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Lab grown and natural diamonds necklaces and pendants.

Lab Grown And Natural Diamond Necklaces
Double Bail Round Diamond Pendant

Classic round gemstone solitaire necklace makes the perfect present for any occasion

Round Diamond Halo Pendant

A stunning round shaped gemstone circled by sparkling accent diamonds

Our necklaces are designed and crafted in house in New York
Diamond necklaces are computer rendered to perfect every angle. Master gemologists hand pick the diamonds that are then laser set into each necklace to maximize sparkle.
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Diamond Education

Natural vs Lab grown

Lab diamonds are chemically and visually identical to natural diamonds. The only difference is that they are grown in a lab which mimics the conditions within the earth. Lab diamonds make for beautiful gifts as they are affordable and available in a variety of popular diamond shapes. Work with our gemologists to find the perfect style for her.


Natural diamonds are the classic and quintessential diamonds used to craft fine jewelry. Stunning in their sparkle, natural diamonds are long-lasting and always loved as gifts. If you’re looking to go the traditional route and for a gift that will be passed through the generations, go with a natural diamond.

Looking for something unique

Looking for something with more personality? Check out our larger diamond necklace collection for more.


How much is a diamond necklace?

Diamond necklaces can range from a few hundred dollars to well over $10,000. The price can be determined by the selection of a lab grown diamond or natural diamond as well as many features like cut, color, clarity and carat size. Rest assured, there is a diamond solitaire, halo or other necklace style that is available for the budget you have in mind.

What is the average diamond necklace size?

The average carat size for a solitaire diamond necklace can be between 0.50 and 1.00 carats for a lab grown or natural diamond. Some opt for cluster or halo styles that accentuate the size and shape of the center diamond in the necklace. If looking for a larger size while maximizing your budget, purchase a lab diamond.

Should I buy a lab or natural diamond necklace?

Lab or natural diamonds are molecularly identical. The only difference is the way that the diamond is grown or formed. Those that are looking for diamond that is steeped in tradition usually opt for a natural diamond. Others that are looking for technology innovation and affordability choose a lab diamond.

How do I clean a diamond necklace?

Diamond necklaces can be cleaned with a regular diamond jewelry cleaning solution. If you don’t have a jewelry cleaner available, use a warm water, a soft bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive dish washing soap.This will remove all grease, grime and dirt buildup within your necklace.

Where to buy a diamond necklace?

Diamond necklaces can be purchased at most online and jewelry stores. Be sure to purchase from a reputable jeweler that offers a return policy, warranty and guarantees on the quality of the diamond and jewelry. Online shopping has many benefits like more selection and options.

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