Creating a Custom Ring Stack with Anniversary Bands

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Have you ever stacked your rings? Stacking is a jewelry trend that’s here to stay. You can create a customized stack of bands on your finger that represent you. Mix different widths, diamonds, metals, and colored gemstones, and mix up your stacks to coordinate with your mood, outfit, or anything else. Keep reading for some inspiration on how to create a fabulous combination of rings.

Understanding Anniversary Bands

Anniversary bands are typically given as a symbol of commitment and love to celebrate an anniversary. You’ll see rings in all different shapes and sizes. Some have diamonds, while others have a mixture of diamonds and gemstones, and some are just gemstones. If you’d like a classic anniversary band, look for one with round stones in a single line. You’ll see some that are unique, like rows of diamonds or stones with princess, oval, emerald, or a mixture of cuts. Browse the available options and see what styles you prefer.

Choosing Complementary Rings

To create a cohesive stack, choosing rings that complement one another is important. Consider metals, gemstone colors, and designs that harmonize well together. Choose colors that coordinate with one another instead of clashing. Yellow and rose gold pair well together, and white gold and yellow gold have an interesting contrast. In terms of gemstones, consider blue and orange (sapphire and orange topaz), red and green (ruby and emerald), and purple and yellow (amethyst and citrine).

Balancing Ring Proportions

You also want the stack to be balanced. You don’t want one of the rings to overpower all the other rings. You can mix ring widths to offer some variety and aesthetic appeal. The same goes for combining textures and stone shapes for a unique combination. Try different stacking orders to see what looks best and feels the most comfortable on your finger.

Layering Techniques

So, what’s the best way to layer your anniversary bands? Women sometimes stack anniversary bands with their engagement rings and wedding bands. Others wear their anniversary bands on their right hand with other styles of rings, like infinity bands, eternity bands, fashion rings, or solid metal bands. Eternity and infinity bands typically have diamonds or gemstones that wrap all the way around the finger. Anniversary bands vary – some have a few gemstones, while others have rows of stones. You’ll see plenty of design options. Some ring designs have unique cutouts or edging that make them look like crowns. See how rings stack up against one another and how they’ll best work on your finger.

Personalization and Customization

Online retailers allow you to customize rings to reflect your style and taste, from choosing the metal to the width of the anniversary band. Think about creating a personalized stack of rings – about meaningful stones, such as your or your loved one’s birthstone, a gemstone in one of your wedding colors, or a favorite color. You can incorporate a few different colors into your stack. Think about adding initials or symbols or engraving your band with a personalized message. You can add a date, quote, loving message, inside joke, or song lyric.

Practical Considerations

Your stack should feel comfortable on your finger. A stack that is too wide could be uncomfortable and hinder movement. Some ring’s edges are more rigid and sharp so that you could look for rings with smoother, rounded edges. Ensure you get the right-sized ring by measuring your ring carefully. You want it to go over the knuckle but not be so loose that your band can slip off. You’ll also want to consider your daily activities and lifestyle as you create a ring stack. Rings with more carat weight might not work well for an active lifestyle.

Etiquette and Occasions

For more formal occasions, your stack can be more ornate and flashy. Think rings with more carat weight and drama. If you’re headed to the office, keep your stack more minimal and professional. Regardless of the occasion, your stack should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. Stacking rings is a creative way to showcase your jewelry preferences.

Trend Forecast

Mixing different metals, stones, and unique ring designs continues to be a trend. A mixed stack is visually appealing and allows you to create different combinations depending on the occasion or your mood. Rings with a mixture of gemstones and diamonds continue to be an anniversary ring trend, allowing you to incorporate pops of color into your ring combination.


Anniversary bands are stunning rings that come in all shapes and sizes. Anniversary rings are typically given as a token of love and commitment to celebrate an anniversary. A newer trend is stacking different rings on the same finger. The rings can have different shapes, sizes, gemstones, metals, and designs. The purpose is to create a stack that fits the wearer as well as the occasion.

A stack for work should look simpler, while a stack for a formal wedding can be more extravagant and flashy. You want the stack to look harmonious and balanced – this doesn’t mean you can only wear eternity and anniversary bands. Instead, it means that you want a variety of styles of bands that work well together. Consider colored gemstones, diamonds, and metal combinations that complement one another. The rings should also be comfortable on your finger – it would be frustrating to compile a fantastic stack that never gets worn because it’s too uncomfortable. Enjoy creating a fun, creative stack that represents your style.

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