Your Guide to Buying a Diamond Online

You order your favorite sneakers online. Groceries? Online delivery. Dog food? Yep, you get that online, too. You even found your last car on the web. But, would you be open to buying a diamond online?

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring online can seem intimidating and confusing. There is so much to learn about diamonds — and it feels like you’re in it alone when you don’t have an expert jeweler there to guide you.

We’re here to fix that.

Buying a diamond online step-by-step

We’re not going to sugarcoat it here: There’s a learning curve to buying a diamond online. But a big investment — like a diamond engagement ring — takes more thought than simply picking one at random and calling it good. But it can be done online with a little guidance and an action plan.

So, where do you start? Let’s break it down:

Set a budget.
Diamonds aren’t one-size-fits-all — and that includes the price. There are even more diamonds than engagement ring settings, so you need a budget to limit your search and keep your eyes from spending more than you can afford.

Draft a timeline.
Diamonds are unique so diamond listings are constantly changing. You can get stuck waiting for "the perfect" diamond if you don't have some timeline to guide you. We recommend starting your search about two or so months before you plan to propose. You can even break down your timeline into smaller chunks, like scheduling a week for research, two weeks for shopping, another week for ordering and so on (the actual breakdown is totally up to you).

buying a diamond online shapes

Select your diamond shape first.
You have multiple options for diamond shapes when shopping for a ring, ranging from a round cut to a marquis cut (and more). Deciding on a diamond shape first can help you narrow down the options and stop the overwhelm.

Decide which of the other 4 Cs is your priority.
Although people often confuse diamond shape and cut, they're different characteristics of the stone. There's not much wiggle room with cut, though, since this has a direct impact on how much your diamond sparkles. But diamond cut is just one of the 4 Cs you must consider when buying a diamond. You should decide which of these characteristics are your top priorities so you know where to compromise in the name of your budget. So if you're set on a round brilliant, the most expensive diamond cut, and also want a large carat size, you know you'll need to compromise a bit on clarity and color.

buying a diamond online 4cs of diamonds

Ask for a video.
Pictures can only show so much. Once you narrow down the rings, ask the online jeweler for a video so you can see the diamond in all its glory. This’ll give you a better idea of how clean the diamond is and how the light hits it from different angles. Some inclusions, tiny flaws in the diamond, will “spark” or jump out at you when you watch a video even if you didn’t notice them in a picture.

Talk to an expert gemologist.
Still not convinced you’ve picked the right diamond? Enlisting the pros is the best option. At With Clarity, our gemologists want you to be extremely satisfied — even if that means talking you out of one diamond so they can find you a better one for your budget. Expert gemologists can also recommend the best settings, metals and other details that would go best with the particular diamond you like.

Get a sneak preview of the ring.
At With Clarity, we offer in-home previews that can help you see the ring up-close-and-personal. Here’s how it works: Pick up to three rings and we’ll send high-quality replicas, complete with 1-carat diamond simulants, to your home that you can try on and evaluate.

Buy your diamond!
This is when all the hard work pays off. Worried about having buyer’s remorse? Don’t be: All of our diamonds offer a lifetime warranty with free shipping and a 30-day return window.

Advantages to buying a diamond online

You have so many more options when buying a diamond online. Seriously: Going to a bricks-and-mortar jewelry store limits your options because they tend not to stock a variety of stones (for both safety and financial reasons). So, you’re either stuck with what they have on hand, or you have to special order a ring that could take weeks or months to arrive.

You don’t have this same problem when buying a diamond online. Sure, online jewelers are technically still “stores,” but the prices are more wallet-friendly. The reason: online jewelers don’t have a physical location, so they don’t have the same overhead costs as a brick and mortar store.

Also, going online means you can get access to hundreds — or even thousands — of more options than you would in a store. At With Clarity, we have access to every GIA-certified diamond on the market, so you know you’ll get exactly what you want.

And, best of all: Buying a diamond online means you’re in control every step of the way. You have a direct hand in designing the ring you want and know exactly when you’ll receive it, instead of wondering when your “back-ordered” diamond ring from the jewelry store will arrive (no one has time for that). Want to talk to an expert? Our gemologists are here to guide you through the entire process or simply answer your burning questions.

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