Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Rings She'd Still Show Off In 20 Years

Can combining a classic diamond shape with a modern metal really make a stunning diamond engagement ring? You bet — just look at rose gold emerald cut diamond engagement rings for proof.

Emerald cut diamonds have a sophisticated vibe — thanks to their step cuts — and rose gold really adds to the overall feel of the ring. There's something old school elegant about the emerald diamond, which is why rose gold is a great choice: its modern trendiness brings your entire engagement ring into perfect harmony. That said, there are some things you need to know before you decide on a rose gold emerald cut diamond ring.

Things to Consider When Buying a Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Clarity is the most important of the 4C's of diamonds to consider when shopping for a rose gold emerald cut engagement ring. Absolutely do not compromise on the clarity of your diamond.

The reason: Since emerald cuts are step cut diamonds, they don't have the faceting to distract from inclusions. But that also means they don’t emphasize color, which is great. Diamonds pick up color from yellow and rose gold settings, so opting for a lower color grade — like an H or an I — can be a smart choice because it'll contrast less with the setting and make your stone appear whiter.

g vs h color comparison

You'll also need to decide which length-to-width ratio you like on your emerald cuts. Although longer and skinnier is certainly one way to go, you need to keep an eye out for ratios that skew too far and end up looking like baguette cut diamonds. If that feels like a lot, don't worry quite yet. You can describe the look you want to one of our expert gemologists, and they can worry about all the numbers.

You'll also Need to Pick your Shade of Rose Gold

When you think of rose gold, you think of a pink-colored metal — and that's correct, but the actual shade of pink will depend on the type of rose gold you get.

We have two types of rose gold at With Clarity: 14k rose gold and 18k rose gold. The main difference between the two is how much copper alloy metal is mixed with the pure gold. If you want a darker pink hue, then you'll want to opt for the 14k rose gold, because it has more copper alloy (giving it a darker color).

Rose gold that's 18k, on the other hand, is made with more pure gold and less copper alloy, meaning it'll take on more of the gold color than the copper — and the actual color will be similar to a champagne color, rather than pink.

14k vs 18k setting comparison

It's also important to note that pure gold is a sofer metal, so 18k rose gold will be slightly softer than 14k — and it'll be more prone to scratches, too. So you might want to consider not just her preferences in terms of how the metal looks but also her lifestyle: Does her job require her to work a lot with her hands? Are all of her hobbies on the more active side?

Top Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

It's settled: You're going to invest in a rose gold emerald cut engagement ring — but now what? Shopping for the perfect ring can be a time-consuming process, thanks to all the options out there. We’re here to help cut down on the overwhelm with our picks for top rose gold emerald cut engagement rings.

classic four prong east west

Classic Four Prong East West Diamond Engagement Ring

If you prefer to do things a little differently, then the Classic four prong east west diamond engagement ring is for you. While the beautiful rose gold band is simple, the placement of the center stone — with the tall ends pointing east and west instead of north and south — is the real eye-catcher.

weaving diamond pave

Weaving Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

The pattern created by the band on the Weaving diamond pave engagement ring create an infinity symbol, which is the perfect way to represent your relationship: eternal, with no end. The round pave stones add an impressive 0.22 carats to the overall weight of the ring — and they really help play up the stately center emerald, too.

sleek cathedral solitaire

Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring

Pave diamonds are beautiful, but the Sleek cathedral solitaire engagement ring is the right choice if you'd prefer that the center stone be the sole focus of everyone's attention.

princess channel

Princess Channel Diamond Engagement Ring

Combine princess-cut pave diamonds with your emerald center stone when you opt for the Princess channel diamond engagement ring. The way the accent diamonds are adding to the ring gives them a “floating” appearance as they ascend to the center stone.

paved halo

Paved Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Can an emerald really handle a halo setting? It absolutely can — and the Paved halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect example. Pave accent diamonds extend to halo the center stone from both sides of the rose gold band — and the color of the metal provides just enough pop to really make the diamonds shine.

petite three stone diamond

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

A thin band — paired with 0.20 carats of side stones — create a stately and sophisticated look in the Petite three stone diamond engagement ring. This ring just screams “royalty” — can't you just see royals like Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle wearing something similar?

duet pave

Duet Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Though not as common as other settings, the knife point style of the Duet pave diamond engagement ring is the perfect layout for the row rows of accent diamonds that line it. Bonus: the way the rows are designed makes it easy to see the pave stones from a side angle of the ring.


Crisscross Diamond Engagement Ring

Create the illusion of a double band by opting for the jaw-dropping Crisscross diamond engagement ring. This multidimensional ring is perfect for those who want a modern style, but still want to keep things simple.

pave edged

Paved Edged Diamond Engagement Ring

The Pave edged diamond engagement ring gives you two rows of accent diamonds, but adds space between them to create an attention-grabbing look that brings your eye to the elevated center emerald.

We've pulled all images of emerald cut engagement rings in 14k rose gold settings above, but 18k rose gold is also a gorgeous option. All of our settings are available in both versions of this precious metal, and you can switch between the two on each product page using the drop downs.

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