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Cushion Halo Engagement Rings That Also Look Good With Round Diamonds

Like diamonds themselves, diamond terminology has many facets and beautiful subtleties. Just as diamond color isn’t the same as colored diamonds, a cushion halo engagement ring is different than a cushion cut halo ring. It’s a gorgeous distinction that’s worth knowing about.

Cushion halo vs cushion cut halo engagement rings

What’s the difference between a cushion halo ring and a cushion cut halo ring? It’s simple: The diamond. The “cut” in cushion cut halo refers to the shape of the stone; it’s cut in a cushion design. (The cushion cut is also known as the pillow cut, because its squared-yet-rounded shape resembles a pillow.) A ring of small pave accent diamonds surrounds the central stone, like an angel’s halo.

Meanwhile, a cushion halo ring can have a round or cushion cut diamond as its centerpiece. The ring of tiny accent diamonds has this rounded at the corners look, but it can be added to a ring with a round diamond as the main feature.

cushion halo engagement rings comparison

Although all cushion cut halo rings are cushion halo rings, not all cushion halo rings are cushion cut halo rings. Easy enough, right?

Cushion halo vs cushion cut halo engagement ring cost

A cushion halo engagement ring might cost more than a cushion cut halo engagement ring — but not because of the setting. Again, it’s the shape of the stone that’s key. A cushion halo ring with a round center stone might cost more because, holding all the 4Cs the same for the center stones, the round diamond will cost more than the cushion cut diamond.

Top cushion halo engagement rings

You’ll find some of our favorite cushion halo rings below. Some are pictured with cushion cut diamonds at the center, others with round diamonds. That way you can see how the halo shape plays with two different diamonds, and the subtle differences a round center stone can bring.

cushion halo engagement rings plain shank diamond

Cushion Plain Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A delicate plain shank and diamond halo encircle your center cushion diamond, held securely in place by a four-prong setting.

cushion halo engagement rings split shank squarish

Split Shank Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring combines classic halo style with a fresh, contemporary look, perfect for someone with a modern flair. An accented split-shank band adds dimensionality to the design, distinguishing it from similar rings.

cushion halo engagement rings swaying split shank

Swaying Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This gently swirling split shank band alternates between smooth metal and diamond accents, the two portions gracefully uniting in a perfectly set halo around the center stone.

cushion halo engagement rings cathedral

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Sparkly yet simple, this ring is perfect for someone with a simple and elegant aesthetic. It’s slightly subtler than other halo engagement rings, as the narrow band and the cathedral setting elevate the center cushion diamond without adding bulk.

cushion halo engagement rings twisting split shank

Twisting Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A slim band gently curves around this ring’s center diamond, while a halo brings alive its sparkle and enhances its size.

cushion halo engagement rings squarish

Squarish Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A rounded squarish halo creates a unique, contemporary take on the traditional round halo, spotlighting the center stone with 28 round accent diamonds.

cushion halo engagement rings double cathedral

Double Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic floating double halo setting adds extra sparkle while remaining graceful and elegant.

cushion halo engagement rings split shank rounded

Split Shank Rounded Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A rounded square halo is a stunning showcase for the center diamond, while the split shank band lends a contemporary vibe.

Not sure what combination you like, but know you’re set on a halo? Look through our catalog of halo engagement ring settings. We carry a wide range of styles so that you can find the perfect fit for the woman who’s your perfect fit.

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