Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Since the Roman Empire, this beautiful variety of Beryl has been known for its aquamarine color. The name provides an aquamarine stone meaning of “seawater” and dictates that aquamarine is only blue or blue-green. For that reason, the aquamarine gem was rumored to protect sailors on the open sea. Similarly, the beauty of the sky in early spring means that an aquamarine March birthstone is very appropriate.

Besides the auspicious importance of aquamarine, the color lends itself well to use in an aquamarine gold ring. These are popular as aquamarine birthstone jewelry, sometimes as a matched set.

Did you know, an aquamarine engagement ring has an historic association with intelligence? Gift your loving and smart partner with this baby blue gemstone. An aquamarine ring white gold has an understated elegance because the pale gold color doesn't get in the way of your gemstone. On the other hand, a rose gold aquamarine ring is relatively trendy. This romantic choice shows off both the pink and the blue very effectively. Finally, if she loves high-class elegance, consider an aquamarine and diamond ring. Here, the contrast between blue and white is stunning.

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