Unique Earrings for 2022

Diamond Hoop Earrings

For centuries, earrings have been a great way to change your look. The same pair of jeans and peasant top can be dressed up or down with the right earrings for women: With diamond studs or small hoop earrings, the outfit is great for work, while fancy dangle earrings can make the look evening ready.

Leveraging earrings this way is smart: clothes can get expensive, and they wear out quickly. Meanwhile a quality pair of gold earrings for women can last for decades. And nothing is more classic than a mixture of diamonds and gold. Whether you choose white gold or yellow, diamond earrings rarely go out of style.

Statement Earrings

Right now, the biggest trend is statement earrings, and many current designs favor white gold over yellow. Statement earrings styles come and go, and the favored color of gold changes regularly (it was rose gold earrings not long ago). However, if you choose a classic like gold hoop earrings your investment will never truly become dated. Plus, diamonds are a classic choice for earrings that can go with just about any outfit. Let's look at some examples at With Clarity.

Inside Out Diamond Round Hoops

Inside Out Diamond Round Hoops

If you want to try the statement earrings trend while keeping it classic, check out these diamond hoop earrings. There are lab diamonds on both the inside and outside, which provides major sparkle and makes a splash. At the same time, these hoop earrings aren't so formal that you'd only want to wear them once or twice a year. Instead, they're perfect for a girl's night out or dinner date.

Want to style these for maximum effect? The best way to showcase a nice pair of gold hoop earrings for women is to wear your hair in a ponytail or another style that sweeps your hair away from your face. This way, the earrings are easy to see-and can light up your face.

Gifting tip: These earrings are perfect for someone special that has a bold sense of style.

Classic Two Stone Infinity Halo Earrings

Classic Two Stone Infinity Halo Earrings

If you want earrings that are more substantial than a solitaire but still incredibly versatile, these drop earrings are a great contender. Their two-stone styling gives you some extra sparkle without the weight. We love that these cute earrings can make you look elegant in 2022 and beyond, given their understated statement value. Try putting these earrings with a diamond solitaire necklace. You can pair them just as easily with a casual outfit or a suit for work.

Gifting tip: Try these for the lady who has an elegant, yet understated sense of style. There are two sizes to choose from depending on her taste and your budget.

Galaxy Halo Diamond Earrings

Galaxy Halo Diamond Earrings

Perfect for the woman who loves simplicity, these gold stud earrings would look stunning with a simple black dress or everyday outfit. It's also fashion-forward for 2022 because of its touch of sparkle. The swirling design of these diamond studs brings a subtle geometric play to a simple loop. Adding this to your collection ensures you have a pair that can easily transition from day to night.

Gifting tip: These are great birthday presents for a family member or even yourself.

Princess Cut Halo Earrings

Princess Cut Halo Earrings

These stunning diamond earrings for women feature a timeless halo design. However, to make a statement for 2022, you should consider skipping the round center diamonds. Princess diamonds have been on-trend for the last few years, so this pair is very appropriate. Wear them with a boatneck top or a v-neck shirt, because it draws people's eyes towards your face-and these stunning earrings.

Gifting tip: Women who wear the latest fashions will love these gold earrings, both for day and night. So will women who enjoy statement jewelry.

Great Earrings Start with Durable Materials

No matter what diamond earrings styles you like best, it's important to understand your metal options. Jewelry metals come in three colors and several purity grades. At With Clarity, we make jewelry out of these four metals:

  • Platinum

    Platinum is a bright white metal. Jewelers mix this with about 5% other metals to add some durability. If you have sensitive skin, this option makes the best hypoallergenic earrings. However, it's very expensive and only comes in white alloy.

  • White Gold

    Depending on the karat grade, white gold can be several purity levels. It's a white metal with metallic shine. To make it, gold is mixed with white metals like nickel and sometimes palladium or platinum. Therefore, it's often unsuitable for people with metal sensitivities. However, it's less expensive than platinum because of the lower purity and ease of use.

  • Yellow Gold

    Pure gold is naturally yellow, and the higher the karat grade of yellow gold, the darker the yellow. Still, it's mixed with silver, copper, and trace elements to make it harder and easier to work with. Yellow gold is less likely to have nickel in it, and costs the same as white gold.

  • Rose Gold

    The pink color is achieved with copper in the alloy. However, like both other gold colors rose gold has a bright shiny luster when polished. Choose this option if you want something vintage-inspired, romantic, or like pink. You won't have to worry about nickel allergies with this gold option, either. Rose gold jewelry is sometimes less expensive because copper is a cheap alloy metal.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Earrings

We get it, especially if you're buying diamond earrings for women as a gift it's hard to choose. This is especially true if you're worried about how she'll like your gift. In addition, she might ask you how to take care of her new gold jewelry. Here are some tips.

  • If you want to give something special but don't have a lot of money, consider cubic zirconia or lab diamonds instead of mined diamonds. This will reduce the price without compromising on great looks.
  • Don't ignore the budget, especially if you're giving these to yourself. Otherwise, you might regret spending so much money on one item.
  • Buy from a reputable jeweler that will take your purchase back if it doesn't work out. Buying from a jeweler with a friendly return policy is especially important if this is a gift and you are ordering online-computer monitors can be very unreliable.
  • Cleaning your new jewelry is easy. Most earrings can be cleaned in a shallow dish with some water and a small amount of dish soap. Let them soak in the mixture, then rinse in another bowl and pat dry with a paper towel. Store your jewelry in a box that keeps your earrings separate from other jewelry to protect it from getting scratched.

As people emerge from the events of the last couple of years, 2022 trends favor bold jewelry and unique statements. Fortunately, with the right fashion sense and these suggestions, you can select gold earrings for women that will remain wearable for decades to come.


Is it ok to wear diamond earrings every day?

Absolutely! Diamonds are very durable, so they won’t wear out. Just be sure to match the style of your earrings with the day’s outfit.

What kind of earrings go with everything?

Most people believe that stud earrings are the most versatile, with or without diamonds. However, a close second is hoop earrings because they’re easy to wear.

What is the most popular style of earrings?

Usually stud earrings, because they’re easy to wear and come in a huge variety of styles. Remember, stud earrings can be anything from a simple gold ball all the way to large halo studs.

What type of earrings elongate your face?

Chandelier earrings and hoop earrings are the most likely to elongate your face. That’s because their long design draws attention towards your shoulders and showcases how long your neck is.
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