something more extravagant for special occasions, a heart necklace is perfect for you.

The History of Heart Pendants

The history of heart pendants is a mystery. Some say they were first discovered in ancient Egypt, while others believe they originated in India. Regardless of their origins, heart pendants have become a popular accessory.

Heart pendants can be traced back to the 15th century. During this time, these pendants were gaining attention and became a popular symbol of love. The popularity of these necklaces continued during the 16th century, and it became common for nobles to wear them.

However, due to their high price tag, heart pendants slowly ceased being worn during the 17th century. It wasn't until the early 18th century that these necklaces once again began gaining popularity.

This was mainly because Queen Anne had a heart-shaped diamond necklace created for herself. Since then, heart pendants have become a popular symbol of love and affection.

Heart Necklaces Most Popular Styles

Open Heart

Open Heart

The open heart type of heart necklaces is perfect for anyone who loves hearts. These necklaces feature two or more hearts that are connected by a delicate chain. The open heart necklace is the most popular type of heart necklace and can be made in various metals, including gold, silver, and bronze.

You can wear it alone or layered with other necklaces. Mixing and matching different colors and styles is the best way to style an open heart necklace.

Infinity Style Heart Pendant

Infinity Style Heart Pendant

The infinity-style heart necklace is perfect for those who love to be fashion-forward. It can be layered with other necklaces for a more versatile look.

Another way to wear it is by simply tying the infinity heart necklace around your neck like a regular necklace. The best way to style this type of necklace is by pairing it with simple outfits and accessories.

Metal Heart with Diamond Solitaire

Metal Heart with Diamond Solitaire

They are really popular right now, and for a good reason. They can be layered to create different looks, and they look good even when worn alone.

The metal used in these types of necklaces tends to be high quality. While some people might worry about the durability of such an expensive piece of jewelry, the truth is that metal hearts are incredibly strong.

Heart Key Pendant

Heart Key Pendant

These pieces are perfect for budget-conscious shoppers who want something they can layer and style in different ways.

While some people prefer to wear heart key necklaces straight down, others like to layer them up for a more dramatic look. Regardless of your preferred styling method, all of our heart key necklaces come in multiple colors and styles to suit your every need.

Love Heart Pendant

Love Heart Pendant

Love heart pendant necklaces are a great way to show your love for someone. They are also very budget-friendly and can look good layered. The best way to style a love heart pendant necklace is to wear it with something simple, like a tank top or a skirt.

Metals for Heart Necklaces

Yellow Gold

Looking for a metal option that will stand out from the crowd? Consider purchasing a heart necklace in yellow gold. Not only is this metal a beautiful color, but yellow gold is also a great option for those with a classic sense of style.

This type of personality would be best suited for wearing heart necklaces as an accent piece or as the focal point of their wardrobe. Additionally, yellow gold is an affordable metal option that can be paired with any outfit or style.


When looking for a unique and stylish gift, platinum is always popular. Platinum is known to be hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, platinum is considered a sophisticated metal option, making it the perfect choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and fashionable way to show their personality.

Because of these qualities, platinum necklaces are best suited for individuals who want to showcase their unique style and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle without worrying about their choices' environmental impact.

White Gold

White gold may be the perfect choice if you're looking for a metal option other than platinum when creating a heart necklace or other jewelry piece.

Not only does it offer a radiant silvery-white shine, but it's also a great alternative for those with a more personality-driven lifestyle. In addition, because it doesn't tarnish as easily as platinum, white gold is often preferred by those who care about their overall appearance.

Rose Gold

The hue of rose gold has been gaining popularity in recent years as a metal option for heart necklaces and other types of personal style accessories. It is great for someone with a modern sense of style, as it has a warm pinkish tint.

A color like this is best for people who want to inject some life into their look without deviating too much from the norm. Additionally, rose gold is considered a durable metal, which means it can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Sterling Silver

The popularity of sterling silver as a metal option for heart necklaces and other lifestyle accessories has only grown recently. This type of metal is more affordable than the other options, offers a high shine, and is often preferred for its unique character.

Whether looking for a delicate necklace to wear daily or a statement piece for special occasions, sterling silver is a great option.

What Does Wearing a Heart Necklace Mean?

Heart necklaces are a popular way to show your love for someone. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and can be given as gifts or worn by the person who owns them. Many different meanings are associated with heart necklaces, some of which are listed below.

Some people believe that wearing a heart necklace shows that you care about the person who owns it and that you want to be close to them. Others believe that wearing a heart necklace signifies romantic commitment or love. Whichever meaning you choose to ascribe to it, wearing a heart necklace is sure to make your loved one feel special.

A double heart necklace or intertwined hearts symbolize love in its complete form. A heart intertwined with another represents romantic adoration and signifies that both people are willingly committed to one another.

This is a powerful symbol of togetherness and can be worn as necklace ornaments to express your love for your partner.

A heart locket necklace is often seen as a symbol of love. Men and women can wear it, and its popularity has only continued to grow in the past few years. Some believe that the heart locket was originally meant to protect the heart from harm. Others believe that it symbolizes love and protection.

Which Is the Best Chain Type for a Heart Necklace?

Choosing the right chain for a heart necklace can be overwhelming. There are many different types, lengths, and metals to choose from, but which is the best chain type for a heart necklace?

The classic gold chain is the most popular type of heart necklace. It's simple, elegant, and timeless. Other popular choices include sterling silver chains or copper chains.

Depending on your style, you may want to choose a shorter or longer chain. A short chain is more casual and practical, while a long chain will look more formal and elegant.

Some people also prefer different types of links in their chains - such as lobster claw links or ball links - to add an extra layer of detail and design.

The Takeaway

When you are looking for a quality heart necklace, it is important to keep in mind the different materials that they can be made out of. You should also consider who will wear the necklace and what they would like. With all of these factors in mind, you will surely find the perfect heart necklace for your loved one.

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