Natural Diamond Necklaces

Whether you choose a sleek modern design or something more intricate, few things are as elegant as natural diamond necklaces. For instance, a great everyday necklace is the diamond solitaire. Here, you have a single diamond set in a wide variety of pure gold settings. Wear it on a longer chain for date night, or a short one with a blouse at the office. Alternately, choose a cluster or halo design that gives you great value for your money and lots of sparkles. Want to show mom how much you love her? Think about a lovely Mother's Day necklace.

Is there someone special in your life? For a Valentine’s day gift she’ll remember forever, think about a gold diamond heart necklace. Or is it a 10th anniversary? We have a 10th Anniversary Gift Guide just for that special occasion. Our natural diamond necklaces come in several sizes and styles. For instance, one style is a gold heart that’s set with a single diamond. Or, choose a design with diamonds set all around the heart. These tend to be a cutout design, but anything is possible. Of course, diamond necklaces are a great gift for the holidays, too. We can help you pick the right one based on the budget and style.

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