How to Ensure You’re Getting an Affordable Engagement Ring

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Shopping for engagement rings online Getting engaged is one of the happiest times in a person’s life. For women, there is nothing quite like the first few weeks of showing off that beautiful new ring to friends and family. The moment that lovely gem slips onto her finger is one she will never forget. Getting the perfect ring for that perfect moment is important, even if it means giving her a clue to your intentions before the big day so you can be sure to get something that meets her approval.

But, for those who are on a budget, how do you get a ring befitting your love, while still staying within your budget? We have a few ideas on how to make sure you're choosing from affordable engagement rings!

Shop online

These days, there is nothing that you can’t order on the World Wide Web. It is also much less risky than it was once-upon-a-time to shop online for the most affordable engagement rings.

For those who dislike shopping because of the crowds and salespeople, online shopping is ideal because you don’t have to deal with any of the above. That means you have more time to focus on comparing ring prices, cuts, and styles, and you have the choice of customizing rings, without having to commit to a purchase. You can also choose the shipping option that works best for you and your budget, so that you can time your proposal and execute it flawlessly.

You also have a wider variety from which to choose when you shop online rather than in the store, especially with a spending limit. Many stores run out of their less-expensive stock quickly, and it takes weeks to receive new shipments, by which time the prices have usually risen again, and those beautiful affordable engagements rings you saw suddenly have a heavy new price tag. By mixing and matching a variety of ring styles and diamonds online, the options are infinite. This ensures that you will be able to get a ring that looks visually appealing and fits your budget.

Engagement ring metals

What is in a metal? Some people only look at gemstone size, cut, and carat when calculating costs of engagement rings. However, the metal of the ring is also a factor in the ring’s purchase price. In fact, sometimes the metal type alone can be the difference between rings costing thousands of dollars, and affordable engagement rings under $500.

For example, yellow gold rings with .25 carat diamonds could cost you a couple of thousand dollars. However, more affordable rose gold engagement rings with .5 carat diamonds sometimes run about $800 or so.

Palladium is an inexpensive alternative to white gold, and it makes for nice, affordable engagement rings. It is a blemish-resistant metal, but unlike platinum, it’s low-density, which means you can buy it for a fraction of the price of other white/silver metals.

Sturdy titanium shines with either a gentle gray or black finish. The deep color matches well with any gemstone, and it helps create affordable unique engagement rings that will be the envy of any social circle.

For those looking for the best of durability and value, 14kt white gold offers the best of both. It is both durable and visually stunning and looks great with a diamond of any color, cut and clarity. For those looking for a spin on the classic white gold, go for trendy 14kt rose gold or classic 14kt yellow gold. All three metal options should be priced about the same, regardless of the ring style that you are looking at.

Gemstones or diamond engagement rings

Diamonds have always been the most popular gemstone for engagement rings. They offer unbeatable sparkle, value and a classic and traditional look that is the hallmark of engagements and weddings. In order to get affordable diamond engagement rings, you can focus on factors like getting a SI1 or SI2 clarity range that is eye-clean, opting for medium fluorescence to reduce the price and perhaps getting a lower color and setting it within a yellow setting. In these ways, you can get a diamond that is both beautiful and affordable. The best way to ensure that you’re getting a diamond that is a good value is to work with a gemologist. They can provide you with options that fall within your budget and look beautiful.

If you’re comfortable with a gemstone engagement ring, the top three gemstones to consider are sapphire, emerald and ruby. These are most valuable after the diamond and match in terms of durability and value. Sapphires look best in the royal blue color and are a great complement to white gold and diamonds. Emeralds are a classic deep green that is a best paired with yellow gold. Finally, rubies are a beautiful choice to pair with yellow gold and rose gold. All of these gemstones are less hard than diamonds. Therefore, you must take care to ensure that they do not get scratched or damaged. When worn with care the engagement ring will be beautiful for a lifetime. A gemstone engagement ring creates a visually appealing and unique look and can be much more affordable than a diamond. Be sure to have your gemstone set in a precious metal like gold. To be certain of the gemstone quality, request to know if the gemstone is natural and if you can see images of it. This will enable you to understand the color, quality and value of the gemstone.

Tips when shopping for engagement rings on a budget

Do not overwhelm yourself and become distracted by carat size or stone clarity. It is easy to lose focus while shopping and start watching those numbers instead of price. Remember that very few professional jewel appraisers will see the ring up close. If your eye says the gemstone is perfect, it’s not lying to you! Just be sure to work with a reputable jeweler that you can trust that has a good lifetime warranty and return policy so that you can be sure that the jewelry will be beautiful for a lifetime.

Keep your budget in mind always, no matter how good a deal sounds! The biggest mistake careful spenders make is making an exception to that delicate budget because it sounds like a better deal than the others they have seen. It’s not! No deal is worth the fretting after the purchase because you went over your budget, especially when it puts a damper on the joy of that big day.

We think that the most important tip of all is to do plenty of research before buying. It is tempting to jump on the first ring you think is perfect that fits within your budget, but this can backfire just as quickly as extending your budget for a great sounding deal. You don’t want to spend hundreds too much on a gemstone that turns out to be worth less than $100, or invest in a soft, easily blemished metal for a person with a more active lifestyle. Read everything you can find, ask any questions, big or small, and do not be afraid to change your mind!

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