Top Jewelry Designs to Shop for this Spring Season

Spring Season Jewelry Designs

With the winter spells finally ending, it is time to welcome spring with open arms. This season is all about a brand new start and transformation. It's all about celebrating color, style, and, most of all-natural beauty! So, your jewelry should also capture the season's spirit.

Top Jewelry Picks for the Spring Season

Each season has its own trends to mark its uniqueness. The spring season is represented by vibrant and bright colors because everything is coming back to life after a winter slumber. So, check out these options to get into the spirit of transformation.

Signature Created Emerald Birthstone Drop Huggies

Signature Created Emerald Birthstone Drop Huggies

Green emerald is the symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, eloquence, and foresight. Based on these characteristics, it is safe to declare emerald is the star jewel of the spring season. Check out With Clarity's Signature Created Emerald Birthstone Drop Huggies to adorn your ears.

These are designed as charm motifs, featuring a row of pave lab-generated diamonds. The sparkly stones outline and cushion a deep rich green emerald at its center. This beautiful ensemble is part of a well-crafted 14k yellow-gold setting. The pave diamonds are created in the lab, making it a 100% sustainable alternative to naturally mined diamonds.

If you're born in May, you should definitely invest in the emerald drop earrings, as it features the birthstone of May babies. Moreover, “The Jewel of King” (your birthstone) promotes health, fertility, and faithfulness.

Geometric Sequence Created Sapphire and Round Diamond Eternity Ring

Geometric Sequence Created Sapphire and Round Diamond Eternity Ring

This Geometric Sequence Eternity Ring is a masterpiece that seamlessly merges contemporary sophistication with timeless charm. Its alternating arrangement of created sapphires and round diamonds forms an enchanting geometric pattern encircling the band, representing enduring love. Crafted in 14k gold, the vibrant blue tones of the sapphires harmonize with the diamonds, creating a captivating contrast. This ring is not merely jewelry but a visual celebration of everlasting connections, a versatile and stylish accessory that exudes luxury and craftsmanship whether worn alone or stacked with other rings.

The geometric design of the ring, reminiscent of blooming flowers and fresh foliage, speaks to the essence of spring. The interplay between created sapphires and diamonds mirrors the colors of a blossoming garden, capturing the spirit of renewal and beauty. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ring symbolizes the interconnectedness of nature's elements, serving as a perfect expression of love and sophistication. Whether worn as a standalone piece or layered with others, this Geometric Sequence Eternity Ring is a cherished addition to any jewelry collection, radiating the joy and freshness of springtime.

Flower Halo Diamond Earrings

Flower Halo Diamond Earrings

Spring season is incomplete without putting on florals. But why limit this style to your bags and clothing when you can incorporate flowers into your jewelry? Flower Halo Lab Diamond Earrings are the right choice to spread the sparkle this spring. The floral design of these diamond earrings for women is synonymous with beauty and freshness because this is exactly what spring shows after long dreary winter months.

The floral earrings have a central diamond surrounded by a halo or smaller accent diamonds. You can get this piece in natural stones and in lab-generated diamonds. These beautiful jewels are set to bloom in a 14KT white gold setting. Depending on your outfit and preference, you can get it in 14KT yellow-gold base.

Signature Diamond Charm Necklace

Signature Diamond Charm Necklace

Diamond Charm Necklace is With Clarity's signature design. It features a delicate chain and eleven droplet diamonds, making it suitable to wear in warm weather. No need to compromise and settle on bulky jewelry that can irritate your sun-kissed skin. Pair this necklace with your light clothing for the perfect spring look.

The Charm Necklace has 1.38Cts of diamonds that are set in 14KT gold squares, connected with a thin chain. You can wear this diamond necklace with small studs or by itself- either way, your jewel will demand attention!

Signature Mother of Pearl and Diamond Bracelet

Signature Mother of Pearl and Diamond Bracelet

When discussing nature and celebrating its gifts, it is necessary to pay special homage to mother nature. The nurturing feminine force symbolizes new life, so celebrate it by sporting a mother of pearl on your wrist.

This gift of nature represents innocence, purity, and femininity. It is also famous for its innate ability to connect the wearer to their inner wisdom. So, put on this nature-inspired bracelet to enjoy the planet’s rebirth. The pearls will add a graceful shimmer to your wrists, and sparkling pave of lab-created diamonds set in 14KT gold will make you feel glamorous!

Like clothing trends, jewelry fashion also changes with the seasons. To keep your look refreshed throughout the year, you need to change accessories accordingly. That is why With Clarity offers beautiful jewelry pieces for every occasion and every season. With its striking and one-of-the-kind designs in your jewel case, your daily ensembles can never go out of style.

So, visit now and check what it has in store for you!


What are the most popular styles of jewelry for spring?

Flower earrings, mother-of-pearl accessories, and simple bracelets are the most popular spring jewelry style.

What types of gemstones and colors are typically associated with spring jewelry?

Emerald is synonymous with spring, since it symbolizes everything this season represents. i.e., rejuvenation and rebirth. Also, when it comes to colors, green, orange and red are usually associated with spring.

How do you choose the right jewelry for spring outfits?

When selecting the right jewelry for your spring outfits, you need to focus on your skin tone, neckline, and clothing pattern. You can wear light and delicate yellow and silver gold accessories to contrast them with your clothing and skin tone subtly.
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