Choose a Natural Diamond for a truly stunning, certified conflict-free engagement ring. Natural Diamonds are 100% earth created and GIA certified.



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GIA Certified Natural Diamonds

High quality without the high markups, our loose diamonds are hand picked by in house gemologists. To buy a loose diamond online is a smart decision, especially when it comes to With Clarity. We offer 1 ct loose diamonds to 20 ct loose diamonds, in all different shapes to set in engagement rings, diamond earrings, and any custom jewelry. Loose diamonds provide the flexibility to craft custom jewelry or engagement rings. Buy With Clarity certified loose diamonds. Our inventory holds (International Gemological Institute) IGI and (Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified loose diamonds. Our loose diamond prices range from $200 to $420k, depending on if you want a mined diamond or a loose lab created diamond. Know the advantages and how to buy the perfect loose diamond: How to Shop Diamonds Online.

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