Yellow Gold Engagement Rings That Will Make Her Light Up

In engagement rings, vintage styles are resurging in popularity. Some brides-to-be love a classic look; others are drawn to the connotation of timeless romance. Among those preferred vintage styles: settings in yellow gold. While rose gold, platinum and white gold have dominated in years past, more and more brides are drawn to yellow gold's warmth and retro appeal. Here are some of the features and benefits of yellow gold engagement rings, along with some of our favorite yellow gold ring styles.

Popularity of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

As in other elements of style, trends definitely come into play with engagement rings, from diamond shapes to metal choices. Seen on the fingers of a number of newly engaged celebrities in recent years, yellow gold is versatile, pairing well with jewelry from any era. It can also add dimension — gold can lend an antique look to a modern engagement ring, making it popular with brides-to-be who favor antique styles or more unique looks. Detailing can play up the retro vibe even further: Intricate design work, like milgrain and filigree, looks particularly good on a yellow gold band.

Celebrities with Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Among the celebrities who've flashed yellow gold engagement rings recently: Kate Middleton, whose 12-carat sapphire ring is set on a yellow gold band; Emily Ratajkowski, whose two-stone yellow gold engagement ring matches her gold wedding band; and Cameron Diaz, who flaunts a bezel-set stone on a thick gold band.

Other celebrities who've sported yellow gold engagement rings throughout the years include Heidi Klum (during her marriage to Seal), Halle Berry, Pamela Anderson, Rebecca Romijn, Mary-Kate Olsen and Jennifer Aniston.

Things to Consider About Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

A yellow gold engagement ring might enable you to save a bit of money on diamond color. Yellow gold will make higher color grade diamonds look a little yellow, but they can actually make lower color grade diamonds (like I and J) look whiter.

d and i color diamond

In most cases, you'll have a choice between 14k and 18k yellow gold. It's important to note that they have different hues: 18k is more yellow, while 14k is warmer and subtler. You'll want to decide which look you like best, but you should also know there's a difference in durability between the two. Pure gold is mixed with alloys, because it's too soft for everyday wear. 18k gold is about 75% pure gold; 14k is about 58%, and is therefore more resistant to scratching and scuffing. If you have a particularly active job or lifestyle, you might want to opt for 14k.

14kt and 18kt yellow gold ring

Yellow gold is also better for maximizing the look of a ring's diamonds. While silver or platinum will blend in with diamonds, yellow gold with spotlight them and be very visible on its own. So if you're leaning toward yellow gold, make sure you love the look of gold against diamonds instead of just the “field of shine” effect provided by silvery metals.

Top Women's Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Although we think all of our settings look just as brilliant in yellow gold as white gold, there’s no denying that certain elements just seem made for yellow gold. Like we mentioned, detailed work like milgrain and filigree look particularly striking in this precious metal. And you’ll see some elements of our engagement rings below that also seem designed specifically for this antique-style setting.

petite solitaire

Petite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This classic solitaire style incorporates a thin, smooth band, truly spotlighting the center diamond.

four prong solitaire

Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

This best-selling four-prong engagement ring setting focuses all attention on the solitaire diamond; an angular Asscher cut lends distinction and uniqueness.

six prong cathedral basket

Six Prong Cathedral Basket Engagement Ring

A secure six-prong setting cradles a round diamond in this cathedral basket design, which lets in light to maximize sparkle.

vine diamond

Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

This swirling vine-shaped band is accented with small diamonds, providing a romantic setting for the central stone.

cushion cathedral halo diamond

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A sleek cathedral band with a raised diamond halo lend maximum sparkle to this gorgeous ring.

petite three stone diamond

Petite Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This three-stone style is trendy yet classic; the petite band and prong setting will flatter a center diamond of any size.

coil accent

Coil Accent Diamond Engagement Ring

A Marquise-cut diamond and artfully crafted coil band combine for an opulent, sophisticated look.

milgrain diamond

Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Cascading accent diamonds, fine milgrain detailing and an oval center stone lend this ring a royal vibe.

three stone baguette

Three Stone Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Sleek and sophisticated, this classic three-stone setting features an angular, Asscher-cut central diamond flanked by baguette accents.

double row diamond

Double Row Diamond Engagement Ring

Subtle impact. This romantic, petite setting gets extra volume from two rows of pave-set accent diamonds.

The engagement ring settings you see here are far from the only ones that look stunning in yellow gold, though. Browse our wide collection of yellow gold diamond engagement rings and see how the subtle warm glow brings new life to even some classic designs.

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