Guide to Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces
Whether you are a true fashionista or simply looking to upgrade your daily look, you will quickly find that layering necklaces adds elegance to even a casual outfit. The versatility of necklaces allows you to make a personal statement without a huge investment. Everyone needs a few good necklaces to add personal flair and individuality to everyday life.

While you may habitually wear necklaces to accentuate your outfit, you may be skeptical of necklace layering. Some people find the idea of layering a bit scary. However, with a few tips, you can elevate your look with this simple trick.

Necklace layering is not only a great way to add visual interest and personality to your outfit, but it is also a subtle way to accentuate a lovely neck. To layer necklaces, you will want to begin by adding your necklaces from shortest to longest. You don’t want to have a clump of chains that are so close in length that they tangle or create a messy look. You will generally want a minimum of half an inch between your necklaces.

If you are looking to maintain a set distance between your necklaces be mindful of the lengths of each of your chains. If you don’t have exactly the correct length for the spacing you want, you can add length to a necklace by using a chain extender. If you are particularly concerned about necklaces becoming tangled, you may want to invest in a necklace detangler or take care to use heavier/chunkier necklaces.

To add interest to your layer look you will want to combine a mix of textures and chain styles. Although a layered set of thin chains with small pendants or charms is engaging, layering a variety of chains with different textures and embellished charms makes a more powerful statement.

To make a truly eye-catching statement with your layered necklaces, try starting with a fairly simple necklace close to the neck. As you move away from the neck, add a necklace with a larger pendant or a necklace embellished with gemstones. Adding a final piece, like a bold coin necklace will complete a stunning unique look.

Tips for Necklace Layering:

● Avoid too many chains. You will want to be mindful not to layer more than three necklaces at a time. This will help you avoid a cluttered look.

● How to mix metals: If you are mixing metals, stick to metals with a similar tone. While it’s engaging to mix white gold and platinum or silver, it may be jarring to mix silver and rose gold.

● Consider your outfit. It is best to add a layered necklace look to either a high neckline like a classic turtleneck or an open neckline. Adding layered necklaces to a closed neckline can make for a cluttered or unbalanced look.

● Think about your hairstyle: Consider how you are going to wear your hair when you are adding a layered necklace look. Unless you have a pixie cut, you may want to consider pulling your hair back into a high ponytail or another look that accentuates your neckline.

● Consider the event: Be mindful of the time of day or event when you are considering adding a layered neckless look. If you are using a layered look for day wear, you will want to go for simpler styled necklaces and you will probably want to stick to two necklaces. However, if you are preparing for a night out, you may want to experiment with more bold and chunky necklace styles and should feel free to add three necklaces to your look.

● Consider the gemstones you’re mixing: When you are looking for that special look, feel free to mix and match your diamond and gemstone necklaces as well as simpler necklace styles. Remember the layered necklace look is all about you and your personal style, so let your style shine through.

Metal Choices for Necklace Layering:

As with all jewelry choices, some people are drawn to a particular metal or find that skin sensitivity limits their metal choices. If you are struggling with metal choices, here are a few things to consider:

● Yellow Gold: Often appeals to people with a classic sense of style.

● Platinum: Is hypoallergenic and offers sophisticated style.

● White Gold: Is a great cost-effective alternative to platinum and offers a radiant silvery-white shine.

● Rose Gold: Offers a warm pinkish tint, and is ideal for people with a sense of romance.

● Sterling Silver: Is a more affordable option than the other metals mentioned here and offers a brilliant shine.


How do you stack necklaces without tangling?

The simplest way to keep your layered necklaces from tangling is to use a necklace detangler. If you prefer not to invest in a detangler, there are a few tricks that can help you avoid a tangled mess. When you layer necklaces of different weights, you may minimize tangling. You can also discourage tangling by layering necklaces with different textures. Be aware that thin chains are most likely to tangle. So, experimenting with layering chunky pieces may be something to consider.

Are layered necklaces in style?

All it takes is a simple google search, a quick look through a fashion magazine, or an attentive walk through a fashionable part of town to realize that the practice of necklace layering remains in style in 2022. Luckily, you don’t have to be a fashion model or a millionaire to pull off this fashion statement. Two or three of your necklaces of different lengths are all you to add a playful statement to your most mundane outfit.

How far apart should layered necklaces be?

The best rule of thumb is to place your necklaces a minimum of half an inch apart. Luckily, popular necklace lengths allow you to keep your layered look from appearing cluttered. However, if you aren’t a fan of even spacing, rather than layering with say a 14, a 16, and an 18-inch necklace, you can mix things up by mixing necklaces with more varying lengths.

Can layered necklaces be worn separately?

If you are worried that you always need to wear your layered necklaces together, there is no need for concern. Each necklace in your jewelry box can be worn singly or as a layered set. In fact, you can layer necklaces of the same length by adding a chain extender where needed. So, if you tend to prefer to wear a particular length of necklace, you can still layer your necklaces on occasion by extending one or two of the necklaces in your collection.

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