IGI Certified Lab Diamonds

Get your perfect match for your engagement ring or custom lab diamond pendant at With Clarity. What is a lab grown diamond, and how are they created? In short, lab diamonds are white gemstones composed of carbon, have a 10 rate for hardness on the Mohs scale, and are grown in controlled lab settings. Contrary to popular belief, lab created or man-made diamonds have the same visual, physical, and chemical qualities as a natural diamond. When it comes to buying a lab created diamond, count on With Clarity to have budget-friendly, authentic, unbiased, and conflict-free options. Choose from thousands of lab grown diamonds, which have been graded and vetted for quality. We offer lab created diamonds in the following shapes: round, princess, cushion, radiant, asscher, emerald, oval, pear , and marquise. Gain inspiration from our lab diamond shape guide: Lab Diamonds Shapes. Get to know which shape matches your unique personality, average diamond prices by shape, and more!

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