Summer Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Summer Wedding Colors and Jewelry Inspirations

Summer is a beautiful time of year, and it’s a popular wedding season because of the warm weather, vibrant flowers and the romance in the air. Your wedding day is one of your most important life moments, and you want every detail perfect. If you’re considering a summer wedding, then we’ve compiled helpful information to select your wedding palette and pick coordinating jewelry.

Summer Wedding Colors

You’ll find plenty of beautiful summer wedding color palette options, and hopefully these ideas will help you brainstorm themes and complimentary jewelry. Blue, white, blush, champagne, and red are only some of the popular summer wedding colors.


Blue reminds us of summer–ocean vacations, clear blue skies, and endless days at the pool. Blue is a popular summer wedding color because there are so many beautiful shades to choose from, and any hints of blue that you wear can be your “something blue” tradition. Another advantage is that you have plenty of blue-hued gemstones to choose from for jewelry–sapphire, aquamarine and topaz would tie your colors into your wedding jewelry. One favorite way to do this is by wearing a blue solitaire pendant with a diamond halo to capture the freshness of your summer wedding color.


A classic, crisp white palette is perfect for a summer wedding. There’s a lot you can do with white in a wedding, and you can even add a pop of color if you’d like. White has a pristineness to it, and also works well with sparkling diamonds or moissanites as your wedding jewels. Lab-created diamonds also make a great alternative. They’re more affordable than earth-mined diamonds, but are optically, physically, and chemically the same.

Jewelry ideas for a white-themed wedding include a diamond tennis bracelet paired with diamond drop earrings for an ethereal look.


The blush hue exudes the freshness of summer and romance. It’s a subtle, stunning pinky-neutral color that offers romantic options. If you really want to embrace the wedding color, you can ditch the all-white gown and opt for a light, blush-hued wedding dress. Morganite is the perfect gemstone for a blush-themed wedding. Its subtle color adds the perfect touch of the wedding theme and some glamor. Add some morganite dangle earrings with a diamond halo. This eye-catching piece will elevate your look and add sparkle to your wedding day look.


A champagne wedding palette adds warmth, gives off a royalty vibe, and provides wedding-day options to weave in this theme. Neutral hues provide a subtle wedding palette that you can keep as is or pair with another bolder color. Golden South Sea pearl jewelry would compliment this palette–they’re known for being larger than typical pearls, and their distinctive luster makes them an extremely valuable possession. A pearl right-hand ring or a pendant would infuse the champagne theme into your wedding attire.


Red is a bold wedding color, and popular for a bride who wants to make a statement. It’s reminiscent of summertime holidays and backyard family picnics. If you choose red, then ruby is the perfect gemstone for your jewelry. It’s a vivid color, so you want to make sure your jewelry doesn’t overpower your look. Add a pair of ruby studs to enhance your wedding look in a subtle. 

Summer Wedding Jewelry Tips

  • If you want to mix metals in your jewelry, try to keep similar tones together. For example, pair rose gold with yellow gold or platinum with white gold.
  • Keep your budget in mind as you select your wedding-day jewelry. You can find a variety of gemstones and wedding jewelry to fit your budget. Remember that the gemstone and the type of metal can impact the cost.
  • Buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns and exchanges if you’re dissatisfied with the product or have any issues. Research the warranty, reputation of the company, and the exchange/refund policy.
  • As you evaluate colorful gemstones for your wedding jewelry, prioritize quality over the carat weight (hint, use the 4Cs). Every gemstone is unique, so evaluate each one carefully in terms of color saturation, cut, clarity, and carat weight.


What is the best color for a summer wedding?

There are plenty of beautiful summer wedding palettes for your big day. Some favorites are blue, red, blush, champagne, and white. You can incorporate colors into your wedding in a variety of ways, like napkins, candles, invitations, tablescapes, flatware, flowers, etc.

Which gemstone is ideal for a summer wedding?

You can select gemstones based on your wedding colors, such as sapphire, topaz, ruby, diamone, morganite, and pearls. You can also choose gemstones based on meaning, such as birthstones, or personal preferences.

What are the non-white bridal dress color options for a summer wedding?

Some brides want dresses in other colors than white and ivory. Champagne and blush-colored dresses continue to be popular choices for brides who want a unique dress. Brides can choose any color (or pattern) they want–some prefer a red wedding dress. It’s your special day, and you can add your unique personal style to the special day.

Which is the best blue gem for “something blue” in a wedding?

Sapphire, aquamarine and topaz are beautiful blue-hued gemstones. You can use these gemstones in matching bridal sets, or in drop or stud earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

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