So What Exactly Are Antique Cut Diamonds, and Have I Seen One?

antique cut diamond in setting

For every bride to be, the choice of antique cut diamond rings goes a long way into ensuring that they have a great marriage. Even if this is not so, much thought is put into the choosing of a diamond for the ring. The engagement ring is supposed to be worn for a lifetime, or almost, so for each bride, the bigger it is, the longer it will last. There is also the need to show off your ring on social media, or to friends, family and others, so the bigger the stone is on their antique rose cut diamond ring, the better the husbands are supposed to be. This of course is fairy tale, but for brides to be, the groom’s character will never have to come into question if the ring is beautiful enough and has a huge stone.

For the discerning bride to be, an antique emerald cut diamond ring is much better than a regular diamond for their ring. Centuries ago, diamond cutters would use techniques which are uncommon today. They would hand-cut their diamonds and make them into shapes and dimensions, which shows the essence and character of the period they belong to. Diamonds which were cut using the older techniques would be less fiery or brilliant. They possess warm, romantic glows so they are now very popular. These diamonds, for example, those found on a rose cut diamond ring, which were cut by the old techniques are much more desirable nowadays.

How to distinguish an antique cut diamond

When coming to a decision on whether an antique cushion cut diamond, or if antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings are genuine, you should look at the culet, the table size or the girdle. The culet, which is a small facet on the diamond, parallel to its table and is not visible to the untrained eye, can be used to ascertain the age of the diamond. Getting a professional to evaluate can also be a way to authenticate your old diamond.

Culets can be found on vintage antique diamond cuts, because the technique that is used to cut the end of the diamond a century ago was non-existent. If the antique asscher cut diamond ring is authentic, then the cutlet, when viewed from above would be visible. The culet can be oval, rectangular, circular or octagonal shape. The setting is another way in which you can authenticate an antique cut diamond. By looking at the markings on the setting, such as hallmarks, the export stamp of a country, or signatures can all help to identify an antique old mine cut diamond engagement ring. These steps are very important, as a seasoned jeweler can replace a diamond with a new stone.

Why might someone want an antique cut diamond for an engagement ring over a typical diamond cut style?

There are different reasons why someone would choose an antique rose cut diamond engagement ring over antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings. If choosing such a diamond is of great importance, then there are people who can authenticate it for you. They can identify just when the diamonds were manufactured by the facet, or shape of the antique diamond. For the antique asscher cut diamond engagement rings, the look and feel is what mot brides dream of in a ring. The different cuts in diamonds have long since evolved from mined diamonds of old to the modern brilliant cut diamonds.

How popular are antique cut diamonds?

In addition to the antique style that the ring affords the wearer, it also holds history and a higher price tag. The diamonds known as “old miner cuts,” are not as popular as their modern counterparts because they lack brilliance and precision, so as a result, they are more difficult to sell. Modern cut diamonds do sell better and faster than an antique rose cut diamond, for example, but antique rings have a huge following. There are several marked differences, such as the grading, which range from GIA, EGL, to gemologist grading. If the ring is popular, it is of much importance to dealers, but it does not necessarily mean better.

What are some popular ring and jewelry options used along with antique cut diamonds?

Some of the more popular choices for use with the antique cut diamonds include: rings, both engagement and wedding bands, brooches, earrings, necklaces and chains, and other types of jewelry that require these types of stones. Ring shoppers who have searched for vintage style diamonds and would like to transition from the modern cuts to vintage shapes are making the right decision. Vintage cut diamonds include rose cut, point cut, French cut, old European cuts, asschers and a few others. Diamond cutters prioritize and have changed technology over the years. In the event that sparkle becomes less of a priority for diamond shoppers, then one unconventional choice will still be the antique cut.

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