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Emerald Birthstone Jewelry

Emerald Birthstone History

The emerald birthstone originated in Egypt and is one of the oldest gemstones in existence. Cleopatra loved emeralds and had an amazing love affair with them. Emeralds are believed to have amazing, mystical qualities that are bestowed on the wearer. Spring symbolizes new birth, fertility, fresh beginnings and a burst of spring color. The deep, rich green of the emerald makes it the perfect stone for the month of May and a perfect May birthday gift. It graces earrings, rings, and necklaces. It is a versatile stone that is loved by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, but just as welcome and loved by everyone else.

Emerald Birthstone Origin

Emeralds are found in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia and Afghanistan. The emerald gemstone symbolizes new beginnings and loyalty. It is believed to bring its owner's foresight and good luck and empower the wearer with tranquility, serenity, peace and security. The emerald can range in shade from a light green to intense deep green. Some emeralds are treated in a lab using a heating process, to bring out the intense green coloration. The deeper the color, the more desirable and valuable the emerald.

How To Buy Emeralds

Emeralds are graded similarly to other precious stones by their color, clarity and carat weight. They make an excellent gift for women of all ages, a young girl, young woman, or grandmother, born in may will all be pleased with an emerald birthday gift. When shopping for an emerald be sure to check if the jeweler used lab created or natural emeralds as well as treated or untreated emeralds. Over 95% of natural emeralds are heat treated to bring out their green color and to reduce the appearance of inclusions. This treatment is permanent and enhances the value of the emerald. If you have a strong preference about any quality characteristics, do your research and be sure to purchase from a retailer that you fully trust. The best retailers will offer you peace of mind with a lifetime warranty, repair policy and a return policy. Consider the personality and the activities of the wearer when looking for an emerald birthday gift. Styles can range from simple to elaborate. Would she prefer minimal stud earrings or embellished halo earrings with diamond accents? Since you know the wearer best, think of her personality and wardrobe and see if what you are purchasing is a good fit.

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